We recognise there is a fundamental need to secure your business critical assets, from vacant land, development sites and compounds, to plant, materials and fuel. As a leading provider of sustainable security, we are perfectly positioned to secure, monitor and protect your valuable assets.

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Commercial Electric Security Fences

Electric perimeter security can provide an efficient, cost-effective and robust way to prevent illegal or unauthorised access while reducing the time pressures on security teams and patrols.

Clearway commercial electric security fence installation is often used for industrial and commercial organisations, where an advanced, technological solution can deter potential intruders, reinforce your security protocols, and actively manage attempted trespassers.

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Clearway electric fence
Clearway electric fence

About our Commercial Security Fence Installation

Clearway consultants offer a no-obligation assessment to determine the ideal system design for your perimeter security controls, with advice from experts with years of knowledge.

From commissioning to installation, long-term monitoring and maintenance, we provide an end-to-end service to ensure you have the right commercial security electrical fencing for your premises.

Each design is tailored to your requirements, the nature of your site, and the most important threats uncovered in your risk assessment.

Using conductor materials to construct an outer perimeter barrier is an excellent way to prevent trespass, reduce the potential for criminal intrusions, and demonstrate the highest safety and site control standards. 

commercial electric fence

Clearway's Security Electric Fence Installation

All our commercial electric fence installations are tailored to your needs, site layout, risk assessments and preferences. A simple audible detection system can inform site responders or security teams immediately when the fencing is disturbed, allowing a rapid response.

Fully integrated alarmed fences can include several performance features:

  • Remote sensor monitoring via our accredited Alarm Receiving Centre.
  • High voltage shocks to prevent any form of entry.
  • Physical fence barriers installed around your full property perimeter.

Electric security fences can be combined with CCTV surveillance and remote alarms, with bespoke system programming to ensure you have full control at all times, whether on-site or reviewing a potential intrusion from a distance.

The ‘deter, detect, delay’ approach is widely used in high-value sites or to defend the boundaries of storage units, integrated with your alarm systems to raise the alert whenever suspicious activity is detected.

Incident logs are automatically stored with real-time event databases to ensure you can review activity and determine when the system is armed, disarmed or triggered.

As an added organisational benefit, a fully managed and maintained intruder fencing system can reduce your insurance premiums, given the considerable reductions in intrusion risks.

Clearway electric fence

Perimeter Security Fence Applications

There are numerous scenarios where electrical security fencing is the most effective way to prevent threats such as crime and avoid trespassers (intentional or otherwise) entering a potentially high-risk zone.

Clearway works with a range of businesses, landowners, site managers and organisations that need a high-quality way to boost their perimeter security and ensure they comply with the relevant regulatory standards.

Electric shock technology is delivered as a dissuading warning shock and must be gauged correctly to prevent criminal access without posing a health and safety risk.

We install commercial electric fences in several environments, such as:

  • Larger commercial or industrial premises.
  • High-risk sites such as construction zones or roadway projects.
  • Development premises with deep excavations.
  • Airports and transport hubs.
  • Loading bays and material storage areas.
  • Research and laboratory settings.
  • Locations with a high risk of criminal intrusion.

Fencing systems are always customisable, whether you need a substantial electrical perimeter fence across a wide footfall area or strategic CCTV and fencing around the areas of most risk.

Benefits of Installing Electric Security Fences

Unlike many proactive security solutions, an electric security fence requires no manual intervention unless or until an alarm is triggered.

For many site managers, this core advantage means they can reduce their reliance on 24/7 staffed guarding and implement a responsive service in an emergency without exponential spending on preventing potential hazards.

Electric fencing is an economical option and offers compelling benefits.

Fast Installation

Intruder fencing is affordable and takes minimal time to install, with integrations available with your existing alarm systems and CCTV surveillance.


Shocks delivered by anti-intruder fences are short and sharp but safe. If your property borders open land, this can ensure that wildlife or walkers do not stray into potentially dangerous work areas, compromising their welfare.

Many premises with electric fencing report a considerable decrease in attempted intrusions since a well-signed perimeter will deter attempts at trespass.


Fencing is a long-term solution to address inherent security risks. With regular maintenance, inspections and monitoring, it can last much longer than any form of conventional fencing without becoming any less effective.


Our fencing security is equally cost-effective for broad areas of land or smaller high-value sites and can be designed and fitted at your convenience.

Large-scale plots can be extremely difficult to patrol or cover with CCTV and alarm systems, whereas an electric fence can secure a vast area with minimal time or expense.

Electric Fence Maintenance Services

Electric fences comprise various components and technical integrations. It’s crucial to consistently maintain them professionally to prevent minor issues from becoming major problems and to ensure their proper functioning. Clearway provides routine access control servicing and maintenance for electric fences, ensuring they are safe, compliant with standards, and unlikely to cause disruptions. The costs of maintenance are considerably lower than dealing with potential repairs or addressing productivity losses.



Related Perimeter Security Systems

As a long-established market leader in all things property security, safety and maintenance, Clearway provides a comprehensive range of installations and systems design.

Many clients opt for a reinforced security system to complement their new perimeter fencing, such as:

  • IP CCTV Security: responsive IP CCTV surveillance ensures that all footage, audio and images captured by your security system are quickly transmitted to the appropriate personnel in high-definition data files.
  • ANPR systems: automatic number plate recognition is used to automate building access, prevent unauthorised vehicles from entering the premises, and as an advanced car park management resource.
  • Visitor Management Systems: digital visitor management enables businesses to streamline their verification checks and improve visitor experiences with a fast, effective and agile process for arrivals, registration and receipt of a photo ID badge.
  • PID Security Systems: Our perimeter intrusion detection security system allows for Geofencing – a virtual user-defined boundary or perimeter that you can actively monitor via the app on your smartphone to detect intrusions. Find out more about our wireless intrusion detection system here.

Please get in touch with the Clearway team if you would like further information about any of these related services or to schedule your site risk assessment.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, a properly signed electric fence can prevent a huge number of criminal and accidental intrusions and be linked with your alarm monitoring system as a fully integrated solution.

They do indeed – our commercial grade electrical fences are designed to withstand all weather conditions.

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