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Fire Special Risk Services

Businesses and premises with elevated fire risks require advanced levels of fire safety monitoring and responsiveness, ensuring any potential outbreak of fire or smoke is swiftly identified, suppressed or extinguished.

Clearway’s suite of special risk services is specifically designed for properties with heightened risks, whether due to the activities or machinery in operation within a commercial site or the layout and nature of the structure.

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Clearway fire sprinklers
Clearway fire sprinklers

Fire Special Risk Consultations

An initial consultation provides a detailed overview of the opportunities to address special risks in your facility, ensuring you make informed decisions about the best ways to tackle your elevated risk profile whilst remaining within budget, and adhering to your organisational objectives.

We will appraise your existing fire safety devices, facilities and protocols, identify materials or substances on-site that present a higher risk, suggest the available tools or services that will reduce your fire hazards, advise on compliance with all relevant regulations and ensure you can demonstrate you have taken action to protect the safety of your property and site users.

Clearway business fire alarms

Our Special Risk Fire Control Services

The right special risk services for your building will depend on the threats and areas of greatest risk. Our experienced consultants will ensure you implement the correct services to ensure that, should a risk materialise, fire outbreaks will be controlled or extinguished, protecting the safety of the people on-site, the integrity of the building, and your inventory and assets. Our fire special risk services include:

Clearway - Fire Suppression

Fire Suppression

Fire suppression solutions extinguish flames or smouldering substances fast, allowing sufficient time for the building to be evacuated or for the fire services to arrive, preventing the blaze from escalating or spreading. Our fire suppression options rely on extinguishing foams, chemical compounds or fire-suppressing gases, which are fully compliant with fire safety regulations and can mitigate the chance of a fire becoming serious or life-threatening.

Suppression differs from extinguishing since it is targeted to the types of fire most likely in a special risk scenario, used throughout industrial environments to provide the most effective response. This is especially relevant where conventional options such as water sprinklers are unsuited to settings where fire may be linked to combustible oils or gases.

Clearway Room Integrity Testing

Room Integrity Testing

Business-critical rooms such as data centres and server storage facilities can be proactively protected from fire risks by installing fire-proof sealants to ensure fire suppression solutions, often releasing gaseous fire suppressants, will work effectively. A secure, sealed enclosure can preclude the potential for damage to assets and stored items within the space, with room integrity testing pivotal to ensure the efficacy of the sealant systems in place.

Integrity testing is a thorough examination in which our specialist engineers use specialist equipment to pressurise the space and analyse all access points and joins to ensure gas cannot escape or dissipate to a level that would impact the performance of your fire suppression system.

Clearway dry and wet risers

Dry and Wet Risers

Risers form an important part of a fire protection system and comprise connected piping solutions integrated into your property, allowing firefighters and responders to channel water promptly to different parts of the building.

We specialise in the installation and maintenance of robust dry and wet risers, allowing for quick response in the event of a fire. Dry risers are fitted with valves that ensure the fire service can pump water to any area. In contrast, wet risers are pre-filled with water and storage tanks as a rapid-deployment water source, particularly vital for complex layouts and multi-storey constructions.

Please contact a Clearway specialist to learn more about our dry and wet risers

Clearway fire hydrants

Fire Hydrants

Hydrants are a long-established asset within fire prevention and allow the fire service or trained responders to access water rapidly from the mains supply, fitted in strategic places. We can install fire hydrants alongside the perimeter of the property, with durable construction and tamper-proof fittings. Specialist hydrants are engineered to connect perfectly with equipment used by all nationwide fire services.

We specialise in fire hydrant design, location, spacing, connection and operation as well as maintenance and inspection. Most UK fire hydrants are fitted into the ground with a uniform yellow finish and labelling or coding to ensure attending fire responders can quickly use the resources available to protect your property from severe fire damage.

Please contact one of the Clearway team to learn more about fire hydrants

Clearway Fire Hose Reel

Fire Hose Reels

We provide professional-grade hose reels made from varied materials, including plastic, fibreglass and steel, with hoses securely stored in mounted cabinets with adjustable nozzles to provide controlled and accurate water disbursement when tackling a fire. Clearway can organise ongoing maintenance and inspections to ensure nozzles and hose reels remain in workable condition.

Please contact a Clearway specialist to learn more about our fire hose reels

Clearway fire sprinklers

Fire Sprinkler Systems

Sprinklers can operate with wet or dry pipe systems and activate automatically when elevated heat is detected, with a broad range of functions to suit your most serious fire hazards. Examples include pre-action systems for high-value parts of your property and deluge systems that release water quickly to prevent a fire from taking hold or spreading. We provide two types of fire sprinkler systems:

  • Wet Pipe Systems: These are the most common type of sprinkler systems. Water is constantly present in the pipes, and when a sprinkler head detects heat from a fire, it automatically opens to release water on to the fire.
  • Dry Pipe Systems: These systems are used in areas where pipes might be exposed to freezing temperatures. The pipes are filled with compressed air or nitrogen instead of water. When a sprinkler head activates due to heat from a fire, the air pressure drops, allowing water to flow into the pipes and then through the open sprinkler head.

Please contact one of the Clearway team to learn more about fire sprinkler systems

Clearway Fire Roll call

Fire Roll Call Solutions

One of the most powerful tools in reducing fire hazards in special risk areas is staff training, compliance and engagement in fire safety policies. Roll call solutions can include emergency evacuation signalling, defined processes for building evacuation, gathering and logging persons present, and clearance protocols to ensure individuals understand the signals necessary to allow safe building re-entry.

From fire awareness, initiation and setting gathering points through to fire procedures, clearance and re-entry, we will advise on roll call procedures to keep your staff safe and protected.

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Types of Fire Special Risk Premises

Most properties deemed special risk are business premises, where the nature of the industry or the types of equipment and materials in use are inherently exposed to fire safety hazards. Examples include companies that deal in heat-based processes, have chemicals or high heat output tooling or machines, or that store large quantities of flammables, chemicals, paper and wood.

Waste management premises, warehousing spaces and wood processing businesses are commonly special risk sites, alongside other units, including power stations, fuel storage facilities and older buildings constructed from materials or in configurations that make them higher risk than a comparable modern structure.

The key in any of these scenarios is to adopt a comprehensive assessment of all special risk areas and take pre-emptive action to ensure suitable equipment, facilities, and training are available to control and contain hazards.

For more information about our extensive range of fire special risk services, please get in touch with the property fire prevention specialists at Clearway at any time or book an obligation-free consultation today.

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