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Pre-Legal Debt Recovery

Our Pre-legal Debt Recovery Team provide UK landlords and businesses immediate outsource solutions for unpaid invoices, former tenant arrears across both commercial and residential portfolios.


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Pre litigation debt collection – no collection – no fee services

Our no up-front costs is part of our working commitment in delivering a tailored debt recovery service and our Enforcement Agents operate 7 days a week attending commercial and residential premises across every-post code in England & Wales.

We undertake pre-legal strategies on a No Collection – No Fee Service and subject to terms between you and the defaulter, we can also seek to recover our fees from them as part of the recovery action.

What we do

  • Former Tenant Rent & Service Charge Debt Collection
  • Bad-Debt Mediation Recoveries (monies owed up to 6 years old)
  • UK Trace Investigations
  • Individual & Corporate Credit Risk Status Reporting
  • Enforcement Proceedings – CCJs, Warrants, Writs of Control & Possession Orders

SCAR Legal Services

Our escalation into Legal Service is fast and effective in recovering all types of debts for businesses nationwide. There is no charge applied for issuing a 7 day Letter before Action.

On receipt of your instruction we will manage the whole process working with the legal team and providing you updates throughout. If the debt is disputed we will arrange for a litigation lawyer, to set-out your options and costs from the outset, so you have full transparency.

Debt Squared Group legal partners are recognised by the prestigious Legal 500.

Clearway - Why Pre Legal Debt Recovery

Why Pre Legal Debt Recovery?

Debt can be a severe issue for businesses, with unpaid invoices, accounts in arrears and the time burden required to repeatedly chase amounts owing causing additional work, stress, and cost – with many companies unable to recoup outstanding payments.

Legal proceedings are an option but are equally time and cost-intensive, often a last resort, and only viable when the debt owed is substantial enough to warrant the expense of a court case or formal litigation.

Clearway’s pre-legal debt recovery service (PLDR) is ideal for commercial landlords, private landlords and other businesses that need a fast, cost-effective, and reliable way to recover debts without exorbitant legal fees.

Our Pre-Legal Debt Recovery (PLDR) Service

We operate on a no-collection, no-fee service, protecting your financial interests and safeguarding your business if every attempt to recover debts is unsuccessful.

There is no risk associated with PLDR, but we have built a strong track record of favourable results. We use our skilled Enforcement Agents and experience to pursue debts backed by the legal processes available.

Our agents deal with a broad range of debts, including:

  • Unpaid invoices
  • Tenant arrears
  • Commercial and residential accounts

The lack of up-front costs may be unusual, but it reflects our confidence in our abilities, and we strongly advise clients to steer clear of debt recovery and PLDR teams that command a fee before they have achieved any results.

We operate seven days a week, deploying qualified Enforcement Agents to attend premises, establish a dialogue, and implement a phased repayment if necessary to ensure you recover the maximum amount owing to your business or yourself as a private landlord.

In many cases, your invoice or account terms allow you discretion over whether you transfer liability for collection costs to your payee or former tenant, in which case we can add the fees associated with collection to your payee’s balance.

Clearway assessment and business debt

How to Recover Business Debts Quickly

There are scenarios where legal action is the only recourse, but we endeavour to expedite the debt collection service efficiently and conveniently. The Clearway Legal Service kicks in where required and applies to all manner of debts.

Most payees respond to formal payment demands such as a Seven-Day Letter Before Action, paying amounts owed before their account becomes significantly higher following a legal judgement in favour of the claimant.

Clearway PLDR covers the full spectrum of commercial debt, such as:

  • Debt collection related to commercial or private tenancies and service charges.
  • Bad-debt collections based on monies owing from up to six months ago.
  • UK investigations to trace absconding payees.
  • Risk status reporting to evaluate the financial standing of individuals or commercial clients.
  • Enforcement proceedings, including CCJs, Writs of Control, Warrants and Possession Orders.

At each stage, our experienced debt recovery agents can recommend the next steps, provide ongoing updates, and support your business in implementing future-proof strategies to prevent further bad debts.

Clearway building

Why Clearway?

Clearway has years of expertise as a well-known security, property management and risk control services provider, adding PLDR to a variety of other services, including vacant property security and advanced technological security surveillance.

Our pre-legal debt recovery process is established, legally compliant, efficient, and under your control, with an assigned recovery manager to oversee the case and ensure you are up to speed at each step.

Debt recovery as a sector sometimes has a negative connotation. We seek to challenge this with a zero-fee service if we fail to collect your debts, absorbing risk from our clients to showcase our commitment to pursuing default payees decisively and quickly, including tracing absconding debtors.

Clearway related services

Related Services

  • SCAR Service Charge Arrears Recovery: we offer both SCAR and Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery as a combined service that can recoup lost funds due to late tenancy payments or commercial tenants that have left with bad debts.
  • CRAR Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery: late payments and arrears can be seriously detrimental for commercial landlords, with the difficulty of recovering amounts owed by companies that are difficult to locate. We track and pursue non-paying tenants to recoup your lost income.
  • Eviction Services: our qualified, skilled eviction teams remove illegal and unauthorised squatters from various business sites, using established techniques to enforce the rules within the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994.

Frequently asked questions

PLDR is a formal debt collection process to recover outstanding funds without the cost of formal legal proceedings.

Our agents issue letters of demand, negotiate with bad debtors, track non-paying individuals and organisations, enforce Judgement Orders, or escalate bad debts to our Legal Service where necessary.

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