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Commercial Security Gates and Turnstiles

Commercial security gates and turnstiles – a vital component of any access control strategy, allowing businesses and organisations to integrate a solid barrier into their entry management system. Whether for personnel or vehicular access control, Clearway custom build security gates and turnstiles specific to your risk assessment, threat levels and site layout, in a vast array of designs to suit your needs.

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Clearway Security gates and Turnstiles
Clearway Security gates and Turnstiles

About Clearway Security Gates and Turnstiles

We work with managers and property owners to ensure their gate systems and security turnstiles are created with the optimal design, materials and automatic functionality to ensure nobody can enter the property or secure area without verifying their credentials.

Security gates can be fitted across main entrances or wider access areas to construction yards, loading bays or car parks, with turnstiles installed at entrance points and along routes to high-security zones.

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Security Gate and Turnstile Installation by Clearway

Among our competitive security gates and turnstiles, the below models provide a snapshot of the functionality available.

D5800 Cantilever Sliding Gates are custom-made to your specifications and have the highest possible security standards, designed for heavy-usage sites. Infills vary from solid finishes to palisade stakes and can be fitted to openings as wide as six to twelve metres.

Our 5800 Series incorporates a three-phase inverter motor or gearbox drive, powering the gates with seamless, reliable effectiveness and programmable speeds.

Your electric gates are controlled by your remote app, which allows you to adjust the opening and closure speeds, conduct tests or configure your gates as you wish.

The D6000 swing gates are an alternative often used for commercial or industrial premises with a tough and robust construction, built from hollow-box sections and tailored to your requirements.

Heavy-duty hinges are long-lasting and impact resistant, with locking mechanisms such as slide bolts and mortise locks.

Security gates can be installed with underground connections or a D380 HD aboveground operator, depending on the size and placement of the gates.

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Features of Security Gates and Turnstiles

Automated entry gates and security turnstiles have a wide scope of applications, designs, configurations and operation controls.

Some of the features incorporated within Clearway security gates include:

  • Industrial strength barriers
  • Heavy-duty, low-maintenance hinges
  • Inverted or PLC control panels
  • Category three safety edging
  • Connectivity with various devices and networks.

If you are unsure which security gates or bollards are most suitable, we can steer you through the options and provide independent advice.

Automatic gates are available as swing gates, cantilevered or sliding gates, speed gates, and telescopic or bi-folding gate systems.

Security turnstiles can be engineered with automated functionality, and all models come with comprehensive risk assessment certification and ongoing maintenance options.

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Benefits of Fitting Gates and Turnstiles

With so many security options available, deciding which installations best suit your requirements can be difficult.

Below we explain some of the advantages of installing turnstiles, which function as mechanical security gates to limit access to one visitor at a time, control access and refuse entry when appropriate.

  • Access control: your security turnstile is fully programmable, so you can decide who is authorised to enter and when. Business owners have total control over entrances and access routes into other parts of the property. For example, turnstiles can be fitted on specific floors or sensitive areas so that only approved personnel can pass through.
  • Footfall tracking: a security fob or key card activates the barrier or turnstile and automatically logs who enters which zones and when they leave. Managers can use this data to inform broader access controls or for health and safety purposes.
  • Theft-deterrent: a set of security gates or turnstiles is a visible preventative and often mitigates the risk of theft or tampering. Unverified visitors cannot pass through, and those with the correct credentials will have their movements logged.

Visitor turnstiles can help regulate the flow of foot traffic and avoid excessive crowds by limiting access numbers. No manual interventions are required since the gate can check each security pass or ID and allow access according to your settings.

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Keeping your access control systems maintained

Incorporating various components, moving parts, and software integrations, commercial access control systems need regular professional maintenance to maintain performance.

This is crucial to prevent minor faults from escalating and to ensure the proper functioning of your access management assets. Clearway provides routine servicing and maintenance, offering assurance that your access control systems are safe, compliant with legislative standards, and unlikely to cause disruption. The costs of maintenance are significantly lower than the potential expenses associated with repairing vehicular damage or recovering lost productivity.

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Related Perimeter Protection Services

Many site managers install security gates and turnstiles alongside other features to ensure every aspect of their property perimeter is protected from unauthorised or illegal access.

Example services often requested simultaneously with a set of security gates or turnstiles include:

  • Barriers and Bollards: manual or automatic security barriers and bollards are an efficient way to control which vehicles enter your site, with options such as number plate recognition and heavy-duty barriers for construction sites.
  • Remote CCTV: wireless CCTV can be configured with numerous advanced features such as IP megapixel cameras to provide continual security, powered by commercial-grade batteries for reliable, consistent protection.
  • Electric Fences: alarmed and electric fences are a robust perimeter control and can be linked with CCTV surveillance and other security networks.

If you would like to discuss the right perimeter protections for your property or business, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Clearway team for more information about any of these services.

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Frequently asked questions

Turnstiles are common in high-traffic areas such as amusement parks and provide access control by verifying the authenticity of a visitor by scanning a security fob, access pass or using biometric scanners.

A small sizing profile allows a turnstile to be fitted in even narrow entrance ways with automated controls to prevent any need for manual identity checks.

Both swing and sliding security gates are very secure and can be networked with other technology, such as automatic number plate recognition.

Sliding gates are often preferable where space is limited, and you need to protect a wide entrance with a secure entry barrier that does not swing outward.

Swing gates require a little more room but are low maintenance and work efficiently for premises of any size.

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