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Event Security

Events of all kinds experience unique and fast-evolving security challenges. Security protocols may also need to change based on the number of attendees anticipated, the footfall across the duration of your event, and any specific threats such as the potential for ram-raiding, deliberate criminal attacks or protests that can be high-risk, costly and disruptive.

Managing large crowds, access controls, long queues, varied entry points, and vehicle access points may seem complex but can be addressed by implementing our varied control solutions and a detailed security policy that covers all the bases and protects people, property and assets in an event scenario.

event security company
event security company

We Offer: 

  • Comprehensive event risk assessments: We Begin with a thorough risk assessment that evaluates asset-based and location-specific risks, physical layouts, and entry points, as well as considering the age, number, and demographics of attendees and performers. This helps in tailoring security measures effectively for different event types, whether it’s a private indoor gathering or a large-scale public event in an outdoor setting.
  • Protection against common threats, such as trespassing, the introduction of illicit substances, and antisocial behaviour. We develop strategies to minimise these risks, ensuring robust access controls, surveillance, and quick emergency responses to keep all threats under control and safeguard the event environment.
  • Advanced Crowd control AI solutions to address common security challenges like unauthorised entry, handling of dangerous substances, crowd-induced delays in emergency response, and thefts. We Implement security strategies that consider environmental risks and the need for rapid evacuation procedures to manage and mitigate any potential incidents effectively.
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The Importance of Effective Event Security

  • Event managers and hosts need to manage a number of threats during events, ranging from antisocial behaviour and pickpocketing to extremely serious risks such as terrorist attacks, illegal substances and targeted criminal intrusions.
  • The size and nature of an event may present a very different risk profile, with stewarding, ticketing, crowd control and managing large flows of people often making it more complex to manage potential threats.
  • According to the most recently available data from Statista, music festivals have the highest number of arrests, involving up to 23 per 10,000 attendees, while multi-day events result in higher instances of crime and police intervention.
  • The National Protective Security Authority (NPSA) publishes guidance for all event managers, noting that protective security governance is a key responsibility of venue operators.

What Do We Protect Against?

When deciding how best to mitigate or eliminate risks during an event, the first task is to put together a full risk assessment, appraising all asset-based, location-specific and physical layouts and entry points, alongside factors such as the age, number and demographic of attendees and performers or presenters.

For example, the access controls and security surveillance you use for a private attendee-only event in a secure indoor event space will differ considerably from those needed for a high-profile public event in an outdoor arena or festival site.

Pinpointing the possible risks and the likelihood of a threat emerging and defining how you will minimise the severity of that risk is vital. This will leave nothing to chance and help you identify the right steps and measures to keep all threats under control.

Below, we’ve listed some of the many security challenges event managers handle and how they may impact your security strategy.

Trespassing and Unauthorised Entry

Every event requires some form of perimeter security to prevent deliberate intruders from gaining access and to ensure all attendees hold the appropriate ticketing or access credentials.

Illicit and Dangerous Substances

Bringing unchecked substances, including drugs, alcohol, flammables, and explosives, into an event space can cause substantial risks, particularly during events with large crowds that can impede response times of emergency services or where there may be underage attendees.

Antisocial Behaviour

Long queues, waiting times for performances and limited bathroom facilities can all contribute to frayed tempers, while events such as sports matches often see conflicts and aggression between competing supporters.

Environmental Risks

Issues such as fire or smoke can be high risks for event managers, who need a swift, reliable, and verifiable method of raising the alarm, alerting the appropriate responders, and evacuating the venue.

Thefts and Robberies:

Thefts can range from items being stolen from other attendees to targeted robberies of tills, event assets and equipment, vehicles, and other resources either brought into the event or stored permanently in situ on site.

concrete barrier hire from Clearway

Selecting the Right Event Security Solutions

As indicated, the most effective security controls for your event will depend on myriad factors. All of these elements should be considered carefully well in advance to give you sufficient time to implement suitable measures to reduce your risk profile and draw up emergency plans.

Next, we’ve looked at some of the many services available from the Clearway team that are often used within event security.

  • Concrete Barrier BlocksConcrete blocks are easy to move and configure in any shape or size, creating impenetrable walls and pedestrian protection zones or as a perimeter defence that is robust enough to withstand a high-speed vehicle attempting to gain access.
  • Perimeter Security: Securing the boundary or perimeter of your event is crucial, deterring intruders and preventing unauthorised people or vehicles from gaining entry. Controls might include advanced perimeter intrusion detection technology, wide-coverage CCTV cameras, physical guards, and K9 patrols.
  • Smart Event Security: AI-based cameras provide superb functionality, which is ideal for large or high-risk events where you need to use the time and resources within your security team wisely. Surveillance systems can detect suspicious activity, automatically log vehicle number plates and use facial detection and asset tracking to raise proactive alarms when something is outside the norm.
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Event Security Solutions Continued

  • 24/7 CCTV and Alarm Monitoring: While risks are often elevated when an event is running, it is also necessary to protect the event space before and after your event while ensuring that any alarms or alerts are logged, investigated and responded to promptly. Always-on monitoring is available through our specialist response teams.
  • Manned Guarding and Patrols: Uniformed, professional guards can assist with crowd control and access management, patrols of perimeters or potential flashpoints, or de-escalate signs of aggression or conflict before they spiral out of control.
  • Access Control Solutions: Managing access permissions is important for all events. Before they are permitted access, especially to staff-only or restricted areas, the credentials and tickets of any attendee, employee, contractor, delivery driver, performer, or crew member can be verified using digital or physical checkpoints.

Our detailed service pages provide more information about any of these event security services and other security approaches.

compliance with martyns law

Compliance with Martyns law

Martyn’s Law, also known as “Protect Duty,” is a UK legislation inspired by Martyn Hett, a victim of the Manchester Arena bombing in 2017. The law aims to strengthen security measures at event venues to effectively counter and respond to terrorist threats.

For event security, Martyn’s Law is particularly relevant. Events, especially those attracting large audiences, will be required to implement rigorous security protocols. Our security services assist venues in complying with these upcoming regulations.

This includes conducting tailored risk assessments to prevent terrorist threats, improving access controls, enhancing surveillance, and bolstering the presence of security personnel to ensure a safe environment for all attendees.

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Why Choose Clearway for Event Security Services?

No two events are identical, and neither are the security services we suggest. The best possible security strategy for your event depends on a thorough analysis of the risks, number of guests, attendee demographics, duration of the event, and the nature, size, and position of the venue.

With years of expertise providing effective, reliable security, from technological surveillance systems to physical guarding, Clearway offers end-to-end solutions. Please get in touch to schedule a convenient time to discuss your event or organise a comprehensive risk assessment of your venue and layout.

Contact our security experts now to discuss your security requirements and get a quote from us.

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