We recognise there is a fundamental need to secure your business critical assets, from vacant land, development sites and compounds, to plant, materials and fuel. As a leading provider of sustainable security, we are perfectly positioned to secure, monitor and protect your valuable assets.

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Barrier and Bollard Installation

Clearway designs and install electronic automatic barrier systems and bollards that use the latest technology – from static vehicle prevention systems to integrated raised barriers that work within a comprehensive access control solution.

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Clearway Barriers and bollards
Clearway Barriers and bollards

Automatic Barrier and Bollard Installation

Electronic barriers and bollards are a physical safeguard against unauthorised vehicular entry and prevent a number of security risks such as theft, ram-raiding, car theft and vandalism, ensuring your site has a well-protected perimeter that is inaccessible to unverified visitors.

Our high-performance arm barriers and automated retractable bollards are an efficient and cost-effective way to manage your entry protocols, available for residential parking areas, business premises and commercial sites.

Clearway SOSEC solar powered Barriers

Barrier and Bollard Installation from Clearway

The installation process is efficient and scheduled at your convenience with integrated assets such as three-phase inverter motors and gearbox drives for automated arm barriers to operate from a single-phase supply with consistently smooth functionality.

Whether you wish to prevent vehicles from parking in a private space, integrate entry gates within a number plate recognition access control system, or need automated bollards to avoid cars from leaving without paying, our perimeter protection can solutions can provide a suitable solution.


Automatic Barriers and bollards

Features of Clearway Automatic Barriers and Bollards

D3200 Automatic Raise Arm Barrier – with a barrier span of up to seven metres

The D3200 Automatic Raise Arm Barrier is designed to offer long-term reliability, efficient smooth operation and durability. It incorporates a 3-phase inverter-driven motor and gearbox drive which provides smooth consistent operation with variable speed all from a single phase supply. This is all controlled via a Siemens plc which can be programmed to suit any access control requirements and also features adjustable parameters that the end user can change. The result, is a superior product giving long service life and peace of mind.

Available features include:

  • Adjustable speed barriers and retracting bollards.
  • Three-phase motor or gearbox controls.
  • Low-maintenance barriers and bollards.
  • Direct drive functions without pulleys or belts.
  • Pre-wired loop bases for a fast installation.
  • Built-in timing clocks.

Design features:

  • PLC – S3250 barriers are fitted with a Schneider PCL unit with a graphic display to simplify commissioning and maintenance. There are many adjustable parameters including speed adjustment, with a slow down feature and a standard time clock function.
  • Skirt – a lower skirt or hi bar upper and lower version can be fitted to the barrier at an additional costs. This allows for high visibility and STOP and NO ENTRY signs to easily be displayed.
  • Finish – Our automatic barrier systems are powder coated in red and white or back and yellow as standard however, other standard RAL colours may be specified at no additional cost. Booms are vinyl striped in red and white with a limited choice of other vinyl colours.
  • Design features – the cabinet has a clean and contemporary appearance with a fully removal clamshell covering both sites to allow complete access to all internal components. Unlike many heavy-duty automatic barrier systems, there are no counterweights which removes a potential tripping hazard and reduce the required installation space.
  • Logo – to enhance your site entrance, we are able to produce LED backlit logos into the barrier cabinet. These are designed on CARD and cut into the sheet steel with our water jet cutter.

You can program electronic barriers to suit your access control demands, with adjustable parameters such as speed to fit your requirements or adapt during quieter or busier periods with a greater traffic flow.

Clearway SOSEC 100 Barrier and Gate Combination
SOSEC logo

SOSEC Barrier and Gate Systems

SOSEC is a revolutionary, award winning approach to securing work sites. Combining solar power and security in a simple, rugged, visible and mobile platform.

This exceptional barrier means sites can cut HSE fines, have a 3 month ROI on traditional manned security and it is instantly deployed. Being solar powered there is no power necessary and is fully mobile so it can be moved with your worksite entrance.

SOSEC 100 Barrier/Gate Combination

  • 5m boom and drop skirt or LED R/G lights
  • Auto exit for vehicles
  • Non contact safety beam
  • Self-closing pedestrian gate with lock
  • Code entry & exit for pedestrians
  • Solar powered, up to 900 operations per day
  • 1.3 x 1.3m kick plate steel forklift ready base
  • Weight: 450kg. Height: 3.5m

Access Control options:
• GSM Intercom • Key Code • Swipe Card • Dial to Open • Fingerprint • CCTV • 3G Hotspot • Online tracking

Clearway SOSEC 200 Barrier

SOSEC 200 Barrier

  • 5m boom and LED R/G lights or full drop skirt
  • Auto exit for vehicles
  • Non contact safety beam
  • Solar powered, up to 900 operations per day
  • 1.3 x 1.3m kick plate steel forklift ready base
  • Weight: 350kg. Height: 3.5m


Optional Accessories for SOSEC Barriers and Gates:

Fixed • Fixed + 50 prox tags • Wireless

Telematics & Instant Alerts
Tracker Module • License – per annum

GSM Intercom + SIM
Intercom to any phone

ANPR Camera
Auto open for known vehicles

GS6 Wired
Auto road closure to over

GS6 Wireless
Solar powered, multi fail-safe • GS6 safety

Clearway SOSEC solar powered Barriers

Benefits of Installing Electronic Barriers and Bollards

Electronic security barriers installed in car parks, business sites or private driveways can provide a wide range of benefits, controlling the movement of vehicles through the space and preventing unwanted trespassers from accessing the immediate area. Automatic barrier systems or bollards can be controlled with access codes or passes, which ensures that only verified employees or residents can enter.

There are also several health and safety considerations:

  • Barriers prevent parking spaces from becoming overfilled, ensure that evacuation routes and emergency services access remain clear, and avoid unmanageable numbers of vehicles from trying to navigate a limited parking zone.
  • Bollards are impassable by vehicles and remove the potential for unauthorised people to enter your property, adding to the safety of personnel, tradespeople and contractors working on site.
  • Installing a set of barriers or bollards eliminates the potential for through traffic, which can support pedestrian safety, avoid excessive traffic levels, and create a safer zone with fewer possible hazards.

A set of barriers or bollards installed at strategic entry points is a proactive way to reduce the risk of unlawful entry and creates a safer operational environment with full control over which vehicles can enter and at what time.

access control systems from Clearway

Keeping your electric gates maintained

Failure to properly service a gate may result in sudden malfunctions, hindering the entry or exit of vehicles from a site. In more serious situations, a malfunctioning electric gate poses a safety risk to drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. Clearway offers dependable and scheduled maintenance for electric gates, barriers, and bollards to guarantee their optimal functionality and safety features. We also offer access control maintenance services for all access management operations.

Clearway electric fence

Related Perimeter Protection Services

Automatic barriers and bollards provide a visible, physical deterrent that often reduces the risk of illegal entry or unauthorised access. In many cases, business owners opt for additional perimeter or intruder detection solutions to enhance every aspect of their access control strategy:

  • Gates and Turnstiles: our perimeter controls include automated pedestrian turnstiles and gates, automated speed gates, cantilevered and tracked sliding gates and swing gates for broad entrances.
  • Wireless Intruder Alarms: wireless alarm systems are ideal for large-scale sites, vacant or empty properties, or construction projects that either do not have a mains power supply or need a tamper-proof security system with rapid response alerts.
  • Intruder Detection Systems: intruder detection allows property managers to identify immediately when an intrusion occurs or is attempted, with a wide range of cost-effective solutions and market-leading signalling equipment.
  • Commercial Access Control Systems: Clearway’s commercial access control systems offer outstanding security solutions for organisations that need to maintain the security of their premises without relying on manned security.

For more information about any of these services or advice about which security assets we would suggest to meet your risk assessment outcomes, please contact the Clearway team at any time.

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Frequently asked questions

It is unlikely that you will require planning permission to fit a set of security bollards or automatic barrier systems if the site is private land, such as a business premise.

The only scenario where you will usually need approval is if you wish to install bollards in a public space.

Please get in touch with Clearway if you would like more advice about fitting bollards in a zone where you believe planning permission may apply

Our barriers can be manually or automatically operated, depending on your requirements. An automatic barrier can be integrated with existing access controls or configured with ANPR technology (automatic number plate recognition).

In this case, the barrier will lift when it detects a number plate stored in your approved vehicle database. You can regularly update the database if you are expecting a delivery or have an anticipated visitor.

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