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Emergency Lighting Systems Installation

Self-contained emergency lighting is crucial for countless business premises and public facilities. It is a key component of a fire risk assessment and acts as a security safeguard during an emergency evacuation.

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About our Emergency Lighting Systems Installation

Clearway can install battery-operated emergency lights in strategically important positions within your building, wayfinding occupants to exit routes and allowing staff, visitors and service users to make a calm, safe exit during power cuts or alarm activations.

Emergency lighting is essential to meet responsible building management requirements and adhere to health and safety legislation – our consultants are on hand to advise if you need any help ensuring your property is 100% compliant.

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Emergency Lighting Installation

Battery-operated lighting is used in a wide variety of scenarios – whenever a building may need to be evacuated via normal routes or emergency exits.

Example applications include:

  • Residential apartment blocks
  • Office buildings
  • Shopping centres
  • Warehousing units
  • Factory premises
  • Schools and colleges
  • Gyms and public amenities
  • Sports centres and clubs

If the mains power fails due to a power outage or as an automatic response to an emergency alarm activation, the lighting will replace overhead lights and ensure every person on-site can easily make their way to an appropriate refuge or assembly point.

Standardised lighting is ineffective in an evacuation situation because the level of illumination and lack of autonomous operation cannot facilitate a safe exit when visibility is impaired, or the power supply is inoperational.

Clearway provides a full range of emergency lighting installation including fittings, from boxed exit signage to bulkhead lights.


Emergency Lighting Testing and Maintenance

Even the highest-rated emergency lights must be subject to periodic testing to ensure they function correctly, should the need arise.

Maintenance involves inspecting the lighting tubes, battery backup and overall performance of your emergency lights to check that they will operate quickly when required.

In many cases, emergency lighting is most valuable during a power outage, which can present a range of serious risks and hazards, including trips, falls from height and an inability to find an appropriate exit point.

Lighting is also required during alarm testing or real-time activations, which may be due to:

  • Fire
  • Smoke
  • Water leaks
  • Gas
  • Intrusions

The best way to ensure that all staff or site users can evacuate confidently and to the appropriate zones is to have fully functioning emergency lighting on every level and in stairwells, car parks or storage bays.

Sudden light loss can be extremely disorientating even for site attendees who know the layout well, so it is never safe to assume that an evacuation could be completed without risk of injury or even fatality without rigorously tested emergency lighting.

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Standards in UK Emergency Lighting

As a leading property security and maintenance provider, Clearway is well versed in the standards and performance attributes required to guarantee your emergency lighting will work flawlessly when needed.

Our range of automatic emergency lights is tested to BS 5266-1:2011. They are commonly used in higher-risk premises, as well as public facilities where safety standards are of the utmost importance, such as:

  • Hotels
  • Hospitals and care homes
  • Museums
  • Shops
  • Educational facilities
  • Multi-storey residences
  • Licensed premises

The specific category of your premises will dictate the relevant part of the British Standards, which explain the performance requirements of your emergency lighting, which may vary depending on floor space, footfall and the nature of the building.

Quality standards set strict controls for the types of emergency lighting appropriate for your property, the longevity of the commercial-grade batteries, and the placement of lighting systems.

If you are unsure which types of emergency lights are best suited, please contact a Clearway specialist for further information.

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Emergency Lighting System Design

As a full-service business security provider, we recognise that selecting your emergency lights is just one part of a bigger picture and will often constitute a full evaluation of your fire safety and emergency provisions, along with a comprehensive risk assessment.

To support our clients in meeting their security requirements head-on, Clearway provides a complete scope of services to ensure your property is protected from all relevant risks.

Our technicians offer:

  • Project management
  • Emergency lighting system design
  • Installation, including integrations with mains power sources
  • Commissioning from affiliated industry professionals
  • 24-hour emergency call outs
  • Routine maintenance, scheduled at your convenience

We also provide a range of fire prevention, management and safety assets tailored to your requirements.

Many clients commission an emergency lighting system alongside:

  • Fire Suppression Systems: shielding systems that control and limit the spread of fire or smoke until an appropriate response is deployed.
  • Disabled Refuges: a Life Safety System which ensures that vulnerable or less mobile site users are protected from severe risk if they cannot vacate the building promptly.
  • Fire Extinguisher Fitting: fully specified fire extinguishers, selected according to the specific needs of your property and positioned correctly for immediate use.
  • Advanced Fire Detection Assets: integrated fire confirmation systems verify the presence of fire or smoke and alert the relevant personnel or emergency services to ensure the response is swift and mitigates the risk of extensive damage.

If you would like further information about emergency lighting installations or to schedule a professional site risk assessment, please contact the Clearway team at your convenience.

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Frequently asked questions

Emergency lights are powered by autonomous battery packs and operate independently of mains power during an outage or in an incident such as a fire alarm being activated.

Lighting can be used as either escape lighting, which directs personnel to a safe, accessible exit, or standby lighting, which ensures your business does not have to cease all operations when mains-powered lights are temporarily out of action.

The best way to verify which emergency lighting installation you need is to schedule a site risk assessment with the Clearway team.

British standards normally require emergency lights to perform for three continuous hours as a minimum.

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