We recognise there is a fundamental need to secure your business critical assets, from vacant land, development sites and compounds, to plant, materials and fuel. As a leading provider of sustainable security, we are perfectly positioned to secure, monitor and protect your valuable assets.

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Manned Guarding Services

Our manned guarding services provide security support at various locations as an effective solution to prevent vandalism, theft and unauthorised access, helping to establish an ongoing assurance and confidence in the safety of your business. Clearway provides a highly responsive short or long-term contractual security guard service across the UK.

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manned guarding services
manned guarding services

SIA Approved contractorQualified Manned Guarding Professionals

Clearway guards are highly trained and SIA licensed to deliver a full range of guarding roles, including static manned guarding, stewarding and crowd control, guarding patrols, dog patrols, mobile security, keyholding services and more. Security teams provide rapid response security and 24/7 cover, ensuring you’re never left exposed to security threats. As a Security Industry Authority (SIA) approved contractor, you can be sure that all our guards operate to the highest standards. SIA are the regulator of the UK’s private security industry. SIA is an executive non-departmental public body, sponsored by the Home Office.

what is manned guarding?

Our security guards are typically deployed to watch over commercial businesses, retail premises, construction sites, warehouses and corporate entities, but we can provide security personnel for most scenarios and environments.

We are a respected provider of professional manned guarding services due to our long-establishment in this sector. We can adapt our services to deal with unique requirements of many situations, locations and sites across the UK.

Our security guards are SIA licensed and fully equipped with distinctive uniforms and identification to uphold the levels of professionalism you would expect from the trusted security partner of choice for thousands of businesses throughout the UK.

We are happy to provide security guards for hire for one-off events or contracted for long-term commitments as you require, please contact Clearway and we will provide a tailored quotation based on your specific requirements.

security dog patrols from Clearway

Dog Patrols/K9 Security

Our dog patrols can complement your security team or guard, or work as a standalone service. A dog patrol provides a robust, additional security measure, providing professional protection at events, or to protect your vacant property from intruders.

Security dogs can be employed as a perfect solution for multiple scenarios or for a one-off event, adding extra protection as well as what a security guard provides.

Our teams and security dogs are experienced in working with the needs of both large and small businesses. For higher-risk situations, our dog handlers can be equipped with body cams to provide video footage of events happening in real-time. This allows us to provide evidence to the police where it is required to support the actions of the security team.

Reception Security

Reception Security

Your point of entry is the first location in which potential intruders or unauthorised visitors might attempt to gain access. Monitoring and controlling who accesses your building, who is permitted to visit commercially sensitive areas, and managing access to restricted parts of your premises are essential to retaining control and security of your business. Our dedicated team of uniformed security staff not only help to control access but will provide a friendly welcome to important clients, visitors and staff.

One of the most advantageous elements to using reception security is the high profile nature of your safety provisions; meaning that you demonstrate a visible focus on security, eliminating any risk of visitors gaining access without being checked by highly trained security personnel.

Our security guards and dog patrols are trained to deliver a full range of guarding roles such as:

  • Static crowd control
  • Manned guarding
  • Stewarding
  • Guarding patrols
  • Keyholding services
  • Dog patrols and more
security guards for hire

Why Choose Clearway Manned Guarding?

  • SIA Licensed Guards – Qualified, Approved Personnel
  • 20+ Years’ Experience – Reliable, Trustworthy, Efficient
  • Urgent Guard Hire – Be protected within 24 hours
  • 24/7/365 Security services – Constant protection, guaranteed
  • Available for short or long term hire

Frequently asked questions

Manned guarding means having a trained, certified security guard physically present at your site or premise, this service can be structured to your specific requirements.

All Clearway security guards are experienced and SIA Accredited to perform to the highest professional standards. Guarding teams are available within 24 hours for urgent hire periods; covering events, critical business operations or times when security risks are elevated.

Your manned guarding can include reception guarding, security patrols, K9 border protection, crowd control, stewarding and keyholding to ensure safe entry and exit from the building at the start and end of each working day.

Many clients combine CCTV surveillance and manned guarding, with core differences as follows:

  • CCTV cameras provide passive or proactive surveillance, equipped with voice commands, automatic alarm sensors, body temperature detection and pan, tilt and zoom functionality.
  • Manned guards can respond to CCTV alerts to identify the cause of the alarm, establish whether the activity is unauthorised, and take appropriate action to remove intruders from the site or report a crime to emergency services.
  • Manned guards also act as a physical deterrent to mitigate any issues before they arise.

We often recommend manned guarding for crucial periods when a site is exposed to unlawful activity such as vandalism, theft or criminal break-ins.

Our qualified, SIA-certified guards can also diffuse situations, prevent a crime from being carried out, or de-escalate a potential conflict to protect the welfare of your staff and business users.

Manned guards and static security guards are the very same thing.

Manned guards can be deployed as static guards, supervising a main point of entry, overseeing access control systems, or staffing your reception to vet and approve visitors.

Our trained security teams can also provide manned security patrols with or without experienced canine companions, maintaining a robust security presence around your site boundaries.

Please contact the security specialists at Clearway if you would like any further advice about the most suitable manned guarding for your business, property or site.

Manned guarding is undoubtedly the most effective way to prevent intrusions and thefts from your property, whether during operational hours or over weekends and holidays.

Alarm systems and technological surveillance are excellent provisions but are only effective once a breach has happened. Manned guarding can prevent a breach from occurring.

The presence of security guards and K9 patrols supplements the deterrent nature of alarm systems and CCTV cameras, with personnel dressed in professional security attire with hi-vis markings, communications devices, and verification ID to address, challenge or respond to unusual activity.

Your manned security will conduct inspections, checks, patrols and ID verifications as required.

That can include investigating potential intrusions, logging visitors, responding to alarms, liaising with the police, addressing issues, providing daily activity reports and monitoring for any signs of unauthorised behaviour.

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