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Business Forensics and Intelligence

We believe in creating a fairer market for both business owners and landlords. Clearway’s business intelligence services help companies nationwide make astute decisions, plan the correct approach to recover unpaid debts and avoid unnecessary risks.

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What is business intelligence?

Business intelligence refers to a range of techniques that collate useful, relevant information about the financial position, creditworthiness, and trading history of prospective commercial tenants and clients.

Our forensic services work alongside intelligence investigations, uncovering historical issues such as court judgements, rental arrears and restructuring within a business that could be important for commercial landlords or suppliers to know before they enter into a formal contract or supply agreement

Clearway Clearview BI

clearVIEWbi, an exclusive property intelligence service

clearVIEWbi offers the very best in property business intelligence for property owners by consolidating and managing real-time corporate tenants. Our comprehensive system analyses and creates enhanced visibility into corporate distress and the potential for rent default. 

Our system allows property managers to:

  • Improve Credit Control targeting
  • Avoid new deals with high-risk tenants
  • Covenant strength analysis for Asset Managers
  • Provide a positive impact on valuations

Our system provides property managers with: 

  • Access to Free corporate data when a client loads a CRAR, SCAR & PLDR via the clearVIEW case management system portal.
  • The ability to cleanse corporate data portfolios separately.
  • Progressing with CRAR, SCAR & PLDR actions once we have completed a corporate clearVIEWbi

Once we have completed a corporate clearVIEWbi and subject to the business not being insolvent, we can process with CRAR, SCAR & PLDR actions.


What Is Business Intelligence and Forensics?

The focus of business intelligence and forensics is risk management and prevention. Many landlords and company owners operate in good faith but may not have the appropriate information to know whether a potential client or tenant presents a high risk.

As part of our commercial property management offering, our debt recovery and investigations teams work with a huge range of UK clients, from smaller independent organisations to larger enterprises and public sector bodies.

Clients we support include:

  • Asset managers
  • Property agents
  • Valuation professionals
  • Commercial landlords

We collate data, insights, and information from a cross-section of reliable sources, creating bespoke risk profiles. These can cover occupants, tenants, or credit applicants as a real-time overview or provide detailed insights into past issues or debt recovery problems.

Clearway Clearview business report

Our Business Intelligence and Forensic Services

Businesses and commercial landlords are exposed to multiple challenges, with ongoing changes to policies, regulations, legislation, and tax reforms. Intelligence and forensic reporting can pre-empt potential problems and prevent landlords from proceeding with tenants that have a history of non-payment or contractual breaches.

Forensic reporting can also be vital for landlords and other business owners who find themselves in a debt collection scenario, pinpointing responsible owners and parties who have otherwise attempted to forgo their debt repayment obligations.

We provide vetting, financial assessment and viability checks covering the following:

  • Reports on business credit health
  • Restructuring information
  • Professional consultancy services
  • Background checks, including insolvency reports
  • Tracing and status reporting related to individuals
  • Process serving

Having the right information and data you can rely on will ensure you make informed, confident decisions and avoid any higher-risk tenants or clients that could impact your revenues and profitability.

Clearway related services

Related Services

  • Individual Status Reports: Status reports investigate the background, directorship registration details and previous bankruptcies of individual tenants, owner-run businesses, and applicants to provide comprehensive information on occupancies, property ownerships and court orders, including CCJs.
  • Company Credit Risk Analysis: Landlords not privy to essential background information may not be aware that prospective clients, partners, or commercial tenants have a long history of adverse credit or are proven unreliable payers. Credit risk reports ensure our clients have all the details they need to steer clear of high-risk lending, tenancy agreements and other business transactions.
  • Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery: Our CRAR team provides a full, effective, and swift recovery service, with a proven record of recovering funds to landlords where commercial tenants have refused previous collection notices, absconded with unpaid debts, or otherwise failed to meet the payment terms of their rental agreement.
Clearway building

Why Clearway?

Clearway offers a comprehensive array of property management, security, and debt recovery services, working with a network of over 122 accountancy firms to ensure our analytics, business intelligence reporting, and forensic services are of the highest quality.

Our role is to help you avoid unnecessary or unacceptable risks, understand the credit standing, financial position and overall viability of potential clients, or select the most appropriate methods of recovering amounts owing.

We provide reporting, background vetting, in-depth checks, and tracing to ensure our clients have every resource available to pursue bad debts, rental arrears, and other default accounts, such as service charges, with full regulatory compliance and options to escalate the matter through the correct legal processes where required.

Frequently asked questions

Business intelligence is a multifaceted field but it involves researching, investigating, and collating data, information, and records to provide a full-scope report about a company’s prospects, history, ownership, credit standing and health.

Commercial landlords and suppliers may not be aware of serious risks without business intelligence, which means any rental agreements, contracts or other transactions are highly likely to go unpaid or end in a loss.

While much business information is in the public domain, many details or reports may be difficult to access or understand, such as insolvency filings, mandatory annual reporting, and disputes.

Forensic services uncover economic issues, financial investigations, conflicts, or court orders to deliver a thorough background check.

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