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CCTV Analytics

Enhanced surveillance has multiple benefits, with AI CCTV able to proactively detect potential issues, record live incidents as they happen, and identify unusual or suspicious behaviour patterns.

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CCTV Analytics
CCTV Analytics

CCTV analytics is one of the many powerful functions available through AI security, enabling process-driven businesses to map trends, evaluate movement flows, and make informed organisational decisions.

Real-time analysis is also a key element in road safety management, pre-empting collision risks, recognising abnormal activity and using footage of traffic violations to determine the optimal solutions to enhance safety protocols.

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Automatic CCTV Analytics

Conventional CCTV can, of course, record video captures, but the challenge is in interpreting that data to provide meaningful intelligence.

For example, an AI CCTV system can continually track vehicle counts through Traffic Monitoring, help authorities plan for anticipated bottlenecks and respond immediately when unlawful manoeuvres, accidents or breakdowns occur.

There are countless ways in-depth CCTV analytics support intelligent planning, from assessing where to install traffic lights and pedestrian crossings, evaluating the dangers of specific road layouts and determining where to allocate emergency response resources.

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Types of CCTV Analytics

Along with capabilities such as Object Detection Cameras and Stopped Vehicle Detection, progressive surveillance can provide a range of CCTV analysis techniques depending on the location and purpose of the security system.

  • Automatic number plate recognition can be a simplified system to track repeat visitors or cars or an AI-driven control system to streamline site entrances. Cameras can determine if a number plate relates to an authorised vehicle, capture instances of vehicles travelling at speeds, and alert security responders when a black-listed car is spotted.
  • Server-based CCTV analytics are a cost-effective way to scale the capacity of legacy hardware. AI analysis can detect the presence or absence of specific people, objects and vehicles, report on the direction of travel, and classify objects to exclude or include items depending on your search parameters.
  • Camera-based analytics are the gold standard in intelligent assessments, processing data at the camera itself to detect an event – such as changes in audio levels, intrusions or image changes – triggering alarm activations.

CCTV analysis is wholly customisable, with the ability to be programmed to respond to predefined events, actions or movements that fall outside of your expected norms.


Applications of CCTV Analytics

Deep learning analysis can be harnessed in many commercial and private settings.

While there are compelling reasons to use this form of information security in traffic controls, benefits also apply elsewhere.

Our intelligent CCTV Tower Cameras can be instructed to filter out unimportant items or captures, such as reflections, rain or trees, but remain on 24/7 alert for unwanted behaviours.

Analysis can provide live reporting, preventing and identifying actions including:

  • Discarded objects – from roadway blockages to fly-tipped waste, dumped cars or environmental hazards.
  • Objects being moved – crucial for businesses with high-value stocks, machinery, tooling or equipment.
  • Stationary objects – that could be a person loitering, a vehicle repeatedly scouting a location, or a static car that has broken down.
  • Facial Recognition- allowing security teams to concentrate their resources on individuals acting unusually, tracing their patterns and removing trespassers.

Many companies use the innovation of CCTV analytics to inform their marketing functions by analysing shopping behaviours, how customers move through a store, the average time taken to check out, or which displays prove most engaging.

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Key Features of CCTV Analytics

Extracting actionable information from your CCTV recordings in real-time is an excellent way to take a proactive approach to manage security risks or incidents.

Numerous features combine to deliver comprehensive coverage:

  • Direction motion detectors raise alerts when a movement occurs in a precise way, with the flexibility to define areas of interest and activity thresholds.
  • Adaptive motion detects behaviours calibrated to the monitored area, distinguishing between natural actions (such as blowing leaves) and suspicious events.
  • Vibration removal means that your video quality is exceptionally clear and is ideal for external cameras with a long-range focus.
  • Object counting and removal can be programmed to issue a signal when an activity threshold is reached, aimed at targets within protected zones.
  • Camera sabotage features have the functionality to determine if a video has been compromised, such as an intruder covering the lens or trying to reposition a fixed camera.
  • Auto tracking uses pan, tilt and zoom movements to trace vehicles or individuals of interest, locking on the pathway of travel and enabling precision responses.

Please contact the Clearway team for additional information about any of these features and how adaptive CCTV analytics could enhance your overall security surveillance processes.

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Frequently Asked Questions - CCTV Analytics

AI analysis is extremely accurate and operates within defined parameters to pinpoint actions, movements, objects or individuals, whether safeguarding assets from being removed or detecting unwanted behaviours.

The sharply focused monitoring functionality provides an accuracy of 98% and above, with outstanding image quality and metrics such as vehicle licence plate detection, movement speeds, directions of travel and repeat occurrences.

When the analysis triggers an alert, a signal is dispatched in as little as one second, allowing responders to focus their resources on the highest security risks without the issue of false alarm activations.

The analytical functions are driven by AI, using algorithms to read the video data, recognise the context, and perform processes or actions related to security.

Each piece of footage is analysed, with cameras or servers set up to recognise chosen activity triggers and issue instant alerts.

System managers can create their defined parameters from the outset, instructing the AI what to look for and the process chains to follow whenever a trigger occurs.

CCTV cameras can capture thousands of hours of footage, which would be impossible to look through manually.

AI analysis facilitates more reactive responses, reducing the potential for criminal activity, with automatic notifications issued as required to the designated responder or monitoring team.

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