We recognise there is a fundamental need to secure your business critical assets, from vacant land, development sites and compounds, to plant, materials and fuel. As a leading provider of sustainable security, we are perfectly positioned to secure, monitor and protect your valuable assets.

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Vulnerable assets, as a result of receivership or insolvency, are of great concern to the practitioner and original lender as, left unattended, vacant commercial and residential properties can fall prey to vandalism, theft, weather damage and illegal occupation.

Closing down
Closing down

Any type of damage has the potential to devalue your property, put your insurance cover at risk and inevitably incur substantial costs. All of which could prevent you from achieving your aim – the efficient disposal, re-occupancy or refurbishment of your asset.

Clearway pro­vides a suite of fully insurance compliant products and services, including loss prevention works, to pro­tect and man­age vacant/void prop­er­ties and sites that are in admin­is­tra­tion or receiver­ship.

We’ll under­take a full Health & Safety, secu­ri­ty and risk assess­ment and high­light the areas that require atten­tion, to ensure that you ful­ly com­ply with your insur­ers’ code of practice. This survey meets the best practice of NARA (The Association for Property and Fixed Charge Receivers) and the IPA (Insolvency Practitioners Association). Our pre-appointment engagement will add credibility to bank reviews and reports, and our self-delivered suite of services will mitigate risk from day one and throughout the timeline of the case.

We offer a rapid response service to cus­tomers, such as replacement locks and prop­er­ties secured with­in 24 hours of initial contact.


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Effective vacant property and site services for Insolvency Practitioners, LPA Receivers and Managing Agents

Property Clearance

The requirement to clear and clean a property varies according to the circumstances as it may be the result of eviction, repossession, re-homing or even death.

This type of work can be testing for even our highly experienced teams and a sympathetic and patient approach is needed to wade through the often-idiosyncratic accumulation of rubbish, possessions, years of papers, bedding and human waste in the most unsanitary of conditions.

Vacant Property Security Doors

Vacant Property Security Doors

Designed from the ground up, the Clearway Keyless Toreadoor was the first of its kind to be accredited to the LPS1175 standard, receiving UK Police & Insurance approval and incorporates many unique security features which specifically provide continued resistance to high-impact assault and/or repeated attempts at intrusion.

Significantly, Toreadoors also allow easy management of access for authorised personnel, removing concerns for the property owner or manager of lost or missing keys, or being called out simply to provide access as required. A key-operated version is also available.

Clearway Steel Screens

Vacant Property Security Screens

Clearway’s steel security screens are prefabricated from a single sheet of high-quality, zinc-coated, perforated steel that is folded to create a rigid box shape. They are fitted to the outside of the property completely covering each entire window and frame and, using tamper-proof bolts, screens are secured to an internal steel frame thereby causing little or no damage to the existing window frame.

By contrast, wooden door and window boarding may cost less but is ineffective as it can easily be removed and may even provide fuel for would-be arson attacks.

The steel screens are perforated to allow ventilation and some light through and are painted a neutral stone colour. Where folded steel screens are not suitable, we will use sheets of perforated steel sheet, hand-cut on-site to fit difficult shapes or openings such as church arched or lancet windows.

Fixed CCTV Solutions


Clearway’s highly skilled team design, install and maintain our range of commercial CCTV systems, utilising the latest advanced technologies including fully functional high definition IP cameras and IP infra-red thermal imaging technology, enabling sites of all sizes to be remotely monitored 24/7 by our state of the art NSI Gold accredited Alarm Receiving Centre.

Manned Guarding

Related Security Services

As a leading UK security team, Clearway also offers multiple additional services, each of which can be blended with your existing security strategy as demand changes.

Vacant Property Services

Clearway provides a number of services and loss prevention works to help secure vacant properties from property inspections to keyholding. Read more about vacant property services here.

Physical Guarding and Patrols

Our security teams are all accredited and qualified, so for vulnerable sites or during higher-risk activities such as renovations or refurbishments, we provide manned guarding, dog patrols and access control services to monitor and approve all visitors to your premises. Read more about manned guarding and dog units here.

NSI Gold Standard Monitoring

With an NSI Gold Standard rated alarm centre, Clearway provides an outstanding alarm monitoring service with instant alarm activation response, complete record-keeping and video logs, with protocols followed to ensure any alarm is dealt with quickly, professionally and safely. Clearway also provides CCTV maintenance services where they are needed.

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