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Storage Facility Security Services

Storage facilities, whether self-storage businesses or warehouses serving commercial clients, encounter ongoing security risks and are often targeted by organised criminals.

We provide around-the-clock CCTV surveillance and advanced AI-enabled monitoring to substantially improve your risk profile, reduce the likelihood of a successful security breach or theft, reassure customers and users that their stored items are safe, and avoid the costs and reputational damage so often linked to storage facility break-ins.

self storage security
self storage security

We Offer:

Storage Unit Risk Assessment and Security Measures: We conduct a professional risk assessment to identify security weaknesses, surveillance gaps, and environmental hazards around storage units. This is crucial for enhancing security protocols to deter organised thefts, and opportunistic crimes, and ensure the integrity of the perimeter.

Staff and Visitor Safety Checks: We ensure comprehensive background checks and continuous supervision of all staff, contractors, and delivery personnel. Prioritise safeguarding the welfare of everyone on site, particularly in facilities with 24/7 access, to prevent vandalism, theft, and potential violence.

Compliance and Hazard Management: We help to maintain strict compliance with health and safety regulations during operations involving heavy machinery and manage risks associated with storing hazardous materials like flammables and chemicals to prevent fire, flooding, and other environmental dangers.

warehouse and self storage security

Addressing Security Risks for Storage Facilities

Guidance from the Self-Storage Association, the industry body operating across the UK, indicates that any storage facility should, at a minimum, have CCTV covering all entry and exit points, access controls, and additional security, such as alarms on each separate unit.

The nature of a storage facility and the knowledge that these premises may be empty overnight and full of pallets, storage units, and shelves of inventory and goods create elevated risks, making proactive, preventative and responsive security solutions imperative. 

  • Security is a key concern for storage facilities, which are often exposed to break-ins, trespassing, and theft, particularly by organised criminals looking for high-value inventory, goods, and equipment held in storage.
  • Risks can impact any storage facility, whether a self-storage business offering private hire units to individual clients, commercial warehouses, or owner-occupied storage spaces.
  • Threats go beyond deliberate thefts, with a joint project launched by the government in 2021 to tackle surges in criminal activity, using storage facilities to conceal the transfer of illicit, unsafe and counterfeit goods, including illegal substances.
  • Implementing site-specific security controls and advanced CCTV tracking can prevent, deter, and capture any suspicious activity, as well as working in conjunction with physical guarding to mitigate all risks and keep stored inventory protected.

What Do We Protect Against?

The first step in any security strategy is determining your biggest threats. A professional risk assessment is a great way to identify any vulnerabilities in your perimeter, gaps in your surveillance coverage, or environmental issues linked to neighbouring properties, open land or access points that require attention.

Below, we’ve summarised some of the more frequent issues storage facilities encounter to highlight the diverse problems that may arise.

Organised and Opportunist Thefts

Storage spaces and warehouses are typically targeted by thieves, including opportunist criminals who notice a lack of security guards or CCTV cameras. Many will track inventory or deliveries to time break-ins to coincide with periods when most storage units are full.

Vandalism and Criminal Damage

Facilities often require 24/7 access to cater to their customers. This can also increase the risk of vandalism, from smashed windows to lock tampering and damage to parked vehicles.

Employee Theft

Although most storage businesses conduct thorough background checks when hiring new staff, it remains imperative to have confidence that all approved tradespeople, contractors and delivery personnel on site are properly supervised.

Staff Safety Concerns

Safeguarding the welfare of customers, delivery drivers, and staff is a high priority. Storage facilities with easy access points and a lack of security may experience higher instances of break-ins, which can lead to physical violence and aggression.

Health and Safety Compliance

During deliveries, loading and unloading, storage organisations may be responsible for protecting the safety of everybody on site and monitoring PPE compliance, particularly where cranes and heavy-duty lifting equipment are in operation.

Fire and Environmental Risks

Depending on the nature of the storage facility, stored items could include flammable, corrosive or heat-sensitive chemicals, materials and substances. Controlling risks of fire, flooding and gas leaks is essential to prevent accidents and deliberate damage such as arson.

Security Solutions Engineered for Storage Facilities

While the best security systems and protocols may depend on the layout and location of your premises, the services below are those most commonly used by storage facilities and warehousing contractors within any industry.

  • Business CCTV Surveillance: High-quality, visible, and tech-enabled cameras are great preventatives. They can adopt varied features such as facial recognition, movement monitoring, body temperature tracking, and automatic number plate recognition to pre-empt potential threats or break-ins before they occur. Mast-mounted and temporary cameras are also ideal for elevated periods of risk or storage facilities with large and complex layouts.
  • Door Entry Systems: Controlling access to individual storage spaces or units is important, and many storage facilities go beyond simple locking mechanisms to more robust door entry systems using security passes, biometric scanners or steel security doors that can only be opened with a specialist key.
  • Access Control Solutions: Site-wide access should always be properly managed, allowing owners and security patrols to verify the credentials of every person on-site at any point, day or night. Access controls can be implemented at main entrances, premises doorways, or every storage unit.
NSI Gold remote monitoring

Intelligent Safety and Security Solutions for Storage Facilities

  • Perimeter Security: Preventing any unauthorised person or vehicle from entering the premises can go a long way toward stamping out security risks. Perimeter controls might include regular guarding patrols, perimeter intrusion detection devices, or high-scope CCTV to cover every area of land within your boundaries.
  • AI-Enabled Security Devices: Machine-learning-enabled alarms and cameras offer superb efficiency. They use functionality to identify non-adherence to PPE policies, automate the control of gates and security bollards, and record everything from registration plates to the speed at which a vehicle approaches.
  • Continual CCTV Monitoring: 24/7 CCTV monitoring improves the reliability of surveillance cameras. Our trained response teams at the Clearway Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) track all types of cameras and alarm systems to ensure responses are swift, targeted and based on verified incidents.
  • Commercial-Grade Alarms: An alarm system is a typical part of security within a storage facility but should be configured to the site’s specific needs and risks. Solutions such as wireless alarms, motion detection alarms, and individual unit alarms are often ideal.

Please contact us at any time for more advice about the most suitable security options for your storage facility or to arrange a time for one of Clearway’s security consultants to conduct a risk assessment.


Clearway ARC

Why Choose Clearway for Storage Facility Security?

Our team works with storage sector clients across the UK, offering extensive expertise that can help make considerable changes to your risk profile and reduce the potential that your site will be a target of criminal activity, arson, or break-ins that command substantial cost and time to rectify.

With a focus on next-gen, technologically advanced security solutions and the capacity to deploy skilled security teams to manage higher-risk sites, our advisers are on hand to help.


Contact our security experts now to discuss your security requirements and get a quote from us.

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