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Incursion Monitoring and Detection

We are committed to increasing and maintaining the safety of those working on highway and transport networks. We recognise incursions during road construction or roadwork projects represent a serious threat to the lives of those working in such high-risk environments.

Incursion Monitoring & Detection
Incursion Monitoring & Detection

Harness the power of AI to protect your workforce

Our incursion monitoring and detection system harnesses the power of AI technology to alert road workers to any potential incursion by errant vehicles so they can take immediate and appropriate action to protect themselves, their colleagues and the general public.

Protecting your people from inherent danger

Incursions into traffic management can pose a serious risk to life, whilst also potentially causing delays or disruptions in traffic flow and further incidents or accidents. We understand how important it is for our clients to create safer environments for their people and the communities in which they work. Clearway acts as your traffic management security and protection partner, helping you to ensure your teams go home safely every day.

Fighting the rapid rise in incursions

The AIRS website (the National Highways accident reporting database) reports that in 2015, there were 365 vehicle incursions into roadworks. This number increased to over 900 incursions in 2016. Fast forward to 2022 and the National Highways reported 188 incursions in just one month (February 22).

Through the data, we also know that the vast majority of these incursions are concentrated in urban areas in which there is continuous development and major roadwork projects. Incidents tend to be situated around cities such as Manchester, Birmingham and of course, London.

As the UK road network continues to expand at a rapid pace, so too does the threat to the health and safety of our road workers. Incursion monitoring in traffic management has never been more important for maintaining safety and efficiency across our road networks. Our mission is to help the highways industry to detect incursions quickly and effectively so that traffic management personnel remain protected and safe whilst also minimising disruptions to traffic flow and preventing accidents or other safety incidents.

Incursion Monitoring & Detection

Clearway Incursion Detection System

Our system delivers active, real-time, 24/7/365 protection and can be rapidly deployed for short duration shift working. Provided as a standalone unit, fitted to traffic management vehicles or attached to our inView Highway Technology Tower, our incursion detection solution tracks vehicles entering the traffic management, in particular taper strikes and longitudinal incursions. The system will provide an alert to road workers of an approaching errant vehicle, up to a distance of 1km, using a radio frequency alarm. 2023 will see the integration of our incursion monitoring and detection solution with our range of inSite wearable safety devices, individually alerting your people across a worksite.


Why work with Clearway to protect your people?

Clearway has been a trusted security partner for governing bodies, construction companies and now the highways industry for over 30 years. We continue to develop our product and service portfolio to keep up with the changing demands of the sectors in which we operate – implementing the latest technology to keep your people, property and assets safe.

If you’re looking to partner with an experienced supplier for your highway or wider transport project – get in touch with one of our highway specialists today.

Clearway Stopped vehicle Detection (SVD)

Related AI Solutions

  • Object detection cameras – Our object detection cameras use advanced algorithms and machine learning to detect and track objects in real-time, allowing security personnel to quickly identify and respond to potential threats. Our object detection cameras are specially designed with the ability to identify different types of objects, such as people, vehicles, and baggage. The technology can also detect unusual behaviour on highways or sites, such as incursions, loitering or sudden movements. It can be integrated with other security systems to improve overall situational awareness.
  • CCTV Analytics – CCTV analytics is one of the many powerful functions available through AI security. Using advanced algorithms and machine learning to analyse footage, we use CCTV analytics for Real-time analysis to pre-empt collision risks, recognise abnormal activity and detect traffic violations to determine the optimal solutions to enhance safety protocols.
  • Stopped Vehicle detection – Clearway SVD efficiently detects when a vehicle has stopped in an area where it should not be stationary, such as a main road, loading bay, fire lane, or emergency exit. Our stopped vehicle detection systems use sensors and cameras to monitor areas where vehicles are not expected to stop, and when a vehicle is detected, an alert is triggered to notify security personnel. The system can be customised to differentiate between different types of vehicles and can also be integrated with other security systems, such as access control and surveillance.

Frequently asked questions

In the context of traffic management, an incursion refers to an unauthorised entry or presence of a vehicle or pedestrian in a location where they are not permitted or expected to be, such as a construction zone, emergency access area, or restricted lane.

For example, if a vehicle enters a construction zone or emergency access area, it could endanger workers or impede the response of emergency services. Similarly, if a pedestrian enters a restricted lane, they could be at risk of being hit by a vehicle.

Incursion monitoring systems use a combination of cameras, sensors and AI systems to not only detect movement of vehicles and objects in predetermined restricted areas but to create intelligent and autonomous responses to any potentially dangerous situations. When an incursion event is triggered, an incursion monitoring system can ‘assess’ the situation and be programmed to trigger the correct response or to notify specific personnel to quickly mitigate the situation.

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