We recognise there is a fundamental need to secure your business critical assets, from vacant land, development sites and compounds, to plant, materials and fuel. As a leading provider of sustainable security, we are perfectly positioned to secure, monitor and protect your valuable assets.

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Fire Systems, Fire Detection & Fire Alarm Systems

Clearway’s range of ISO 9001:2015 with BAFE SP203-1 accredited fire detection and alarm systems are suited to both commercial and rental properties. Each fire system is designed to enhance fire detection, confirmation and suppression to help you or your building occupants to act quickly in the event of a suspected fire, ignition point or smoke. You can view our certification here

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commercial fire systems
commercial fire systems

About our Fire Detection Systems

A comprehensive fire system is fundamental to building safety, whether you need an advanced fire detection process to raise the alarm or fire suppression equipment, such as water misting installations, to prevent a blaze from becoming uncontrolled.

Our experienced teams can advise on the appropriate fire systems design, installation and monitoring for a broad range of properties, including industrial premises, which require room integrity testing to ensure gas suppression systems are fully contained in an air-sealed space.

All Clearway fire detection systems are tested and approved to the highest possible performance standards and include the opportunity to integrate with existing fire control solutions or add 24/7 monitoring to provide always-on fire control.

Evacuation Alert Systems

We are one of only a handful of companies in the country to have successfully been assessed and granted certification in accordance with the BAFE Fire Safety Register SP207 competency scheme for the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of evacuation alert systems. You can view our certification here.

Fire alarm

Advanced Fire Alarms Systems

A reliable and robust fire alarm system is a key factor when it comes to the preservation of life in emergency situations. As an ISO 9001:2015 accredited fire alarm provider with BAFE SP203-1 approval, we help businesses and organisations stay compliant with fire alarm regulations in commercial settings, protecting your most valuable assets; your people.

Our commercial fire systems include:

  • High-specification site-wide fire alarm systems
  • Analogue, conventional and addressable installations
  • Public address and voice evacuation controls
  • On and off-site control panel management
  • Alarm verification solutions
  • Wireless fire alarms (often fitted in higher-risk premises or vacant properties where there is a threat of arson)
  • Remote alarm monitoring and emergency services liaison
  • Full systems integration with existing resources or control centres
  • Full project management, commissioning and installation,

We’re also industry leaders in cutting-edge fire prevention and detection systems, ensuring you can protect your people as efficiently as possible in an emergency situation. Our commercial alarm systems also allow for early detection of fire and smoke as we believe that prevention and rapid detection are critical factors when minimising disruption to your ongoing business.

NSI alarm monitoring

Fire Confirmation Systems

Intelligent fire confirmation systems integrate with an existing or new fire alarm and analyse camera footage through high-specification AI technology to confirm whether an alarm is genuine and determine the source of the alert.

Where smoke is present, the Remote Visual Smoke Verification cameras transmit footage immediately to your monitoring station, prompting response protocols such as deploying the emergency services or activating water sprinkler systems and other fire suppression resources.

View our commercial smoke detection installation services here.

Did you know that false fire alarms cost the UK economy £700m a year? False alarm call-outs can be costly and time-consuming, putting pressure on emergency responders. A fire confirmation system removes any need to visit your site in person to confirm whether or not an alarm trigger is authentic.

Identifying the precise nature and location of the fire enables a prompt, targeted response, improving the likelihood of swift action to control and extinguish the fire without substantial property damage or asset loss.

Each installation is carried out by Clearway’s trained engineers with accreditation to BAFE SP203-1 and tailored to your building and key fire risks.

Clearway Fire Suppression Systems

Fire Suppression Systems

Fire suppression systems act as a shield to contain and control fire, stalling the blaze until an emergency response is available or a suitably trained individual is on-site to extinguish the fire.

Empty properties or sites not in 24/7 use are often worse affected by a fire break out since the time between the alarm, and the physical response can cause catastrophic damage.

A fire suppression system ensures you contain hazardous or high-value areas (such as data centres or storage units).

Systems release either an inert gas to reduce oxygen or absorb the heat produced by the fire through synthetic or chemical agents selected according to your building and risk assessment process.

The correct fire suppression technique will vary depending on the environment and act as an efficient seal to prevent a fire from spreading. Options include pressure venting, water misting, synthetic and inert gas systems, and periodic pressure vessel testing.

Clearway Room Integrity Testing

Room Integrity Controls

The fire suppression systems discussed above require each space to be fully sealed and enclosed, where a gaseous suppression technique is the most suitable solution.

Room integrity testing is commissioned according to BS 5306 and ISO 14520 (BS EN15004-1, 2008) standards to give you peace of mind that any fire or smoke cannot spread beyond the parameters of the suppression equipment.

We recommend that buildings with fire suppression solutions reliant on gases be tested annually and provide a rolling maintenance contract, along with air-seal testing to analyse how long the area could withstand and suppress a fire without allowing it to spread.

Clearway’s Door Fan Integrity Testing is conducted according to the requirements of the standards laid out in the BFPSA Code of Practice, BS 5306, NFPA 12A, NFPA 2001 and BS: ISO 14520.

Clearway remote CCTV monitoring

Fire Systems Monitoring

The best fire alarms or suppression systems are as effective as the speed of the reaction. Our 24/7 alarm response centre delivers around-the-clock surveillance and deploys the appropriate personnel in the event of an incident.

Our alarm operators are highly trained, proficient in monitoring secure wireless networks, and can oversee intruder alarms, fire control systems and CCTV video footage year-round.

Where there is a vandalism, malicious arson or wire tampering threat, we recommend wireless solutions which provide secure alarm communications and an autonomous monitoring interface that can communicate directly with the monitoring centre, even if mains power is unavailable.

Learn more about our highly accredited Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) fire alarm monitoring services here

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Frequently asked questions

Clearway specialises in property management and security and provides nationwide coverage across our three depots. We have sites in the South and Midlands, plus a Scottish hub overseeing property alarms throughout the UK.

Each building varies in terms of key risks, layout, fire hazards, and critical business zones that need robust fire detection systems.

The best way to identify which fire alarms or systems are most appropriate is to schedule an obligation-free quotation or conduct a full site assessment with one of our qualified risk assessors.

Absolutely – empty buildings or those temporarily vacant are at increased fire risk due to unsupervised utility supplies and the potential for break-ins, squatters or vandals.

Wireless fire system control panels operate with commercial-grade batteries and continue to provide real-time feeds and alarm alert signals to our response centre, regardless of whether there is mains power or any wire tampering.

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