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IP CCTV Camera Installation

IP (Internet Protocol) systems add a layer of performance to security and surveillance solutions, allowing signals, footage and alerts to be transmitted quickly, safely and reliably.

Clearway IP systems can be installed as part of a security upgrade or integrated into existing CCTV hardware to streamline system performance.

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IP CCTV camera
IP CCTV camera

About our IP Systems Installation

An IP CCTV network transcribes CCTV images and captured audio into compact data files, circulated either through your network or over an internet link, ensuring that if an incident occurs, your security personnel or monitoring service will receive the information faster.

One of the key benefits to an IP system set-up is that you can augment your security without the disruption and expense of hardwiring cameras, making it a higher-performance option that is more economical than conventional analogue cameras.

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IP Security System Options

We offer complimentary consultations to help define your security requirements and recommend the right IP CCTV solutions for your organisation, business or premises.

Among the most popular options, IP-enabled camera hardware includes:

  • High-definition CCTV surveillance units
  • Megapixel security cameras
  • Dome, box or bullet camera units

The efficient transmission system enables you to review images, audio and video footage through your control system or via a mobile network, so you can investigate potential issues immediately, remotely and from any device.

Choosing the most suitable security installations can be complex and depends on a range of variables such as your site layout, the nature of the building and the risks determined in your security assessment.

Please get in touch with the Clearway team for further guidance if you require a professional evaluation and suggestions.

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Benefits of IP Security Solutions

An IP solution provides higher quality images and a user-friendly front end, with options to install your CCTV security through an independent network or integrate within an existing solution for simplified access and management.

There are several compelling reasons to consider an IP CCTV system:

  • Fast installation: although IP cameras offer the best performance standards, they are very easy to install and can be networked or integrated without extensive wiring, drilling or cabling.
  • Image resolution: the quality of IP CCTV cameras surpass other options, ensuring that your capture is clear, crisp and actionable.
  • Security analytics: if you require insights into your security footage, such as tracking footfall or incorporating facial recognition, you can use analytical software to assess the data gathered through your CCTV.
  • Longevity: IP security systems are built for durability and adopt a range of technological features that ensure they are a future-proof investment in business security.

Dome IP cameras are designed for indoor and outdoor use, are tamper-resistant and available in a broad range of sizes and designs, either as static or moving camera fixtures.

A bullet IP camera is equally flexible and can be fitted with infrared night vision, often installed at a height to survey broad areas or specific locations at a higher risk.

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Bespoke IP Systems Installation

Clearway provides a comprehensive range of services, whether you know precisely which IP cameras you need or require a site assessment to determine which options are the best fit for your security infrastructure.

Our experienced professionals provide a full systems design option, where we take into account your current set-up and concerns, along with a review of your risk assessment to make informed recommendations.

From project management to commissioning and ongoing maintenance to 24/7 CCTV monitoring through our NSI II Gold Standard Alarm Receiving Centre, an IP system from Clearway is an end-to-end service with around-the-clock emergency call-outs available to handle repairs.


Related CCTV and ANPR Security Systems

As a leading provider of security and property safety and management systems across the UK, Clearway can deliver tailored security solutions based on your requirements, budget and property type.

We have summarised some of the other CCTV solutions clients often consider alongside an IP CCTV installation:

  • ANPR Systems: automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) monitors all vehicular access to your premises, allowing entry for authorised vehicles and facilitating traffic management during busy periods.
  • Electric Gates: automated perimeter surveillance is a cost-effective alternative to full-time security responders. It reduces thefts and vandalism by integrating with your security protocols and incorporating preventatives such as physical electric barriers with high-voltage warning shocks.
  • Visitor Management: an advanced visitor management system ensures that guests and service users have a seamless experience, with full records and logs of individuals on-site, touch-screen sign-ins, enhanced fire controls and ID badge printing.

For more information about these or any other security protocols available through Clearway, please get in touch to schedule a convenient time to talk.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can integrate several sites into one security control dashboard or fit CCTV across multiple locations with unified access or monitoring through our accredited response centre.

The internet-connected cameras can operate from any location, transmitting files quickly to your security dashboard

Indeed they do – we can advise on suitable cameras depending on the purpose, environment and area. Still, you can mix and match cameras or install new surveillance to upgrade an existing network.

Clearway takes security seriously and provides a range of surveillance solutions with the highest standards of encryption and user data privacy to ensure your CCTV transmissions are safe and secure.

Each system we commission is designed specifically for your needs and with any cyber security issues incorporated into the solution specification.

The primary benefit is that an IP camera is connected to a network, so authorised users can access footage and video captures from any location and on any device.

You do not have to be on-site or sitting at a specific terminal to investigate any potential security issue or to analyse movements recorded live on your CCTV cameras.

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