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End of Tenancy / Forfeiture of Lease Enforcement

Clearway offers an all-encompassing end-of-tenancy or forfeiture of lease security service, using the very latest in technological and digital solutions to deliver both efficiency and cost reduction. 


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Clearway - End of tenancy and forfeiture services
Clearway - End of tenancy and forfeiture services

One point of contact – providing a tailored forfeiture of lease enforcement solution

Utilising an approved network of experienced Certificated Enforcement Agents and leading-edge specialists, our team will provide full control and administration of the forfeiture of lease service, streamlining a historically time-consuming and costly process and helping you to gain control of the situation. From facilitating property hand back and covering all requirements up to re-occupation, we offer a complete service to give you peace of mind that the process has been handled according to the law and insurance compliance.

Clearway - end of tenancy inspections

Our End of Tenancy and Forfeiture of Lease Enforcement

Depending on your individual requirements, we’re able to offer the following services. We don’t have to undertake each and every element for each instruction – but can tailor our services to your specific needs. Our experienced Facilities Manager can coordinate every step of the process:

  1. Pre-lease termination site visits and property risk assessment: we compile a full report, outlining the potential risks and condition of the property.
  2. Termination Day possession: we will be in attendance to take possession from the outgoing tenant. This minimises risk from the tenant vacating to the property being inspected as a void.
  3. Virtual videos with clearview360: Through clearview360, we provide full 360-degree footage of your properties as part of our inspection routines and also offer it for occupied premises as part of required inspection routines. Through the push of a button, we provide 270MP HDR virtual tours with 98%+ accurate floor plans and professionally edited 96MP HDR photography.
  4. Torts Notice & Inventory (at client request): Torts Notice & Inventory is an online tool that helps companies manage the risks associated with their tort liability, such as negligence and strict liability. It provides a comprehensive view of resources and liabilities related to potential tort claims. Additionally, it offers an inventory of legal obligations and associated liabilities that businesses may face when they are exposed to torts.
  5. Property Notice: A Property Notice during Forfeiture of Lease is a legal document that can be served by the landlord to inform tenants that they are in breach of their lease agreement and the landlord will be initiating a forfeiture and recovery action against them. There are a number of legal requirements for the property notice – we will help you to navigate these and provide a property notice in accordance with the law.
  6. Digital Locking Technology: We can provide our innovative keyless door access control or just a traditional lock change. Digital locking technology offers several advantages over traditional locks, including improved security and reliability, as well as convenience. Digital locks are more difficult to pick or bypass than traditional locks, which makes them an ideal choice for high-security locations.
  7. Meter Readings: Meter readings are extremely important when it comes to forfeiture of a lease. Before the tenant vacates the premises, we record meter readings for utilities such as electricity, water and gas.
  8. Drain-down Services: Liaising with a utility company for drain-down services is essential after the property is vacated. All water needs to be drained from all pipework, tanks and radiators before work can commence. We do this in accordance with all relevant regulations and safety precautions.
  9. Vacant Property Risk Assessment Report: our reports aim to provide a full view of the security risks after your tenant has been evicted. Our report identifies any potential risks to the property, its occupants, or visitors, as well as any financial or legal liabilities which may arise from activities taking place at the premises.
  10. Weekly Void Inspections: It is important to inspect a rental property each week, as it helps to ensure that the property is kept in good condition, and any issues can be identified and quickly addressed. This is also a requirement for vacant property insurance compliance protocols. During a void property inspection, our employed inspectors complete both internal/external vacant property inspections, reporting damage whilst the inspectors are on site. The completed reports are accessible 24/7 via our portal. Our qualified Facilities Manager & Head of Operations are part of the KPI team to ensure your void properties are managed efficiently and compliantly.


From keyless door access to 360 virtual videos, our programme offers complete management of every stage of the End of Tenancy process.

Additional services provided by Clearway partnering with qualified third-party contractor specialists include;

  • On-site auctioneer asset valuations
  • Controlled supervised access
  • Site clearances, including sale and/or disposal
Clearway remote cctv monitoring station

Clearway will automatically complete the following services:

  • Property Risk Assessment Report (including Meter Reads)
  • Drain-down, Letterbox securing, Key-Box
  • Keyholding Alarm & Alarm Responding
  • Installation of new alarm/Taking over monitoring of existing alarm

Extended Services:

  • EPC Surveyor Reporting
  • Alarm Monitoring & Responding Security
  • Man-Guard/K9 Unit
  • CCTV Services
  • Bollards/Boarding-Up
  • Waste Clearance Services

Occupied Services:

  • Energy & Water Monitoring: delivering energy savings and enabling maintenance strategies improves asset lifecycles, ensures compliance and creates actionable insights – supporting quick, informed decision making.
Clearway keyless steel security door

Related Services

  • Property security services: Our End of Tenancy services are supported by our property security. Vacant land and property is vulnerable to a variety of threats including fly-tipping, squatters, theft of valuable metals, drug users and general vandalism. From concrete bollards, to CCTV, steel doors and alarm systems we have you covered. Find out more about property security services here
  • Property risk inspections: clearVIEW360 – Property Risk Inspections of the future delivered today by clearVIEW 360 virtual videos. clearVIEW360 enable effortless digital space capture for virtual tours, floor plan and wide angle photography with a simple push of the mighty button saving up to 90% on your traditional costs. Would you like to know more about our clearVIEW360 service? Click here.
  • Keyless Door Access ControlWe are working exclusively with SimonsVoss Technologies in the UK to provide keyless door access solutions, at the leading edge of the technology curve, to the commercial property market. Our mission is to eliminate the worry, time and costs associated with managing buildings and facilities:
  • No more key holding services
  • No need for key-boxes
  • No lost keys
  • Access to properties through a registered Smart Card

Please contact Clearway to find out more about our Keyless Door Access Control service

Clearway building

Why Choose Clearway?

Clearway is the leading provider of security management services, specialising in providing services to landlords and entities responsible for managing properties during the forfeiture of lease process. With decades of experience in the field, our team of professionals has developed innovative and comprehensive solutions to help manage the entire process—from initial reporting and securing the premises to vacant property services

Our staff are extremely knowledgeable in the laws related to all types of forfeitures, including those involving commercial property or residential lettings. Many businesses trust Clearway to provide comprehensive security advice during the forfeiture of lease process, as well as guidance on risk management and mitigating potential losses

Frequently asked questions

Forfeiture of lease is a legal procedure used to terminate a lease agreement for failure to comply with its terms. In most cases, forfeiture occurs when the tenant has failed to pay rent or otherwise violated the terms of the lease agreement. The landlord will serve written notice of their intent to forfeit the lease and if no response is received within the specified time frame, the landlord will be able to terminate the lease and evict the tenant.

  1. The first step to take is to check that there is in fact no one physically present on the property who is likely to oppose re-entry by our Enforcement Agents. If there is, then re-entering the premises in such circumstances is likely to constitute a criminal offence.
  2. Provided that our Enforcement Agents are satisfied that there is no one in the premises they will then need to effect actual physical entry into the property and change the locks.
  3.  The Enforcement Officers must also leave a prominent notice, generally affixed to the door of the premises, indicating that as agents on behalf of the landlord, they have changed the locks and forfeited the lease by peaceable re-entry and that from the date of re-entry your defaulting tenants’ lease is considered to be at an end.

Forfeiture is a final and positive act by the landlord and cannot be retracted. The action taken to effect re-entry must, therefore, be a clear and unambiguous demonstration that forfeiture has occurred and the act of forfeiture must be brought to the attention of the tenant by way of the notice. The notice by itself is not enough but changing the locks is clearly a full and final statement of intent on the part of you as landlord that your tenants’ lease is at an end.

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