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Crime scene clean up and trauma cleaning services

Once the Police and associated agencies have processed a crime or accident scene they will hand-over to a team of specialists who will clean-up the area, remove any bio-hazard waste and, where possible, restore the area to a safe, clean environment.

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crime scene cleanup
crime scene cleanup

Handling Crime Scenes with respect and professionalism

Murders, suicides, undiscovered deaths, accidents and terrorism can each leave behind an array of potentially harmful substances or objects that need careful removal. Clearway will handle these situations professionally and respectfully which is why we have been the official Metropolitan Police crime scene and trauma clean-up partner since 2009.

Clearway trauma and crime scene cleaning

The need for Trauma Cleaning Services

A crime or accident scene frequently results in human blood, bodily fluids & tissue, chemicals, infestations from maggots and flies, plus other dangerous items such as drug-related paraphernalia being left behind. These are all considered to be a potential bio-hazard that must be cleaned-up, removed and disposed of.

crime scene clean

The Benefits of a Professional Crime Scene and Trauma Clean-Up Service

Experiencing a serious incident, fatality, or accident in or around any premises can be distressing, and restoring the site to a safe condition is essential. Facility and commercial managers may need to respond to traffic incidents, the aftermath of crimes, and discarded sharps, which require professional, secure handling and cannot be addressed by in-house staff without the appropriate qualifications, training or PPE.

Clearway’s crime scene and trauma cleaning teams have the specialist equipment and skills to restore properties, commercial premises and outdoor spaces quickly, efficiently and sensitively, removing waste, contaminants and dangerous items.

For vacant property owners and landlords, the discovery of a fatality within their accommodation or unit can be difficult, and a respectful, rapid-response clean-up team is crucial to ensure continued insurance coverage and to avoid deterioration in the condition of the site.

As a trusted crime scene clean-up provider, we work with authorities and private and commercial clients. We are fully compliant with Environment Agency codes of practice, including the disposal of biohazardous and contaminated waste.

Fly-tipping in the UK

Related Services

  • Fly-Tipping Removal: our licensed waste management teams can provide expedited removal of any illegally dumped waste or refuse, using responsible disposal methods to ensure you meet your obligations as a land or premise owner. Clearway can also advise on preventative security measures to avoid recurrences and restore the area to a safe, usable condition.
  • Pest and Invasive Plant Removal: infestations, contaminations and rapid-growth plant species can cause extreme damage to properties, destabilising rafters, foundations and the structural integrity of the building. Our pest control teams are qualified in the removal of an extensive range of plant and animal species and can offer a fast-response service in urgent situations.
  • Hazardous Waste Removal: hazardous waste removal is essential in many scenarios, such as clearing a vacated or previously empty building, removing waste left behind by squatters or trespassers, or removing biohazardous refuse that must be handled and disposed of according to strict regulatory requirements. Our specialist teams offer a comprehensive removal, disposal and decontamination service.
Clearway building

Why Choose Clearway for Crime Scene Clean-Up Services

Our qualified clean-up teams can remove any nature of waste, contaminant, biohazard and high-risk items to ensure property owners are not exposed to potential risks, using professional equipment, transportation, disposal and management systems throughout. We also provide a full 360 property service, from crime scene cleaning through to vacant property security and management.

Clearway’s crime scene clean up and trauma cleaning teams are fully licensed by the Environment Agency and trained to secure crime scenes and clean-up of blood, bodily fluids and tissue remnants, fingerprint dust removal and other bio-hazards.

Extreme cleaning is an unpleasant but necessary task, and when the risk to health for all concerned is serious, Clearway has the expertise, knowledge and experience to handle the situation with respect and consideration for the surroundings and the environment, returning the scene to a clean, safe and habitable environment.

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Frequently asked questions

We provide a forensic-level clean-up process, beginning with removing all waste, fluids, items and infestations that can cause severe risks to personnel and those entering the property or site after a serious incident or fatality.

Our cleaning engineers are compassionate, efficient and experienced in all scenarios, whether working in a private home or an industrial site, ensuring all hazards are managed appropriately.

Yes, if a crime has been committed and is under investigation, the relevant police or emergency services will advise when they have left the scene whether the site must be sealed, using official cordons to prevent access.

Once the site is released from custody or ongoing supervision, the owner is often left to remove blood, sharps, bodily fluids and fingerprinting residue, which requires a professional response from licensed, trained cleaning specialists.

Crime scene cleaning is usually permitted once forensic investigators have completed their work, and we can provide further guidance if you are unsure whether you are able to begin the clean-up process.

Clearway cleaning technicians can work in public, commercial and private settings to manage dangerous hazardous waste situations, including clean-up operations for landlords, housing associations and site managers.

No, the emergency services are not accountable for crime scene clean-ups. When an accident, death or incident occurs on private property, the detritus left behind is down to the owner, occupant or business owner to manage.

The police, paramedics, ambulance crews and fire services are not equipped or tasked with cleaning up scenes after an incident or crime.

Some of the most acute risks when blood and other fluids remain at the scene of an incident include HIV, Hepatitis B, MRSA and Hepatitis C, which can remain present for several months in some cases.

Professional clean-up crews use industrial-grade disinfectants to remove all microbial and biological pathogens to ensure the site is safe for occupants, users and members of the public.

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