We recognise there is a fundamental need to secure your business critical assets, from vacant land, development sites and compounds, to plant, materials and fuel. As a leading provider of sustainable security, we are perfectly positioned to secure, monitor and protect your valuable assets.

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K9 Security Dog Units and Dog Patrols

As professional providers of security dogs (AKA K9), highly trained security guards and a comprehensive range of property security services, we can ensure that your site or premises is protected as thoroughly as possible.  K9 security services deliver the ultimate in site security when vulnerability is not an option.

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Clearway Security Guard Dogs
Clearway Security Guard Dogs

An Intimidating Prospect

Security dogs add a new dimension to your security practices, offering a much more visible element to your security detail. Security dogs effectively complement the skills of security officers, naturally offering higher levels of threat detection and, therefore, faster response. A security guard with a supporting guard dog is seen as a more intimidating prospect to potential intruders than a sole security guard.

Our dog patrol service consistently exceeds expectations and ensures your premises are safely under control, at all times of day or night.

Why Use Guard Dogs?


SIA and NASU Qualified

Approved by the National Association of Security Dog Users


Urgent Dog Unit Hire

Quick, short term solutions Protected in 24 hours.


20+ Years of Experience 

Experienced. Reliable and Trustworthy


24-7 Security services

Constant Protection with our round the clock security services.

Security Dog
Security Dog Patrol

Having a highly trained security dog is an efficient and cost-effective way of providing enhanced security solutions in a range of different scenarios. Security guards and their dogs, typically referred to as dog units, can be employed for a one-off event or for a longer-term solution, and are experienced in working with both large and small businesses.

Dog handlers can be equipped with body cams to provide live streams of events happening in real-time. This means that we are able to offer 24/7 monitoring of our sites meaning you’ll have the peace of mind that your event or property is rigorously protected at all times.

security dog patrols from Clearway

Key Advantages of Hiring Security Dog Patrols

One of the key advantages to hiring a security guard and dog is that dogs have enhanced natural abilities that are ideally suited to the needs of security deployment. Dogs have superior hearing and can easily detect sounds before humans can. They will typically hear sounds four times the distance than humans can and are able to hear sounds far higher in frequency than humans, enabling them to quickly alert guards to any issues they may not already be aware of.

Specially trained dogs can easily detect explosives or illegal drugs due to their heightened sense of smell, which is approximately 40 times more sensitive than humans. Speed of pursuit is another bonus, with fit dogs able to sprint at 15-20mph, easily running-down someone attempting to escape.

The cost of a single security guard with a dog is lower than the cost of two security guards, as well as being a more effective deterrent.

Mobile Patrol Dogs

We can provide marked vehicles to regularly patrol your site perimeter. Our dog units can check the exterior perimeter of a property and openings like doors and windows, but they can include a check of the interior. Mobile units can respond very quickly to anticipated risk, with vehicles available to react fast when time is of the essence. Dogs can pick up on additional threats that cannot be detected by human senses, increasing the effectiveness of the patrol.

Every dog unit is trained and able to manage alarm responses, keyholding services, and property lock and unlock services, making them as versatile and flexible as they are effective.

Security Dog

Canine / Manned Security Guarding

The visual message a security guard and dog sends to potential intruders is that security is taken seriously at your premises.

Manned guarding can be static and protect specific points of vulnerability, or mobile, providing patrolled guarding. Putting a dog unit in place will significantly help improve visible security and is likely to be more effective at preventing any unauthorised access. Security guards and trained dogs are commonly used to deter potential intruders and will help your staff and other personnel feel safer and protected.

Security Dog Patrol

Search And Detection Dogs

Specialist security dogs possess a range of abilities and training that allow them to reliably detect drugs, firearms and explosives should they be in the area.

A dog unit used for search and detection is an ideal way to prevent the transfer of unwanted substances to a site or between locations. A canine’s outstanding senses can be used to quickly identify threats in a far more advanced way than manual screening can provide. Detection dogs can scan large areas, remain on the move to detect any moving areas of risk, or can be positioned statically to screen every visitor passing a point of entry.

Event Security

Events And Crowd Control Dog Units

At large-scale gatherings, public events, or open access sites, security dogs can provide the public or staff with instant, visual assurance that any disturbances or unwanted behaviour will be rapidly identified, prevented, and responded to.

Our dog units are trained to deal with threats from large groups of people. The inclusion of a security dog ensures that security guards are less at risk when dealing with security incidents involving multiple offenders. Security dogs can harness the power of their superior senses to detect distress, identify perpetrators, and to reinforce instructions when issued by professional security guards.

Our Security Guard And Dog Patrols Are The Perfect Solutions In Many Situations:

Open spaces that are vulnerable to fly tippers or illegal traveller settlements

Large and exposed sites are challenging to monitor and control, with so many potential places of risk and possible points of entry. A guard with a security dog can provide coverage of large areas. Often, the presence of a dog unit alone is an effective deterrent and prevents the threat of fly tippers, squatters or travellers and the damage that accompanies them.

Secluded sites, where a single guard may be vulnerable

In areas or sites that are secluded there is an added element of risk as the site could be a target for those looking to break in out of hours. In this situation, our security dog patrol can exceed the capabilities of a manned patrol, ensuring that guards are not exposed to heightened levels of risk without immediate access to back-up and protection.

Sensing intruders hiding beyond a line of sight

In instances in which intruders can hide from the line of sight, it can be impossible for security guards or manned patrols alone to know of their presence until a breach has occurred or if they have seen the perpetrator.

Our dogs are trained to hear and smell potential intruders before any criminal activity has taken place, reducing the risk of a security breach.

Protecting valuable equipment, goods or scrap materials

Every business values their people and their assets, but sometimes particularly valuable projects require superior security. These can include expensive goods, lucrative assets or scrap materials exposed to theft, thus making a site more vulnerable as a whole.

Our dog security units can be tasked with general site coverage, guarding points of entry, or managing control over specific equipment that demands a higher level of protection.

Empty buildings or construction projects that may attract squatters

A vacant premises or construction site is particularly vulnerable to unauthorised access, vandalism, squatters and theft, which can put a significant strain on operations and finances to resolve.

Our dog units enable continual monitoring of a site, 24/7, protecting vacant properties around the clock, ensuring they remain secure and safe.

Offices or commercial ventures that benefit from a visible security presence

Businesses are often a target of theft, particularly when hours of business are public information. Equipment such as IT hardwear are often targeted as a crime of convenience and can be protected by having dog security as a visible indication that the site is under professional control.

Premises including offices, sites, and commercial facilities, benefit from such a presence, ensuring they are not vulnerable to theft or intruders.

Clearway building

Why Choose Clearway?

As a long-established security company, Clearway provision of K9 security is professional and effective. We believe that our reputation is built on understanding client requirements and providing fast and cost-effective security for even the largest and most complex of sites.

We provide:

  • 24/7 security so you can rest assured that your premises are protected
  • Both short and long-term flexible contract hire to respond to changing needs
  • Highly trained dog handlers to provide outstanding service and assurance
  • A fast turnaround, to respond to demand when security won’t wait
  • Fully accredited services, including NASU accreditation (National Association of Security Dog Users)
  • Our canine patrols are as highly valued as our security team and are treated as respected and professional members of our security family.

Frequently asked questions

Under normal circumstances we can deploy guards and dog patrols throughout the UK within 24 hours. In more complex or urgent situations, we will try to provide personnel on the same day. Please contact us as early as possible if your need for security guards is extremely urgent.

Security dogs are a prized possession and are transported in vehicles and cages specifically designed with the animal’s welfare in mind. Vehicles carry appropriate signage indicating they are carrying security dog. Each is fully kitted out with safety cages, air ventilation, first aid provisions, fire safety equipment, spare leads and collars, feeding and water bowls, and fresh food and water.

Clearway is committed to our ongoing professional development, and as such, our personnel remain up to date with training and regulations, as they are updated and as need requires. Every security guard is fully vetted and accredited to a minimum of SIA (Security Industry Authority) standards. Our dog handlers are fully accredited by NASDU (National Association of Security Dog Users).

We know that situations can evolve, and are therefore as flexible as possible. If you require your security patrols to stay on for a longer period or need to extend or increase your protection, we will always do our utmost to be accommodating, but request 24-hours notice wherever possible.

Clearway provides security services primarily across England and Wales.

We have comprehensive business insurance, including employers and public liability cover. Should you require extended insurance cover for a security service, this can be arranged to your requirements.

Contact us on 0800 085 8695 to to discuss your security dog unit hire needs.

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