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Squatter Eviction Services

Finding that squatters have illegally occupied your vacant commercial unit, or business premise can be challenging. The law considers squatting a civil matter, although court-ordered evictions are legally enforceable, and non-compliance is a criminal offence.

Clearway’s squatter eviction teams have years of expertise. We can advise on the various routes to achieve an eviction and discuss the most suitable options to restore your property to its previous condition and prevent illegal trespassers from re-entering the premises.


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Clearway - squatters evictions service
Clearway - squatters evictions service

An experienced squatter eviction team

Clearway recognises the stress and time of dealing with squatters and provides a seamless, efficient service to ensure you recover your commercial property and prevent squatters and other intruders from re-entering.

We have years of expertise dealing with even the most complex cases, supporting court orders and hearings. Our professional team endeavours to conclude evictions within as little as three days, and often faster, where squatters are causing damage or destruction, conducting illegal activities, or have refused to adhere to previous eviction notices.

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The IPO Process

Most squatter eviction cases are best pursued with an Interim Possession Order (IPO). We use the procedure of Interim Possession Order (IPO). This includes:

  • The procedure for obtaining an IPO involves an initial hearing in which the court will make the IPO. Debt Squared regularly engage with reputable solicitors in relation to these applications.
  • Once served, the squatters will have 24 hours to leave the property, and if they fail to do so, they are then committing a criminal offence and may be arrested by the police.
  • If the Court grants the IPO, the Court will set a date for the final hearing which will be listed not less than 7 days from the date of the hearing.
  • The IPO will need to be served within 48 hours after it is sealed together with the Claim Form and evidence in support, in accordance with the methods as previously set-out.

Failure to comply with an IPO eviction notice is a prosecutable offence, and perpetrators can risk arrest. However, in the majority of scenarios, deploying a uniformed enforcement agent is more than sufficient to enforce the notice.

Clearway - Squatter eviction services

Successfully Remove Squatters with Clearway Squatter Eviction Services

Landlords and commercial property owners are often cautious when considering the right way to evict squatters – and rightly so, since squatter’s rights may apply, depending on how long the trespassers have been in situ and the nature of the premise.

Clearway’s capable eviction teams can recommend the next steps, from obtaining court orders to serving notice and enforcing an eviction quickly and within the provisions of the law. Our recovery managers work through the process with you, ensuring you achieve a successful outcome.

We have an established network of skilled solicitors who focus on IPO applications and squatter evictions and can file varied applications, including abridgement requests where time is pressured and writs of possession to uphold your rights.

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Why Hire Clearway for Squatter Evictions?

Clearway’s squatter eviction teams have years of expertise. We can advise on the various routes to achieve an eviction and discuss the most suitable options to restore your property to its previous condition and prevent illegal trespassers from re-entering the premises.

Security safeguards such as guard or K9 patrols, steel screens and doors, alarm systems and CCTV surveillance can prohibit unauthorised entry and ensure your property is not targeted.

We operate nationwide, with 24/7 security system monitoring and a comprehensive team of eviction and vacant property specialists on hand to suggest optimal solutions.

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  • Commercial Land Eviction Services: Travellers and trespassers regularly target open land, and commercial sites, necessitating a formal eviction notice and enforcement process to remove illegal intruders. We provide a full service, from risk assessments to police liaison with 98% of evictions completed without requiring a formal Court Order.
  • Tenant Eviction Services: Clearway’s tenant evictions cover commercial properties, where the landlord needs to remove a previous tenant who has unpaid arrears, breached the terms of their agreement, or refused to vacate the property at the end of a lease. Our professional officers can expedite the eviction process, with various options available depending on the circumstances and reasons for the eviction.

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Frequently asked questions

If possible, you should try to make contact with the squatters and try to assess what their intentions are. Are they willing to come to an agreement or is it likely they intend to follow a more aggressive course? If it is the latter, instruct Clearway today.

Depending on how quickly you want your commercial property back, in most cases we will instruct the court and a hearing to consider the application will be as soon as reasonably practicable but no less than 3 days after the date of issue.

Security is key. If you have adequate security on your vacant premises squatters can not force their way into your property, this could result in them being arrested for causing criminal damage.

If you are going to be away from the commercial property for a number of weeks you should consider hiring security guards from Clearway who can man your property 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Another option for protecting your vacant property is signing the commercial property over to one of our property guardians who look after empty commercial premises on behalf of owners.

Every case is different, and there may be complex factors to consider, but in most situations, Clearway can conclude the eviction within 24 or 48 hours. We can also notify the police to ensure they are on standby to assist should there be a breach of the peace.

Clearway often deploys an Interim Possession Order (IPO), a fast process enforceable by the police. An IPO eviction involves an initial court hearing – we can suggest solicitors or legal representatives who specialise in this area.

There are various laws around the use of force. For vacant properties or commercial premises, squatters’ rights apply so you can’t use force to evict them. In such situations it is a civil matter and you will need to obtain a court order to remove the squatters.

Although reasonable force is permitted to protect the safety of enforcement officers or where a crime is being committed, you cannot use force to remove squatters. A professionally certified officer trained in eviction enforcement will ensure your eviction is lawful without allowing aggression to escalate.

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