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Leading Debt Recovery Solutions & Collection Agents

Clearway’s comprehensive commercial debt recovery services span all debt-related matters and can provide an efficient, prompt, and effective solution, with full legal compliance, support, and guidance to ensure you select the best recovery strategy.

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Clearway Service Charge Arrears Recovery – SCAR
Clearway Service Charge Arrears Recovery – SCAR

An efficient, prompt, and effective solution

Commercial landlords, property owners and business site managers often experience late payments, rental arrears, defaults on service charges and other non-payment situations that can be stressful, costly, and time-consuming to resolve.

In many scenarios, if a tenant absconds, fails to maintain the property, or refuses to comply with payment orders, the situation can escalate into formal court proceedings, which may take months and carry significant legal expenses. This is where we can help.

Our Commercial Debt Recovery Services

Every commercial debt recovery service we offer, from pre-legal debt recovery to business credit assessments and tracing, is supported by the law, with opportunities to settle payment disputes directly or secure formal court orders where necessary to ensure you achieve a successful outcome working with our panel of solicitor partners.

We know that bad debts and non-payments can be detrimental to commercial property businesses in countless ways, causing cash flow issues, impacting landlords’ ability to maintain other portfolio properties, or leaving them with units that require considerable work and investment to bring back into good condition.

Many landlords also assume that debt recovery will be too costly and unreliable to pursue and accept that they will never be able to recoup lost funds, even where this severely impacts their profitability.

As commercial property management experts with decades of knowledge, our skilled, approachable recovery and enforcement teams can provide independent guidance and support with multiple options to help you recover the funds owed to you.

Clearway CRAR Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery

Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (CRAR)

Rent arrears are perhaps the most common financial problem for commercial landlords, and the right approach will depend on the circumstances. However, the Enforcement Act 2007 provides multiple ways to recover bad debts.

We are confident that we can determine the right ways to recover your rental debts owing through repayment agreements, pursuing a favourable court order, or filing a legal charge to protect your rights.

CRAR services are always tailored to your requirements and desired results, including:

  • Tenant investigations, tracing, and financial standing checks
  • Risk assessments to vet the suitability of prospective new tenants
  • Up-to-date progress reports to keep you abreast of our recovery activities
  • Filing legal charges to recoup debts through asset seizures
  • Entering into a formal dialogue with non-paying tenants
  • Issuing reminders and progressive enforcement notices

Where a tenant absconds, refuses to vacate the building, or is not responsive to demands for payment, we can also represent your interests and advise on the available next steps, including court-ordered evictions.

Once your debt has been settled and the property vacated, Clearway can provide a range of security solutions and risk prevention services, including mobile patrols, steel security doors, CCTV surveillance and vacant property alarms to prevent a recurrence and ensure previous tenants have no further access to your building.

Clearway Service Charge Arrears Recovery – SCAR

Service Charge Arrears Recovery (SCAR)

The legal processes for recovering service charges differ from those relevant to rental arrears. However, we can combine both services within one instruction to ensure you have comprehensive support in recovering all debts owed.

SCAR is commonly necessary alongside commercial rent arrears recovery, where tenants have failed to keep up to date with their obligations, breached the terms of their rental agreement, or absconded, leaving their landlord with multiple unpaid debts.

As with CRAR, Clearway’s SCAR service is based on no fee if we are unsuccessful in recouping the monies owed to you, ensuring you have zero risk and are not exposed to escalating costs due to your tenant’s non-payment.

We deploy an experienced team of recovery managers to assess the right approach, create a strategy, and liaise with you at each stage to ensure you are happy with the recovery processes we believe are most suitable.

In many cases, service charges can be recovered quickly by tracing absconding tenants or the appropriate business owner and issuing a formal Letter Before Action to notify the debtor that any further failure to pay the balance in full, or enter into an acceptable repayment plan, will result in legal action.

Where commercial landlords are trying to manage a dispute, Clearway can signpost you to specialist commercial property solicitors who can examine the terms of the rental agreement, advise on your legal rights, and ensure you have the full support of the courts.

Clearway Eviction service

Pre-Legal Debt Recovery (PLDR)

Pre-legal debt recovery can be an excellent option where you have been unable to chase for payment of outstanding debts from any commercial or residential tenants or client, recovering amounts due related to:

  • Rental arrears
  • Service charge arrears
  • Unpaid invoices

We offer our standard no-fee in the event of a non-collection. Clearway can pursue any debt owing to you, with professional advice, support, and recovery processes, including deploying enforcement agents where necessary.

Opting for a pre-legal process often negates the need to refer to the court system to resolve the matter and achieves a faster favourable outcome, minimising the impacts on your business and cash flow.

Our services include debt collection, including cases that date back up to six months, individual tracing investigations to locate debtors, risk evaluations to determine the financial position of the non-payer and a full spectrum of enforcement proceedings.

The most suitable solution could be issuing a Possession Order, filing for a CCJ, pursuing an eviction, or issuing a Writ of Control – we can provide tailored guidance to ensure you are comfortable with whichever course of action we propose.

Frequently asked questions

If necessary, we can secure a Schedule 12 compliant Warrant or Writ that provides the legal right to take control of goods and sell them to recover debts owed to you.

There are specific procedures in place, and we strongly recommend working with a professional debt recovery agent to ensure any assets are seized legally and following the appropriate regulations.

PLDR involves a range of debt recovery actions that can avoid the need to pursue a court order to recover debts owing – it is often the fastest and most convenient solution for businesses and commercial landlords dealing with unpaid rent, service charges, and other fees.

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