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(CRAR) Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery Enforcement

Rent arrears can cause significant issues for commercial landlords, site managers and property owners, impacting cash flow and profitability with the additional cost of recouping overdue income.

Landlords and their representatives in the commercial sector typically have the option to reclaim unpaid rent through CRAR (commercial rent arrears recovery). Instruct the Clearway debt recovery team to recover debts through CRAR today.

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Clearway CRAR Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery
Clearway CRAR Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery

Recover funds owing quickly, seamlessly, and legally with commercial rent arrears recovery

Our experienced commercial rent debt recovery specialists have extensive knowledge of the techniques, processes and legalities involved with correcting rental arrears and can provide independent advice about the right solutions to achieve a favourable outcome.

Our professional rent arrears recovery service adheres to the regulations and legislation set out in the Enforcement Act 2007, utilising the power of the court system to recover funds owing quickly, seamlessly, and legally.

The Tribunal, Courts and Enforcement Act 2007 creates a statutory right for the Landlord of a Lease of Commercial premises to utilise the enforcement procedure set out in the Act to recover Rent arrears.

CRAR commercial business benefits by Clearway

A specialised CRAR service

Clearway has created a streamlined system and CRAR process to improve the work-flow and communication with it’s clients. The features of the system include:

  • Clients can submit singular or multiple instructions
  • Secure data submission process
  • Immediate and automated uploading of instructions into case management system – no manual data input
  • System will self-generate 7-day Enforcement Notice, resulting in immediate action, commencing the legal process of CRAR

Our CRAR service benefits:

  • A natural extension and escalation to any credit control function – moves debts off your desk quicker and reduces the risk of absconding tenants
  • No cost exposure to the instructing agent or landlord
  • Protective Controlled Goods Agreements – a Legal Charge over the assets for those tenants requiring short-term agreeable payment-plans
Clearway CRAR secure outstanding rent arrears

Act today to secure outstanding rent arrears

We are successfully collecting thousands of pounds every month for Landlords. Speak with one of our Recovery Account Managers and let us start protecting your cash-flow today.

Hiring a third-party CRAR provider is often significantly easier without the stress, pressure, and time burden of pursuing defaulting tenants while protecting your business interests and preventing tenants from absconding.

  • Operates 7 days a week
  • Certificated Enforcement Agent (Bailiff) coverage across England & Wales
  • 24/7 payment facilities available to tenants
  • Same day remittance on all cleared funds recovered from the defendant
  • Comprehensive monthly Management Information Reports
Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (CRAR) Service

Our Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (CRAR) Service

We incorporate credit control teams to provide comprehensive research into previous transgressions, escalating cases quickly when necessary or flagging the potential risk that a tenant may try to avoid paying altogether.

There is no cost exposure to you as either the landlord or commercial letting agent. We provide ongoing progress reports and updates as the recovery process develops, ensuring full control throughout.

Clearway can also provide safeguarding controls, such as a legal charge registered through a Protective Controlled Goods Agreement, which provides security for you that, in the event of non-payment, there is a mechanism for you to reclaim assets to the value of the unpaid amount.

Putting a legal charge in place is a short-term protection plan and works alongside a repayment schedule to ensure the safety and assurance of all parties.

Recover Commercial Rent Arrears with Clearway

A 'digital workflow' to manage CRAR cases simultaneously

For many clients, one of the challenges is trying to address one or more commercial tenants in arrears with their rent while managing the property, retail site or industrial park and engaging in professional dialogues with tenants.

We provide a streamlined, highly efficient digital workflow with secure data transmission, enabling you to submit documents and supporting evidence, and instruct us to proceed with one or several rental arrear cases simultaneously.

The system generates automated reminders, enforcement notices and communications at predefined intervals, such as a seven-day notice where the tenant has not taken restorative action, in line with the CRAR legal recovery process, and ensuring full compliance with debt recovery requirements.

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Why Clearway?

Clearway is a well-established commercial property security, management, and maintenance expert and incorporates CRAR into our broader catalogue of property services.

Our debt recovery operatives are available seven days a week and can process payments 24/7, ensuring your funds are cleared as quickly as possible. Funds are transferred to you directly on the same day as any remittances submitted by the tenant.

We hold appropriate accreditations and certifications to uphold the highest standards of professional debt recovery and work across England and Wales as a Certified Enforcement Agent, also referred to as a bailiff.

When we take on a CRAR case, we provide in-depth monthly insights through our management information reports. We have a strong track record, recovering thousands every month for landlords who may otherwise have been left out of pocket and unprotected.

Please contact our skilled Recovery Account Managers for more advice or information about how CRAR could benefit your commercial rental business.

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  • Pre-Legal Debt Recovery: We work with UK businesses and landlords to identify the best solution to recover unpaid debts, tenant arrears and other outstanding monies owed before the case escalates to formal legal proceedings.
  • Eviction Services: Our highly trained eviction teams enforce the provisions of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 to remove squatters quickly and quietly, including optional waste removal and site restoration services.

Frequently asked questions

There are numerous solutions, but the initial steps are normally to discuss the issue and approach the tenant with a formal payment instruction, laying out the next phase if payment is not forthcoming. From there, the CRAR process kicks in, with legal enforcement notices and escalating action.

We are a full-service commercial property debt recovery agency. We can advise at any stage whether you have a tenant in serious arrears or are concerned that a tenant is unlikely to remit the balance owing on the due date.

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