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Vacant Property Inspections

Do you know if your empty property has potential security or maintenance vulnerabilities? Clearway’s vacant property inspections arm you with advance notice of any problems before they are able to cause significant issues, and give you the assurance that your asset remains fully insurance compliant.

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Clearway Property Inspections
Clearway Property Inspections

Clearway comprehensive property inspections

Continuous on site security is not required for every site or premise. When a tenancy ends and a property is left empty, our regular vacant property inspections provide advanced warning of any vulnerabilities before significant issues arise.

A comprehensive vacant/void property inspection report from Clearway will provide you, as the property owner/manager, with detailed information in order to maintain compliance with relevant insurance requirements.

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Important Criteria for Vacant Property Inspections

Whether you are a property owner, a landlord who is between tenants or a site manager, vacant property inspections services can provide a significant cost saving in identifying potentially critical issues. Vacant property checks usually include:

  • Exterior checks: Inspecting exterior of property to check on building security integrity, attempted intrusions, build-up of rubbish, land and garden maintenance, and any potential hazards to the public.
  • Utility checks: Gas, Water and Electric meter readings will be recorded along with photographic evidence on each visit.
  • Interior checks: Inspecting interior of premises for evidence of intruders and any essential maintenance required to prevent damage to the property i.e. wind & water tight, no leaks or infestation.
  • Your property inspector will keep a permanent record: A log of every property risk inspection to be maintained.
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Get Ahead of Potential Issues

Evaluating the presence of a hazard before it escalates into a bigger problem is particularly important in properties pending a new tenancy, where risks of fire or leaks are elevated or when the void period is likely to be extended.

Property reporting processes ensure that landlords, owners and site managers have continuous oversight of the condition of the building and can take pre-emptive action to mitigate threats to the integrity of the building.

Longer void periods also present a higher risk since any damage or deterioration can make a property considerably more exposed to criminal activity such as vandalism, theft, squatters and unwelcome tenants.

In any of these scenarios, investing in regular void inspection services by a trained security inspector can help assess possible problems, recommend corrective action and preserve the property’s value.

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Stay on top of Insurance Considerations

Clearway can schedule vacant property inspections services as required, which may be stipulated as part of your vacant property insurance or according to your preferences. Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly visits are often prerequisites for specialist void building cover.

Demonstrating diligence over vacant property security can ensure that any insurance claims you make are valid and fully covered, saving possible further expenditure.

Buildings insurance providers may be reluctant to cover a void premise for various reasons.

Where the owner presents a strong set of safeguards and robust property management, insurance premiums are likely to be more accessible, competitive, and comprehensive.

Empty units or residential properties with elevated risk factors identified during a risk assessment may also benefit from:

  • Staffed mobile security patrols
  • Wireless, tamper-proof alarm systems
  • CCTV intruder surveillance
  • Security doors and screens

Each void inspection is logged, with reports compiled from walk-throughs inside and out, checking for any damage or deterioration, testing and resetting alarms, flushing water through the system if required, and identifying the cause of any changes.

Issues are reported immediately, along with recommended resolutions, and our inspectors can note meter readings during every visit as required.

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Advantages of our Regular Vacant Property Inspection Service

As established specialists in vacant property security, Clearway’s inspectors will always advise if we have identified any additional risks or threats which pose a significant issue and can be addressed with simple security defences.

Benefits of regular property risk inspections include:

  • Acting swiftly when issues are identified, preventing fire, floods and irreparable property damage.
  • Providing insurance-certified inspection logs and meter readings and verifying that utility connections are safe.
  • Reducing void property insurance premiums by lowering risk factors and mitigating the calculated rebuild or repair costs.

Using one vacant property inspection and security service is highly preferable to relying on different professionals to bear responsibility for reporting on the condition of your property.

A cohesive, responsive service is tailored to your requirements. It allows areas of concern raised during an inspection to be communicated directly with your alarm monitoring team or security patrols to take decisive action.

This approach reduces the likelihood of needing to pay extra insurance premiums, making a claim or suffering financial losses due to fire, flooding, criminal intrusions and other incidents.

Restricting access to a potentially dangerous property remains the owner’s responsibility, so controlling public access and preventing possible injuries or accidents is essential.

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Components of a Vacant Property Inspection Service

Every inspection is customised to the nature of your vacant property and specific threats or hazards identified in your risk assessments or conditions of insurance.

Weekly inspections can include checks for:

  • Security breaches or attempted intrusions.
  • Water leaks and dampness.
  • Vandalism and graffiti.
  • Internal or external property maintenance issues.
  • Build-ups of rubbish or junk mail.

Ongoing inspections are designed to meet all of the requirements of the UK underwriting sector, based on nationwide best practice standards, including:

  • Keyholding and ensuring the property is correctly secured against illegal entry.
  • Checking the condition and security of locks on all entry points.
  • Recommending replacements or boarding up of broken windows.
  • Sealing letterboxes and any other unsecured entry points.
  • Disconnecting or isolating water, electricity and gas supplies.
  • Logging visits with the inspector’s ID, date and time.
  • Reporting breaches and recommending urgent actions.
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Keeping your alarm systems maintained

The dangers of unauthorized access are already well documented, however, without regular inspections and a trustworthy alarm system maintenance service, the potential financial burdens connected to these risks can become overwhelming and will invariably exceed the investment required for adequate alarm system upkeep.

Clearway can provide personalised alarm maintenance as part of our alarm inspection services.  We offer regularly scheduled visits by an experienced technician to inspect the entire alarm system for any visible issues or signs of wear and tear. Find out more about our alarm maintenance or our fire alarm maintenance services.

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Why choose Clearway vacant property inspections?

  • Protect your assets, keeping them safe and secure
  • Meet and exceed your insurance obligations
  • Prevent costly criminal behaviour
  • Permanent record of inspections and all meter readings

Operating on a portal which we provide access to all our customers, we inspect your property internally and externally, carrying out a full security and risk assessment. As part of the on-going maintenance and management of your vacant sites we will record gas, water and electric meter readings. Additionally, during a vacant property inspection, we will assess your CCTV installation and remote sensors to ensure they’re being used effectively. Via our portal we also keep detailed logs for each inspection and provide photographic evidence of the visit.

Vacant property inspections can be carried out as frequently as determined by your insurers. We also provide CCTV maintenance services.

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