We recognise there is a fundamental need to secure your business critical assets, from vacant land, development sites and compounds, to plant, materials and fuel. As a leading provider of sustainable security, we are perfectly positioned to secure, monitor and protect your valuable assets.

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Commercial CCTV Installation for businesses

Clearway’s highly skilled team design, install and maintain our range of temporary and fixed commercial CCTV systems, utilising the latest advanced technologies including fully functional high-definition IP security cameras and IP infra-red thermal imaging technology, enabling sites of all sizes to be remotely monitored 24/7 by our state of the art NSI Gold accredited Alarm Receiving Centre.

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dome vs bullet cameras
dome vs bullet cameras

Professional CCTV Systems: Protecting people, property and assets

Our comprehensive range of advanced CCTV systems can work in isolation or as part of an integrated security solution, protecting property, people and assets from the risk of theft and fire across all sectors, from single sites to the most complex multi-site operations.

Whether you need to have eyes on your vacant properties or sites, have mains connectivity issues, or need smarter commercial CCTV cameras, the Clearway team is on hand with a range of business CCTV measures to suit your requirements. View our range of products below.

Clearway inview solar CCCTV Tower rapid install

Temporary CCTV Tower (solar or mains)

Easily transportable and set-up in minutes our CCTV towers can be positioned in the most inaccessible locations yet give 24/7/365 visual security with minimal maintenance.

Clearway inView CCTV Towers are a unique development from Clearway’s stable of innovations and run on mains or solar/battery power; have wide coverage and provide a highly visible deterrent factor.

With 3 x bullet CCTV cameras providing a 360° view and the utilisation of intelligent analytics, it will detect intrusion activities and instantly notify our CAT II NSI Gold Alarm Monitoring Centre 24/7/365.

CCTV camera

Temporary CCTV

Often, a client requires increased security for a vacant property or temporary site – which is exposed to illegal entry when not guarded. There are multiple reasons criminals might target these locations and the impact can be extensive in terms of downtime, the costs of repairs, managing insurance claims, and the stress and working hours required to recover from a security breach.

In many cases, our clients utilise a new locality on a short-term basis and want to offer their personnel the same level of protection, as they would expect on a permanent site.

In these instances, temporary business security cameras are an excellent solution for keeping your premises secure despite the challenging environment. However, it can be used by businesses of all kinds who appreciate the flexibility that temporary CCTV provides.

Temporary CCTV systems are commonly for shorter-term use and provide great flexibility and value for money. Being simple and quick to install/remove these solutions are ideal where coverage is required for a shorter period, such as festivals, construction sites or vacant properties awaiting refurbishment.

Fixed CCTV Solutions

Hardwired Business Security Cameras – Permanent Fixed CCTV

CCTV plays a key role in keeping customers, employees and physical premises safe. The presence of a well set up, visible camera system can deter criminals before they even consider a break-in or theft. They give the people in and around your premises a sense of security. If something does go wrong, there will be a record of what happens.

Professional fixed commercial CCTV cameras and wired CCTV systems are an ideal way of keeping your property protected continuously. No matter if you want to prevent unauthorised access and trespassing, vandalism, theft or any other illegal activity, fixed CCTV systems help ensure your organisation is protected from day one.

Industrial CCTV Security from Clearway

Industrial CCTV

CCTV for industrial sites such as depots, warehouses, manufacturing plants and production lines is necessarily complex, with a wide range of variables that dictate the right business security cameras, technology, recording system and viewing access.

Many industrial businesses have countless assets exposed to criminal theft, such as tools, vehicles, machinery, equipment and materials. They require continual active surveillance in order to deter prospective intruders, guarantee the safety of business-critical components and provide oversight of ongoing work processes.

Clearway’s industrial CCTV solutions can be as simple or as advanced as required, with options such as:

  • Short-term CCTV hire periods for particularly high-risk activities such as taking delivery of valuable machine tooling parts or during time-sensitive work programmes.
  • Static industrial CCTV cameras with tamper-proof fixings to monitor entranceways, loading bays, emergency exits and roller shutter doors.
  • Mast-mounted CCTV to cover large expanses of land with pan, tilt and zoom functionality to assist in evaluating whether an activity is suspicious.

Business owners may also wish to integrate analytics such as vehicle number plate recognition for the highest level of security. These systems can automate entrance gates, raise entrance barriers to permit entry to authorised vehicles or deliveries, and prevent access to any vehicle that has not been logged in a pre-approved database.

Clearway fixed CCTV

IP CCTV Cameras

IP CCTV surveillance uses internet protocol cameras and video feed transmissions for fast, dependable security monitoring, as an upgrade for legacy CCTV networks, or as an additional layer of protection.

The benefits of IP CCTV include the following:

  • Quality CCTV surveillance with analytic software compatibility allows functions such as facial recognition or behaviour mapping.
  • Expedited installations without disruption to your business operations or visitors.
  • Remote access to real-time footage through a central control base or any handheld device.

Advanced IP CCTV cameras are available in multiple configurations. Options include megapixel technology and hi-definition cameras for crystal clear imagery in box, dome or bullet camera casings.

IP CCTV works by compacting data into smaller files circulated through a secure link for instant notification if suspicious activity is detected, and exceptional longevity for durable, high-performance CCTV cameras suited to indoor or outdoor applications.

Clearway inView solar CCTV Tower

Construction Site CCTV

Construction sites require tailored security surveillance to account for the increased risks of vehicle thefts, perimeter intrusions, material thefts, unlawful access and targeted break-ins where high-value materials, fuel, plant or tools are stored on-site overnight or on weekends.

Our specialist construction site security team can recommend the right CCTV systems, with a full site analysis to establish key priorities and areas of concern, such as:

  • Remote developments or construction sites with in-progress builds where mains electricity is unreliable or unavailable. In this case, a remote or solar-powered CCTV solution is preferable for guaranteed surveillance around the clock.
  • Areas of particularly high risk include storage bays or delivery areas where costly materials and tooling are stored. Fixed CCTV cameras may be advisable and are commonly used for construction contractor yards to protect against the ongoing potential for break-ins.
  • New-build premises before a first fix where temporary CCTV or alarm solutions are best suited to provide immediate alerts when movement is detected.
  • Construction site perimeters adjacent to vehicular access routes or public rights of way. We may recommend mobile patrols or tower-mounted CCTV cameras with a broad range of coverage to ensure every aspect of your boundary is monitored.

There are multiple potential solutions available, each carefully selected to address the individual security needs of your construction site and provide robust safeguards against any potential incidents.

ANPR Camera


We specialise in providing ANPR systems that can be used as a controlled entry solution for limited-access sites, to monitor the flow of traffic or detect specific vehicles and the times they have entered and left the site.

Our ANPR CCTV cameras are perfect for:

  • Automated parking charges and maximum stay monitoring.
  • Parking security for high value or restricted access sites.
  • Preventative measures against car theft and/or vandalism.
  • Monitoring to avoid lost ticket fraud as part of car park management.
  • Ticketless parking fee management.
analogue CCTV Camera

Analogue CCTV

Analogue CCTV is a valuable part of a robust surveillance approach, used in commercial buildings, retail parks, business premises and countless other scenarios such as residential homes, providing high-quality security protection.

As a cost-effective CCTV solution, analogue CCTV cameras are reliable and manufactured for longevity with a range of features and functions to meet your key requirements:

  • Digital and hybrid recording networks can collate footage from IP and analogue CCTV cameras simultaneously as an all-in-one solution.
  • Day and night image capture, high-definition or infrared cameras are ideal where security issues are elevated during the hours of darkness or where you have concealed entrances lacking natural daylight.
  • CCTV feeds are available for remote, live and desktop viewing to give you full visibility of your building at your convenience.

Our analogue CCTV systems combine the best in efficient performance and budget-friendly security protection with advanced camera technology and options such as bullet, box and dome casings, with varying fields of vision.

Upgrading analogue CCTV to new cameras with enhanced capabilities can provide an instant improvement to your security without the need for re-wiring.

Clearway NSI Gold Cat II ARC exterior

Monitor your CCTV with our NSI Gold Monitoring

Whether you want to prevent unauthorised entry and trespassing, squatting or fly-tipping, or just maintaining tight control over who accesses and enters your properties, high quality, reliable CCTV monitoring is a proven method of keeping your property or land continually secure and can be combined with other security measures and visual deterrents.

Routine CCTV Maintenance

Keeping your Business CCTV Systems Maintained

Without routine, preventative maintenance, your CCTV system is far more likely to develop faults or, worse still, fail completely. If CCTV monitors are not manned you may even be unaware a problem exists until the time evidence is required from the cameras.

If you’re aware the CCTV system is not functioning correctly you’re left to rely solely on the visual deterrent effect of CCTV but, without being able to access or use crucial CCTV footage when you need it as evidence.

Clearway inView Detect PIDs on construction site

Supplement your CCTV with inView Detect

Supplement and enhance your CCTV system with inview Detect. Our system seamlessly integrates with inView CCTV Towers, presenting a holistic CCTV security system.

The joint system, when connected with inView CCTV Towers, delivers thorough 360° CCTV surveillance coverage in the event of a security breach.

When strategically placed, the wireless motion detection system initiates the initial alert for potential intrusions, while the accompanying CCTV cameras record real-time images and footage. This synergy enables security personnel to visually assess the situation and respond effectively to security threats.

This solar panel/battery-powered solution ensures uninterrupted year-round operation, providing eyes-on protection for your sites and assets.

What Commercial CCTV cameras and systems do we offer?

Existing CCTV System Upgrades

Clearway offer a cost effective solution to upgrade your current business CCTV system at your pace, reflecting the challenges of improving how you protect your site without compromising on security and safety. We understand the investment you have made in your site security and we can extend and maintain existing commercial CCTV systems if you are keen to extend its life. Alternatively, we can provide a modular solution to upgrade your system, focusing on the areas that would benefit most from higher resolution images.

Bullet CCTV Cameras

Bullet CCTV cameras are called so because of their long, cylindrical shape. These are often used where long-distance viewing is required, or in fixed locations, as they don’t typically come with a pan/tilt/zoom option. They can be wall or ceiling mounted and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Protective casings are also available to make the camera waterproof and to protect the camera lens from dust and dirt in environments where these conditions are likely to inhibit clear vision.

Network/IP CCTV Cameras

Whether hardwired or wireless, these cameras transmit images over the internet, often compressing the bandwidth to reduce server network strain. Footage is often stored on network video recorders (NVRs) or accessed via secure software. IP cameras don’t require a separate cable to send images over longer distances so are easier to install.

C-Mount CCTV Cameras

C-mount CCTV cameras have detachable lenses which means they can be configured to fit different applications. Standard CCTV camera lenses can typically only cover distances of between 35 and 40ft. However, a C-mount CCTV camera can cover distances greater than 40ft by installing special lenses.

Wireless CCTV Cameras

Wireless cameras are exactly that – wireless. They allow greater flexibility in location and are much quicker and easier to install. They’re suited to most environments, but locations such as stately homes, museums, and churches, where the presence of wires would be unsightly.

Pan, Tilt & Zoom Cameras

PTZ cameras allow the camera to have free range of pivotal movement, panning and tilting, with optical zoom. These cameras are used in situations where there is an operator sitting in a control room who is manually operating and monitoring on-site security systems from a remote location.

Dome CCTV Cameras

Dome CCTV cameras are one of the most common types of camera. Suitable for use both indoor and outdoor applications. Named because of the dome-shaped housing within which the camera is mounted, these are ideal for deterring crime as it is not easy for intruders to see which way the camera is facing and try to evade detection.

Speed dome cameras are also available. These cameras allow an operator to pan/tilt/zoom and spin quickly, giving them a greater ability to focus on specific events.

Day/Night CCTV Cameras

Day/night CCTV cameras are able to capture clear video images in varying light conditions and in the dark. The day/night camera is most suited to outdoor applications, and can function with glare, direct sunlight, reflections and strong backlight.

Infrared/Night Vision CCTV Cameras

Night-vision CCTV cameras can see images in pitch black conditions using infrared LEDs. They are best suited to outdoor environments where the lighting is poor to zero.

Thermal CCTV Cameras

Thermal cameras deliver images of objects emitting heat that the naked eye or conventional HD cameras might not see, such as intruders trying to hide behind foliage or obstructions. Faulty machinery, corroded electrics, and damaged components will often display abnormal temperatures prior to complete failure. The use of thermal cameras can help to detect these early signs and reduce fire risk.

Frequently asked questions

Clearway provides commercial CCTV installation, both short and long term. We provide fixed CCTV cameras that connect to the mains power for longer term solutions as well as solar powered / battery operated systems for short term surveillance and security. The latter, in particular, is a great option for vacant properties or construction sites in which short to medium term CCTV protection is required.

Our surveillance professionals will monitor your site 24/7 and in the event of a breach we would respond immediately and in accordance with a predefined set of actions. We will agree to these actions at the start of our agreement to ensure that each type of breach is dealt with as quickly and effectively as possible.

There are a number of essential considerations and rules around the usage of CCTV that you need to be aware of. From making sure staff and the public are fully informed about the usage of cameras (data protection) to storing the feeds and footage (GDPR), companies must uphold the law. We’ve created an article on the rules of CCTV for businesses and will also advise you on compliance if you choose to work with us. Read more about legal requirements of CCTV here.

At our CCTV monitoring station, all formats of the data (including video footage) is stored in accordance with the GDPR. The GDPR harmonises data protection across Europe and ensures that all of your data is kept safe. For additional details, discuss this with our sales advisors, or read our website terms and conditions.

For a number of our products, we have PDF downloads which detail our products more specifically, however, our advisors will be able to provide a full specification of each of our camera products if necessary.

Yes, and we recommend doing so. This discovery session enables us to highlight and pinpoint any ‘blind spots’ and advise on the set up of your commercial CCTV systems. We can then provide a more accurate quote for the setup, installation and maintenance.

Yes, our Alarm Receiving Centre is open and manned by security personnel 24/7, and can be contacted on 0870 770 6811 should you encounter a problem or become aware of a potential threat.

If we visit your site due to an activation or CCTV breach, we will send you a full activation report summarising the event details such as the time, location and date. We will also log the measures taken and inform your staff.

Yes, our installations are contingent on a regular maintenance contract being in place as this is the only way we can guarantee continued performance. We will arrange routine maintenance of all of our CCTV systems to ensure that they are working as expected. A regular maintenance schedule is necessary to reduce any outages that may occur.

This depends on your security needs and we can advise on this during our site visit. We can also install alarms to detect fire and flooding or video verified alarms to detect movement in certain areas of your site.

In the UK, a licence is generally required to operate CCTV if the system is used for purposes beyond personal or domestic use, such as in a business or public setting.

Specifically, if you are using CCTV to monitor a public place, you must comply with the Data Protection Act 2018 and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This includes registering with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) as a data controller and adhering to the guidelines on data protection and privacy. However, if CCTV is solely for personal use, such as in a private home, a licence is not typically required.

Clearway building

Why Choose Clearway for Commercial CCTV Installation?

Clearway has been providing professional CCTV installation for businesses and organisations in the UK for more than 20 years. Whether you are local or central government or a private sector business, we have the expertise to provide you with outstanding and reliable security solutions tailored to your needs.

Our commercial CCTV systems allow the cameras to scan each pixel in order to produce a complete digital image more quickly than traditional camera types for the ARC, our central monitoring station, to view and react to, giving clear, high definition images that are quick and easy to retrieve and review.

From your initial enquiry to our on-site risk assessment and beyond, we will work with you to recommend a bespoke solution that meets your requirements and budget to protect your premises from day one. Whether you require temporary CCTV hire or a combination of our security services, we will ensure our team works with you to define the combination of services that offer the maximum protection with your budget in mind.

With many accreditations from national and industry bodies, including our Gold Standard accreditation from the UK’s National Security Inspectorate for our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), Clearway is the solution for your security problem.


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