We recognise there is a fundamental need to secure your business critical assets, from vacant land, development sites and compounds, to plant, materials and fuel. As a leading provider of sustainable security, we are perfectly positioned to secure, monitor and protect your valuable assets.

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Alarm Monitoring Services

Alarm monitoring services are essential for any business or organisation wishing to protect their premises against illegal intrusion. An alarm monitoring system provides peace of mind and will help keep your staff, premises and goods safe – potentially protecting lives, livelihoods and avoiding costly repairs and goods replacement in the future.

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remote monitoring from Clearway
remote monitoring from Clearway

A fast and reliable response to alarm detection

Often, vacant properties, construction sites and remote locations have no, or limited, access to mains electricity or a phone line, and therefore a wireless detection system is required for continuous protection. This is where our remote alarm monitoring service is ideal; our security teams monitor alarm activations and CCTV systems at our NSI Gold monitoring station, so you can rest assured your property is protected no matter where it is located.

Whether your premise/property/site is occupied or vacant you want to be able to rapidly detect intruders, prevent unauthorised access or receive alert in case of fire, our systems are the perfect solution to keep your asset continually protected.

The Bunker: Our Alarm Monitoring Systems in Action

ARC Monitoring

Clearway's Accredited Alarm Monitoring Services

Whether the building is occupied, or if all staff have left and locked up, your alarm and security systems are being monitored 24/7/365.

Our skilled monitoring team are based at our secure Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), accredited to Gold Standard by the UK’s National Security Inspectorate. We maintain this Gold Standard through regular auditing, so you can rest assured that you are receiving the very best in alarm monitoring.

Our team will take fast and decisive action. We first vet all alerts for false alarms. Once qualified, we liaise with emergency services and security personnel according to our tried and tested escalation procedure to protect your premises. If emergency services or security personnel need to be called, we will also notify all approved personnel within your organisation.

As it is a requirement for police and fire services to have visual verification of a triggered alarm, it is often the case that the same premises that benefit from remote alarm monitoring services also require CCTV monitoring across their premises.

CCTV monitoring can provide the visual clarification needed when an alarm is triggered, act as a visual deterrent in itself while of course aiding in the conviction of any person breaking the law.

Whether you require an alarm monitoring solution on its own, or in combination with other security solutions, our Alarm Receiving Centre adds the experienced human element into your security setup, so you can rest assured we are ready to respond 24/7/365.

Alarm Monitoring Systems

Alarm Monitoring System Risk Assessment

When you decide to work with Clearway, we will first undertake a full audit and risk assessment of the premises to be secured and monitored. This will help us not only recommend the right alarm monitoring set up to provide the best protection, but also recommend associated security controls and equipment to protect your premises.

This may include fixed CCTV services, covering key areas of your premises or wireless intruder alarms to offer added protection against unauthorised access. Even if your premises have limited access to power, we can provide solar-powered temporary CCTV hire services that function in these more remote locations.

All of our monitoring services are handled by our team at our Gold Standard ARC, and are subject to the same excellent monitoring, escalation and response methods as our alarm monitoring services.

The risk assessment will not only make sure your immediate security needs are met, but that we are proactive and provide security solutions that protect your business now and in the future should your requirements change.

Whether you need a new alarm monitoring service for your existing security installation or a wider security solution, we will provide the tailored, expert advice that you need to make an informed decision to keep your organisation secure. We can provide flexible payment plans approved by the Financial Conduct Authority as and when required.

Clearway building

Why Choose Clearway Alarm Monitoring?

Clearway has 20+ years experience working with commercial and residential premises, and local and central governments to deliver security solutions.

We pride ourselves on delivering bespoke solutions to whoever we work. We protect organisations from day one but also act as a trusted security partner that can be dynamic and help protect them as the business changes in the future.

With wide-ranging accreditations from industry and national bodies, including a Gold Standard Alarm Receiving Centre, awarded by the UK’s National Security Inspectorate you can rest assured that Clearway is the solution for your security problem.

Speak to our team today about our alarm monitoring systems, or browse the rest of our security solutions across CCTV hireCCTV maintenance, Physical Security, Electronic SecurityEmpty Property security and Site Monitoring.

Frequently asked questions

Potentially, yes. Demonstrating a robust, advanced approach to alarm monitoring to your insurance provider can mitigate some of the key security threats associated with your premises, and reduce the outcomes of your risk assessment, thereby lessening the possibility that your insurer will have to pay out.

Although much depends on the level of monitoring and the quality of your alarm systems, the better protected your premise, and the more proactive the security arrangements in place, the less of a risk your property presents from an insurance perspective.

Read our article about our risk management security services.

Alarm monitoring uses secure communication signals to transmit a real-time alert to a team of trained responders at our NSI Gold accredited Alarm Receiving Centre, who can intercept the warning, determine the cause of the alarm, and deploy an appropriate response.

For example, if an alarm is activated due to out-of-hours motion, the responder might review the footage to evaluate whether the cause was from innocent wildlife or suspicious activity that requires security or emergency services to attend.

Security teams will comply with your instructions and security protocols, liaising with site managers, staff, or local police or fire response units depending on the risk and severity associated with the alarm trigger.

If the alert is found to be false, the response team will deactivate the alarm, deescalate the situation and provide a full report to allow any required maintenance work to be implemented.

Your alarm, CCTV and lone worker devices remain under your control, allowing you to decide how we react, when and in what circumstances. Different sites and premises have varying risk levels, so one client may have an alternative policy to another.

In many cases, our alarm response teams will immediately communicate anything deemed suspicious, high risk or criminal activity to on-site security, site management and the nearest emergency response units.

One of the primary benefits of remote alarm monitoring is that 98% of false alarm responses are dealt with there and then and logged without disturbing you or your site management out of hours. These alerts commonly occur during the night due to wildlife or environmental factors.

The speed of your response is fundamental to stopping an intrusion in its tracks, preventing thefts, or deterring prospective criminals from entering your site or business facility.

By having an always-on, 24/7/365 alarm response centre working on your behalf, you have the assurance that a qualified responder can activate audible and visual alarms, dispatch a security response or the emergency services, and reduce the risk that any unlawful trespass will go undetected.

Real-time video and CCTV captures are also essential to ensure you can follow up on break-ins, help the authorities to apprehend intruders, provide proof as evidence for prosecution, or pinpoint weak spots in your perimeter protection.

Any premise or site exposed to increased risk overnight or outside of operational hours will benefit from remote alarm monitoring. However, key applications include high-risk offices and commercial areas, vehicle storage depots, construction sites and ongoing developments.

Criminals often target those sites where they know that valuable plant, materials, tools, fuel and equipment will be left overnight, over the weekends, or during closure periods, so the higher the risk, the more important monitoring becomes.

Yes – remote alarm monitoring can substantially reduce the cost, resource and time pressures associated with responding to alarm call-outs out of hours, particularly because authorised personnel tend to be senior managers with direct building access.

Whilst most alarm call-outs are false, the stress involved and cost of reimbursing unsociable working hours, travel time and lost productivity can be detrimental, particularly for commercial sites adjacent to farmland or woodland where animal activity is commonplace.

Contracting an alarm monitoring team is often a cost-effective way to eliminate false call-outs and ensure staff are never put in harm’s way if an alarm activation turns out to be genuine.

Clearway’s Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) is accredited to NSI Gold Cat II standard for alarm monitoring and handling, a level of quality assurance awarded to a very select group of established security providers working across the UK.

The NSI (National Security Inspectorate) grants the NSI Gold Cat II certification as a mark of approval for alarm response services that meet exacting standards in terms of expertise, response times, training policies, staff quality, customer support and overall approaches to exceptional service, site security and professionalism.

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