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Fire Alarm Maintenance Services

Maintenance, testing and record-keeping are just as vital to fire protection and prevention as the equipment, systems and resources you have in place to protect your facility and its users. Our fire alarm maintenance services are designed to keep your people and premises protected.


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Clearway Commercial fire alarms
Clearway Commercial fire alarms

Regular fire maintenance services

Our regular maintenance and servicing ensures that your fire alarms, detectors, sprinklers, hydrants, hoses, lighting and suppressants operate as expected in the event of an emergency. It also provides reassurance for site users and employees, and gives business owners and managers the confidence that, should a fire risk materialise, severe outcomes or health and safety hazards are prevented.

Putting a defined maintenance schedule in place, with testing conducted by appropriately qualified engineers and technicians, ensures your fire alarm system is fit for purpose and fulfils all your obligations to implement responsible fire safety measures.

Clearway business fire alarms

Our Fire Alarm Maintenance Services

Fire maintenance testing is not simply a case of checking whether an item of equipment, alarm call point or emergency lighting unit functions – the process involves a thorough assessment, including:

  • Testing every component using control panels, heat and smoke detectors and electrical devices to check each aspect is performing to expectations.
  • Inspections of batteries or backup power supplies, replacing battery systems as required where they have become depleted or less reliable.
  • Checking the first alarm sounder to ensure suitability
  • Cleaning and servicing, where detectors and filters may become less efficient due to dust. Particles may obstruct their ability to detect fire, smoke and risk factors such as elevated heat.
  • Visual checks to highlight any part of the building that does not comply with fire standards as set by BS5839-1:2013
  • Technical updates, where alarm systems are dependent on software to operate or require an upgrade.

Once maintenance work is complete, our engineers provide a copy of the maintenance log indicating the tasks carried out and when the next inspection is due. Technicians can also complete emergency repairs or provide advisory notices where action is needed to replace components no longer fit for purpose.

Clearway Fire Alarm maintenance services

Fire Alarm Maintenance Proceedures

Fire alarms should normally be inspected twice yearly – but we may recommend a different maintenance schedule due to elevated risks. All our engineers work in compliance with BS 5839-1:2013 to verify whether alarms require servicing.

During a maintenance visit, your technician will:

  • Appraise each part of the fire alarm system control panel to check every function is in good order, including fault indicators.
  • Check whether batteries are fully charged, and conduct greasing or top-ups for wet cells where necessary.
  • Use smoke and heat simulators and break-glass checkers to assess a randomly selected sample of detection outlets.
  • Activate fire alarm signals, with advance warning for on-site visitors and employees to verify whether audible alarms and call points are in good order.
  • Visually inspect the building to evaluate whether any activities, storage or evacuation routes require attention.

Records of maintenance visits verify that your alarms are reliable and functioning adequately, with most repairs carried out there and then to resolve wear and tear or deterioration.

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Emergency Lighting Systems Maintenance

Lighting systems are imperative during an emergency evacuation. They can be key to protecting life for properties with complex layouts and multiple stairwells, entry and exit routes, or internal areas that do not receive natural sunlight.

As with fire alarm systems, lighting should be tested twice a year, and in some cases more frequently, and maintained following the requirements of BS 5266-1:1999. An emergency lighting visit includes:

  • Discharge testing, usually split into a three-hour test on visit one and a one-hour test on visit two – although this can vary depending on the risk profile of the site.
  • Electrical and visual tests to ensure chargers, battery systems, generators and other backup power sources are suitably equipped to provide highly visible evacuation lighting for at least the maximum expected evacuation time from the furthest point.
  • Building checks to look for changes to the layout, usage or activities, or damage and wear and tear to lighting units or cabling that require attention.

Testing your lighting system means that everybody within the premises can evacuate quickly and safely without confusion in either a power outage or an emergency.

Clearway UK Fire Alarm Standards

Tailored Fire Maintenance Services

Multiple other aspects of your fire protection system will rely on regular testing, inspections and maintenance to ensure all devices, solutions and equipment remain in good condition and will function as expected in an emergency.

Clearway provides a broader range of maintenance and inspection services for all fire safety infrastructure, including:

  • Fire hoses, nozzles, extinguishers and suppressant devices.
  • Piping, cabling, hydrants, dry risers, wet risers and water sprinkler systems.
  • Specialist maintenance for fire special risk premises and industrial environments with more complex fire prevention and suppression facilities and protocols.
  • Roll call solutions, including automated emergency evacuation alarms and audible warnings, access control solutions and fire refuges and evacuation equipment for mobility-impaired site users.
Clearway Related Fire and Life Safety Systems

The Importance of Professional Fire Maintenance

Every device or system within your fire protection approach should be tested at regular intervals. Extinguishers past their expiry date, piping or ducting that has become worn or damaged, or alarm systems and call points that have become disconnected can substantially increase the potential for a fire outbreak to cause significant losses.

Maintenance is also a crucial aspect of fulfilling your duties as an employer, site manager or owner to safeguard the well-being of every individual present when a fire occurs and ensure that insurance coverage remains valid. Essentially, maintenance gives you the absolute confidence that your fire alarms and systems can accurately and quickly detect a fire, assuring swift evacuations.

Clearway’s fire maintenance services cover every element of your fire safety provision. Visits can be timed to correspond with the necessary frequency of appraisals, depending on regulations, the nature of the building, and the exact systems you have in place.

While annual maintenance is often mandatory, more regular inspections may be necessary for higher-risk settings. We also advise every fire safety manager to ensure all maintenance and appraisals are completed by certified professionals with the expertise needed to identify potential issues, faults or malfunctions and provide the proper advice to improve, replace or repair equipment or systems to ensure they are working perfectly.

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Why choose Clearway for fire maintenance services?

With over 30 years of experience, Clearway is a leading provider of comprehensive fire maintenance services, safeguarding your people, properties and assets. We have established ourselves as a reliable and trusted partner in the industry, catering to a wide range of clients across various sectors throughout the UK. Our commitment to best practices guarantees certainty, consistency and sustainability, giving you absolute peace of mind.

For more information about our fire maintenance services, the regulatory maintenance requirements linked to your site, equipment or fire prevention systems, or how often you should schedule maintenance to preserve the integrity and performance of your fire safety approach, please contact the Clearway team at any time.

FInd out how we can help with maintaining and monitoring your fire alarms.

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