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Stadium Security

Stadium security is a specialist area, where the concerns and threats experienced by entertainment venues, sports arenas, conference centres and multifunctional facilities are often dependent on in-depth risk assessments and security reviews, which can change depending on the scheduled event, number of attendees and calculated risk profile.

Following recent crises and tragedies, including overcrowding incidents, deliberate attacks and avoidable fatalities, stadium security supervisors have a unique set of obstacles and considerations that can be remedied with a strategic, proactive and technologically advanced approach to security. 


stadium security services
stadium security services

We Offer: 

Comprehensive Stadium Security Assessment and Strategy Development: We conduct a thorough risk assessment of the entire stadium, including entry controls, barriers, public address systems, and access points. This helps to identify vulnerabilities in alarm and surveillance coverage, leading to a robust security strategy that minimises major threats such as criminal assaults, thefts, and unauthorised access.

Emergency Preparedness and Environmental Control: We help to Implement efficient backup plans and control systems to handle severe weather, power outages, and other environmental threats. This ensures that stadium managers can quickly and effectively evacuate and manage the venue during emergencies, safeguarding both attendees and infrastructure.

Behaviour Management and Event Access Control: We provide enhanced controls on stadium access to manage antisocial behaviour and prevent illegal entries. This includes managing access to various zones like changing rooms, rehearsal studios, and spectator areas, while quickly addressing issues like aggression and violence induced by long queues and alcohol consumption.

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The Vital Role of Stadium Security in Venue Management

  • High-capacity stadiums face complex and diverse security concerns. According to government figures, over 50% of all arrests during the 2022-23 footfall season took place within the grounds, accounting for over 2,200 incidents in this type of event alone.
  • Security issues can relate to overcrowding and footfall management, screening for banned and illicit substances, access controls for restricted areas, checking for ticketing credentials, protecting the safety of performers, participants and high-profile speakers and preventing attacks, violence and unnecessary evacuations.
  • As many as 95% of sports stadium security leaders state that staffing shortages are a primary threat to their controls, with many reliant on their workforces to manage poor attendee behaviour.
  • Venue and event managers can use advanced AI-enabled controls to improve efficiency and prevent bottlenecks, such as introducing facial recognition, automatic vehicle number plate detection and digital or biometric entry solutions.

What Do We Protect Against?

Your first step in augmenting and reinforcing your stadium security will normally be to conduct a thorough risk assessment, incorporating every aspect of your venue, from entry controls to gates and barriers, public address systems and signage to perimeter access points.

This process may be invaluable in helping you identify vulnerabilities or gaps in coverage of your alarm and surveillance systems – developing a revised and robust strategy that ensures your security eliminates or minimises every major threat.

Below, we’ve listed some of the frequent challenges our stadium security clients must manage and why they require swift action.

Criminal Assaults and Attacks

Horrific events such as the Manchester Arena bombing highlight how organised gangs and terrorists may target stadiums, particularly those with large audience capacities and hosting high-profile events, matches or performances.

Thefts and Vandalism

The nature of large crowds and the continual movement of attendees can increase the risks of threats, whether affecting other attendees, equipment, and resources within the stadium or vendors and cash desks.

Environmental Threats

Severe weather, storms, power outages and events such as fire or flooding can be extremely serious in crowded, busy venues. Stadium managers need effective, efficient backup plans and controls to ensure they can swiftly evacuate in any emergency.

Trespass and Illegal Entry

Most stadiums have hundreds of changing rooms, rehearsal studios, staff-only areas, catering zones, employee and contractor parking spaces, and spectator seating and bathrooms. Controlling access to every part of the stadium is paramount, ensuring keys and entry permissions are tightly managed.

Antisocial Behaviour

Long queues, extended time waiting to access bathrooms or ticketing desks, conflicts between supporters and excessive consumption of alcohol commonly contribute to aggression, violence and poor conduct – something stadium managers and security teams need to be able to identify and address quickly.

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Selecting the Right Security Solutions for Stadiums and Event Venues

The ideal stadium security approach may depend on the nature of scheduled events and performances, the anticipated footfall, the layout and complexities of the facility, and the specific threats or risks that pose the greatest danger. Next, we’ve summarised some of the key stadium security services that are often in high demand.

  • Concrete Barrier Blocks: High-density concrete barrier blocks can be configured in any size or pattern, separating pedestrian and vehicle entry routes, preventing vehicles from approaching the stadium and bypassing security checkpoints, and eliminating threats of ram raiding or other criminal attacks.
  • Perimeter Security: Managing the entirety of a stadium’s perimeter can be challenging. Solutions such as advanced ground-level or fence-mounted perimeter intrusion detection devices detect even tiny vibrations, alerting security teams immediately when suspicious activity requires investigation.
  • AI-Enabled Stadium Surveillance: Machine learning augments the way CCTV cameras function, with varied features such as facial detection to screen for known intruders or banned individuals, automatic detection and verification of vehicle registrations, automated control of access gates and bollards, and even raising an alert when movement patterns or activities create a concern.
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Selecting the Right Security Solutions for Stadiums and Event Venues

  • 24/7 CCTV Monitoring: Around-the-clock monitoring of all alarms and surveillance is key. Trained responders at our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) can determine whether a fire, intruder or CCTV alert is authentic and dispatch the emergency services or security responders as appropriate to the exact location.
  • Professional Security Guarding and Patrols: Qualified, uniformed security guards create a visible and physical presence, deterring criminal and antisocial behaviour while screening for unusual activity or signs of disturbance that can often be de-escalated; security guards can also patrol perimeters or congested areas to manage crowds and prevent illegal entry.
  • Access Control Solutions: Stadium-specific access controls can help manage countless entry points, restricted areas, car parks, and staff-only zones. They use AI-enabled functionality, biometric scanners, digital security passes, and other methods to verify and approve the identity of any individual attempting to access the venue.

You are welcome to contact us at any point if you’d like to discuss these or other stadium security services that would improve your current risk management protocols.

compliance with martyns law

Compliance with Martyns law

Martyn’s Law, also known as “Protect Duty”, is a proposed UK legislation inspired by Martyn Hett, a victim of the Manchester Arena bombing in 2017. The law aims to bolster security measures at public venues to counter and respond effectively to terrorist threats.

For stadium security, Martyn’s Law holds particular significance. Stadiums, which typically host large numbers of spectators, would need to establish stringent security protocols.

Our security services help venues to be compliant with the new laws. This includes carrying out tailored risk assessments focused on preventing terrorist activities, enhancing access controls, augmenting surveillance, and increasing the presence of security personnel.

Clearway ARC

Why Choose Clearway for Stadium Security Services?

With decades of expertise supporting clients and organisations with complex security challenges, we provide a comprehensive array of services, from technological and innovative digital security tracking devices to professional guards and K9 patrol teams – providing independent, targeted suggestions to meet your biggest concerns head-on.

Clearway works with stadiums, venues, and arenas nationwide and focuses on customised controls and solutions to ensure that all risks are well-managed and regularly reviewed.

Contact our security experts now to discuss your security requirements and get a quote from us.

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