We recognise there is a fundamental need to secure your business critical assets, from vacant land, development sites and compounds, to plant, materials and fuel. As a leading provider of sustainable security, we are perfectly positioned to secure, monitor and protect your valuable assets.

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Rapid deployment Mobile CCTV Tower Hire (solar or mains power)

Clearway has over 25 years’ experience in providing sophisticated security solutions for vacant properties or sites including the supply, installation and monitoring of temporary CCTV towers on a short or long-term basis. Our towers provide a unique standalone solution for construction sites, storage yards, housing developments, warehousing, utility sites & events, giving site managers, owners and landlords peace of mind that their site is closely monitored.

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solar CCTV tower
solar CCTV tower

Continuous surveillance, even without mains power

  • Clearway’s inView CCTV Tower is the perfect standalone solution where CCTV security and remote monitoring are required.
  • Easily transportable and set-up in minutes it can be positioned in the most inaccessible locations yet give 24/7/365 visual security with minimal maintenance.
  • Our CCTV towers enable you to have eyes on your construction site and associated assets, car parks, vacant sites and just about any environment/scenario effectively and reliably – protecting your business from theft, unwanted intruders and criminal/antisocial activity.
  • They are not only one of the most effective visual deterrents; they offer great protection and surveillance across vast areas of land without the need for mains power.
  • Clearway provides solar mobile CCTV tower hire on a short or long term basis to a wide variety of businesses in the public and private sectors.
  • The scope and flexibility of the Clearway inView CCTV Tower make it an incredibly versatile and cost effective security solution.
mobile cctv tower being rapidly deployed

About Our CCTV Towers

  • Developed at Clearway’s stable of innovations, these versatile towers can operate on independent solar and battery power, or mains power.
  • They communicate via the mobile network, meaning there is no need for a hard-wired connection, and provide unbroken coverage for sites of all sizes in any location.
  • The towers connect to multiple remote sensors enabling them to detect activity over even large scale sites, internally or externally.
  • A range of features can be triggered though the Intelligent Analytics including automatic video recording, siren, email notification and ARC incident management.
  • Many criminal incursions occur under the cover of darkness, so the inView CCTV Towers capture stunning images 24 hours a day from the 3 x NDAA 2MP bullet cameras coupled with leading-edge sensor technology.
  • They feature a Super WDR low-light CMOS sensor for superior-quality images in daytime or night-time settings.
  • We offer 24/7/365 Remote monitoring is provided by our own in-house NSI Gold Cat II accredited Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) where our professionally trained operatives are able to rapidly react to any activations and respond accordingly.
  • As well as providing high quality images and footage, our inView CCTV towers are also a well-proven, highly effective, visible criminal deterrent, with the added ability to sound an audible siren to deter live criminal intrusions.
  • Unlike many other companies our CCTV towers are not turned off outside of the armed schedule, meaning that they provide continuous recording, even outside of your operational hours.

Our Camera Tower Features

No on-site services needed

Our camera towers are powered by solar energy and high capacity batteries requiring the minimum of maintenance. Utilisation of the mobile network means there is no requirement for mains power or a fixed internet connection.

Zoom and focus

With a 360° view and the utilisation of intelligent analytics, it will detect intrusion activities and instantly notify our NSI Gold CAT II Monitoring Centre 24/7/365.

Rapid Deployment CCTV towers

Fully weatherproof, our rapid deployment CCTV tower can be left unmanned for long periods of time and can be delivered, installed and up and running within 20 minutes of arriving on site.

Weather-proof CCTV surveillance

Our camera towers are designed to withstand prolonged external exposure and adverse weather conditions.

Strong Visual Deterrant

The 6m telescopic mast can be seen from a distance, with clear indication that CCTV is in operation on the premises to deter criminal behaviour and opportunistic thieves.

Day and Night Surveillance

Integral Smart-IR LEDs provide up to 60m of effective IR range, with a Super WDR low-light CMOS sensor for high-quality images in daytime or night-time settings.

Mobile Communication

Communication via a mobile network and arm / disarm features enable customisation and control on the go, plus monitoring from a remote location.

Independent Functionality

Our camera towers are designed to be left unmanned for long periods of time and, once installed, they do their job with very little maintenance required.

Leading Technology

3 x NDAA 2MP bullet cameras, using leading-edge sensor technology to provide stunning image quality, together with incredible low-light performance

Intelligent Analytics

A range of features can be triggered though the Intelligent Analytics including automatic video recording, siren, email notification and ARC incident management.

Multi Industry Usage

The Clearway inView mobile CCTV Tower is ideal for large open spaces, open car parks, construction sites, sports grounds, agricultural locations, outdoor events and music festivals.

portable cctv towers with solar power

Optional extras

Our mobile CCTV towers can be fitted with a number of additional smart features:

  • ANPR: Automatic Number Plate Recognition camera towers provides an accurate method of controlling vehicle eligibility to enter prescribed areas, such as car parks or business premises. ANPR also allows organisations to manage vehicle activity through collation of visitor data and to effect measures for parking overstays, or access to restricted areas.
  • Analytics: Our towers can be combined with artificial intelligence technology allowing for accurate detection and differentiation of humans, vehicles and animals in a wide range of situations, using day or night vision. Video analytics processes live video in real time and transforming it into intelligent data that is used to detect and track objects in the video stream.
  • Time Lapse: Implementing time-lapse recording via CCTV allows any scene or event to be recorded over a long period of time, capturing changes at preset continual time intervals. Time-lapse video recording is ideally suited to situations such as construction sites, flood risk, transport monitoring, civil engineering, etc. Time-lapse cameras can be mounted on the mast of the tower.

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Clearway cctv tower

Where is our CCTV Tower Used?

Clearway inView CCTV towers are suited to all kinds of situations, locations and events requiring a high visibility deterrent and 24/7 remote CCTV monitoring. Our towers are effective solutions for:

  • Vacant properties
  • Large open spaces
  • Open car parks
  • Construction sites
  • Sports grounds
  • Agricultural locations
  • Outdoor events
  • Music festivals
  • Storage yards
  • Housing developments
  • Warehousing
  • Utility sites
  • Public access facilities

Clearway installed an inView solar powered CCTV tower in a property in Oxfordshire which had previously fallen victim to theft as the owner wanted to catch the offenders in the act. Thanks to the infrared lighting and low-light camera capability, the thieves were detected at night and a response was automatically sent to authorities. The individuals were quickly apprehended and detained by security.

Clearway NSI Gold Cat II ARC interior

How are our towers monitored?

Monitoring can be provided by our NSI Gold Cat II Alarm Receiving Centre to provide 24-hour security. Combining monitoring and state-of-the-art site CCTV, we cover:

  • Intruder detection and monitoring
  • Fire alarm activation
  • Bespoke site monitoring
  • Panic alarm monitoring
  • Lone worker devices
  • Fly-tipping incidents
  • Temporary security alarms
  • Out of hours emergency call handling
  • PPE monitoring and compliance
  • Bodycams

If an intruder is detected, or the fire alarm is triggered, we can provide a response in line with the client’s agreed escalation policy. This will be discussed with you beforehand.

Clearway inView Detect PIDs with engineer

Supplement your CCTV with inView Detect

inview Detect supplements CCTV towers when securing large sites, empty premises or any sites with vulnerable perimeters. When paired with inView CCTV Towers, the combined system offers complete 360° surveillance coverage.

inview Detect wireless motion detection system provides the initial alert for potential intrusions, while the CCTV cameras capture real-time images and footage, allowing security personnel to visually assess the situation.

When strategically positioned, inview Detect autonomously identifies intrusions and promptly sends alerts to our Alarm Receiving Centre (or your security personnel) upon detecting motion. This informs security personnel of potential risks, unauthorised entries, and criminal activities in real-time.

Our innovative intrusion detection system integrates with and functions collaboratively alongside our inView CCTV Towers, enhancing overall resilience, providing additional protection, and facilitating efficient data management.

See our mobile solar CCTV Towers in action

Case Studies

Client site secured with Rapid Deployment CCTV Tower Hire ahead of Jubilee weekend

Blocks were installed in conjunction with a mobile CCTV tower with monitoring back to the ARC for immediate response if there are any perimeter breaches of the site.

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Mobile CCTV Tower hire provides reassurance for business car park users

Clearway installed one of our state-of-the-art inView CCTV Towers in the car park. Running on solar power and batteries, operating 24/7/365, and with a near 360° view of the surroundings, this unique CCTV technology monitors everything and everybody who comes and goes.

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Protecting a powerless building site with solar powered CCTV Tower

To prevent theft on an exposed building site, a  mobile CCTV Tower with solar-power capability was the ideal solution because they can run 24/7/365, continuously recharging themselves during daylight hours.

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CCTV Towers hire with remote monitoring for solar park facility

solar farm panels

Ethical Power needed a fast solution, while the issues with their wired CCTV system was fixed,” said Jon. “Our solar powered inView CCTV camera tower was perfect for the job as it could be deployed and configured within 24 hours plus it’s completely self-sufficient for both power and communications.

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Frequently asked questions

Clearway CCTV Towers come in mains powered and solar powered versions, so either way, you are covered.

Under Clearways T&C’s, the client is liable for any damage or loss to the system, therefore it is suggested that you self-insure.

With connection to multiple remote sensors placed around sites of almost any size, they will detect movement and instruct the mast-mounted camera to rotate, zoom, focus and live-record the event. Inbuilt capability for illumination, Infrared/night vision, voice challenge, timed arm & disarm and communication via the mobile network all come as standard. Fully weatherproof, the Towers are designed to be left unmanned for long periods of time and can be delivered, installed and up and running within 20 minutes of arriving on site.

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