We recognise there is a fundamental need to secure your business critical assets, from vacant land, development sites and compounds, to plant, materials and fuel. As a leading provider of sustainable security, we are perfectly positioned to secure, monitor and protect your valuable assets.

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Hospitality Security Services

Security is a key consideration for all businesses in the hospitality space, whether you run a hotel with an ongoing influx of guests and staff, need to protect your workforce and assets in a busy restaurant, or are focused on delivering high-quality customer service that ensures customers feel safe, protected and yet unrestricted when using your leisure facilities.

We offer:

  • Comprehensive Risk Management: We help you understand and manage the complexities of hospitality building layouts, locking mechanisms for restricted access and guest accommodation areas, and safeguarding everyone on-site from fire, theft, criminal activity, and trespass.
  • Advanced Monitoring Technology: We provide advanced technology that monitors suspicious or unusual movements, raising alerts immediately for incidents like unpaid restaurant bills, attempted thefts, or intruders gaining access to your hotel.
  • Security Evaluation and Solutions: We advise you to evaluate your current security setup, identify vulnerabilities, and implement reliable, proactive hospitality security solutions to significantly reduce the potential costs and reputational damage from security breaches.
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Our Hospitality Security Services

As specialists in security services, advanced surveillance tech, and bespoke risk analysis, we work with a diverse array of hospitality businesses, each of which may have particular threats, issues, histories of criminal behaviour, or security risks linked to its location, layout, or clientele.

The security services below are all highly relevant to hospitality businesses and are among the most popular risk management solutions.

  • Premises Risk Assessments: A thorough risk assessment is an excellent starting point to identify gaps in security controls, threats that are becoming more prevalent, or entry points that create a vulnerability.
  • Intelligent Fire Alarm Systems: AI-enabled fire detection accurately assesses the likelihood of an elevated heat signature or changes in air quality indicating a real fire, enabling swift action in real-world emergencies while preventing false callouts and building evacuations.
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How can we help?

  • Security Guard Patrols and Monitoring: Uniformed, highly trained security guards can be stationed at the main entrance or reception space, perform random patrols around the property perimeter, or provide open and lock-up services during periods of increased risk.
  • Advanced CCTV Surveillance: Intelligent CCTV can incorporate a wide range of functions, from body temperature, facial, and vehicle number plate recognition to movement tracking, identifying unusual behaviours, or flagging when an item or piece of equipment has not been returned to its normal spot.
  • Responsive Intruder Alarms: Intruder alarms notify security personnel instantly when a perimeter, doorway, restricted-access zone, or other part of the building has been breached. This ensures that you never wait for a theft or intrusion to take place before addressing an unauthorised or criminal trespass.
  • Vacant Property Protection: Empty hotels, restaurants, guest houses and bars are prime targets for criminals. The right safeguards, such as steel security doors, concrete anti-vehicle bollards, wireless alarms, and tower-mounted CCTV, can substantially lower the risk of a break-in, squatters, fly-tipping, vandalism and other unwanted or unlawful behaviours.
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The Importance of Security in the Hospitality Sector

  • Hospitality sector businesses such as restaurants, bars and hotels have a complex security profile, with a need to safeguard guests, employees, approved tradespeople, visitors, assets and equipment from damage, vandalism, theft and harassment.
  • Implementing best-practice security measures can minimise potential threats, enhance the safety of all business users, reduce insurance coverage costs, and improve the response times of security personnel, emergency services, or security patrol teams.
  • Options such as intelligent fire alarms, professional guards, pre-emptive intruder alarms, 24/7 CCTV monitoring, and vacant site protection from Clearway’s accomplished teams are effective and can be tailored to your specific security concerns.
  • Smart technology incorporating AI and machine learning features is well suited to the security needs of hospitality sector businesses. It uses functionality such as facial and number plate recognition, suspicious activity monitoring, and false alarm identification to improve overall security.

What Do We Protect Against?

The number of possible entry points, the difficulty of ascertaining the status of every guest or customer, and the fluidity of the number of people within the premises at any time make security requirements for hospitality companies more involved than for other business categories. Our multi-skilled hospitality security consultants can help minimise or eliminate the following threats.

Thefts Impacting Customers or Guests:

Customers and visitors may have wallets, bags, coats, and luggage left in accommodation, cloakrooms, lockers, and next to tables, often targeted by thieves looking for easy opportunities. Smart surveillance and static security guards can ensure any such attempts are identified or prevented before a theft occurs.

Fire and Environmental Risks:

Fire, smoke, flooding, and gas leaks are all potential issues for hospitality businesses with busy commercial kitchens, leisure facilities such as pools and spas, and premises-wide heating and bathrooms. Intelligent fire systems reduce the possibility of a false alarm by using tech such as air quality analysis and exact location tracking to maximise safety while preventing unnecessary evacuations.

Deliberate Intrusions and Trespass:

The nature of a hospitality business often means there is a steady flow of people entering and leaving the property, creating an ideal environment for intruders or trespassers. Implementing access controls, secure entry systems and footfall monitoring allows businesses to react swiftly to trespassers to prevent damage or losses.

Customer Theft or Non-Payment:

Restaurants and bars commonly find that non-payment seriously impacts their revenues, which can equally affect hotels that offer contactless checkouts and key drops. Security monitoring can identify previous perpetrators through facial recognition, determine when a person has left the premises without paying, and capture video footage to assist with onward investigations and prosecutions.

Security Threats Against Staff and Tradespeople

Protecting staff and authorised visitors, such as lift technicians or delivery people, is paramount. Physical security safeguards, highly visible alarms, cameras, and professional security guards can deter opportunist criminals and avoid any threats or criminal activity such as till theft.

Asset and Equipment Theft:

Many hospitality businesses have high-value assets, from safes to delivery vehicles and commercial catering equipment to entertainment facilities like flat-screen TVs and silverware. Putting the right security systems in place prevents thefts, where suspicious behaviour is flagged, investigated, or deterred through proactive monitoring and intruder alarm signalling.

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