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Commercial Eviction Services

Evicting trespassers, squatters and travellers from property and land can be complex, expensive, and highly stressful, particularly where unauthorised individuals are unwilling to comply with instructions to leave, cause damage and destruction, or display aggression when approached.

Clearway provides a full range of commercial eviction services across England and Wales and responds quickly to enforce eviction orders and use de-escalation techniques to reclaim your premise or commercial land as soon as possible.

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Clearway - Eviction Services
Clearway - Eviction Services

Responsive and Efficient Commercial Eviction Services

Our team of Recovery Account Managers support property agents, landlords and businesses, acting according to the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 and Common Law statutes relevant to private property being unlawfully occupied.

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Professional Eviction Enforcement Service

The correct eviction service will depend on the nature of the unwanted occupants and whether the land is publicly or privately owned. Our agents can recommend specialist solicitors if you require particular advice or need to secure a court order or other formal documentation to enable an eviction to proceed without delay.

We can liaise directly with the courts, your legal representative, and the police where appropriate and direct you to suitable professionals that can offer legal advice if necessary.

Evictions under Common Law generally require the landlord to serve notice and file an eviction complaint before escalating the matter supported by legally enforceable records, such as:

  • Writs of possession
  • Time abridgement applications
  • Writs of restitution
  • Access injunctions

In many cases, squatters, protestors, or travellers leave behind hazardous waste and damaged property or land. We provide licenced rubbish and waste clearance services with Environment Agency authorisation, restoring your land or building to clean, safe, and usable condition.

All Clearway Enforcement Agents hold County Court certification and are registered as Certified Bailiffs, with various powers to control goods, enforce court orders and remove trespassers from your site.

Clearway - Travellers Eviction Services

Traveller Eviction Services

Some sites are regularly targeted by traveller communities, often commercial land and open spaces that can accommodate large volumes of vehicles, trailers, and individuals.

Typical examples include holiday parks and green spaces, where the appearance of travellers can cause long-term detriment, blocking planned events or works, prohibiting access by authorised users and having a negative impact on local communities.

Trained Enforcement Agents are equipped to deal with potential violence or aggression, safeguarding landowners and businesses from direct communications and using the legal provisions for minimal force.

Where encampments include multiple travellers, vehicles and animals, a professional trespass response is strongly recommended, with officers able to work with police responders to mitigate any escalation and protect you from exposure to litigation.

Clearway - tenant evictions service

Tenant Eviction Services

When commercial tenants violate their lease terms, engage in unauthorised or unlawful activities, overstay their agreement without permission, or fail to pay rent and owed service charges, landlords and property owners are entitled to initiate a commercial tenant eviction procedure. This legal action is referred to as “forfeiture” and serves as the swiftest means to ensure the permanent vacation of the tenant from the property.

Clearway’s Tenant Eviction Service offers indispensable support to commercial property managers seeking to regain control of their premises. Often, tenants are in arrears, have neglected proper maintenance of the unit, sublet without permission, or have otherwise violated their contractual obligations. Read our guide: How to evict a commercial tenant.

Clearway - squatters evictions service

Squatter Eviction Services

Commercial landlords are commonly concerned about the legalities of squatter evictions yet require immediate access to their property. Squatters can prevent legitimate, paying tenants from moving in, devalue a property or premise, and cause landlords untold expenses in repairing damage where individuals have been living illegally in a property, often without mains power or running water.

Clearways’ Enforcement Agents work with property owners to enforce eviction orders and appreciate the complexity that is sometimes involved with these evictions, especially where squatters have been in situ for longer periods.

However, contrary to misconceptions, squatters have no right to lawfully occupy a property they have no ownership rights to. ‘Squatters rights’ only exist after a decade of continuous occupancy, or 12 years for properties or land not registered with HM Land Registry.

As always, we can refer landlords and concerned business owners to litigation representatives if they require robust court judgements to uphold their interests and remove squatters from their property.

Clearway - Land Eviction Services

Land Eviction Services

Commercial land can attract unwanted tenants and illegal occupants, with the difficulty of securing open spaces from unauthorised vehicles, individuals, and travellers. A qualified, experienced Enforcement Agent, or team of agents, can react quickly and serve eviction notices within as little as 24 hours.

We also provide security assets and safeguards to prevent evicted occupants from returning and can recommend protocols to prevent your land from becoming a target in the future.

Options include security patrols by badged security guards and K9 patrols, security gates, shutters and fencing, CCTV surveillance, property alarms and around-the-clock monitoring through our accredited Alarm Receiving Centre.

Post-eviction, we can clear the site, implement countermeasures, and provide a visible security response to deter prospective criminals and intruders.

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Common Law Eviction Services

Common law evictions refer to situations where a tenant has been in situ for some time, without landlord consent, with rental payments in serious arrears, and without or beyond the terms of a previous tenancy agreement.

These evictions generally require a court judgement in favour of the landlord and an eviction notice, with a professional Enforcement Officer to implement, removing the tenant and any property, in some cases requiring physical removal where a tenant contradicts the ruling or eviction notice.

Evicting an individual or business tenant from a rental property can be tense and possibly volatile. Still, it is often necessary to reclaim access to your premises and remove a non-paying or unlawful tenant who would otherwise have refused to leave.

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Why Choose Clearway for Professional Eviction Services?

Our nationwide teams have wide-ranging expertise in vacant property security, eviction services, and managing vulnerable or high-risk sites. We can advise on the appropriate eviction process, signpost you to legal experts where required and provide reliable, fast, and efficient evictions and property clearances to resolve the matter promptly.

Enforcement Agents, trained security officers and trespass responders operate 365 days a year and can coordinate into larger teams for evictions on a bigger scale, with availability across the UK.

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Related Services

  • Security Patrols: once a site or building has been exposed to squatters or illegal tenants, the risk that this will recur increases. Our security consultants can recommend static guarding, security patrols, physical security hardware and K9 units to defend your site from repeated eviction scenarios.
  • Vacant Property Security: we are an industry leader in professional vacant property security, with wireless alarms and surveillance networks, steel security doors and screens, trained security response teams and other solutions adapted to your requirements.
  • Environmental Services: post-eviction, many properties are left in an unsafe condition, with Environment Agency licensed teams available to remove hazardous materials, waste, fly-tipping and bulkier items quickly and safely, with responsible waste management and disposal.

Our Range of Eviction Services

Frequently asked questions

Experiencing a further influx of trespassers or squatters after an eviction can impact the costs and time of restoring your property, repairing damage, and incur additional charges to secure and enforce an eviction. During ongoing repairs, vacant property security defends the site to prevent unwanted occupants from returning.

We would never advise a landlord or commercial rental company to attempt an eviction. There is a heightened risk of facing litigation claims for excessive force or encountering violence or resistance that could put you in harm’s way. Enforcement Officers are highly trained, skilled, and experienced and can manage conflicts calmly to ensure the eviction is successful.

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