We recognise there is a fundamental need to secure your business critical assets, from vacant land, development sites and compounds, to plant, materials and fuel. As a leading provider of sustainable security, we are perfectly positioned to secure, monitor and protect your valuable assets.

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Steel Security Screens For Windows

Crime statistics show that the majority of intruders enter through unsecured windows or doors. Our metal window screens provide a highly effective deterrent, ensuring that any high-risk or empty property remains impenetrable.

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Robust Security Screens For Vacant Properties

  • Highly effective visual criminal deterrent
  • Creates a secure steel barrier over your windows and doors
  • Secured using anti-tamper security screws.
  • Perforated metal window screens to allow in light and ventilation
  • Will cause no, or very little, physical damage to existing glass or framework
  • Resistant to arson attack
  • Hand-cut to fit complex shape


Prefabricated Steel Screens

Clearway steel security screens for windows are each made from a single sheet of high quality, zinc-coated, perforated steel that is folded to create a rigid box shape. These prefabricated screens are fitted to the outside of the property completely covering each window and frame and, using tamper-proof bolts, the metal window screens are secured to an internal steel frame thereby causing little or no damage to the existing window frame.

Perforated Steel Sheet

Where prefabricated/folded steel screens are not suitable, we will use sheets of perforated steel sheet, hand-cut on-site to fit difficult shapes or openings. Wherever possible we will use only a single sheet of steel for each window or opening, not multiple smaller sheets riveted together.

Features include:

  • Heavy-duty, galvanised steel sheets
  • Perforated metal security windows allow light for ventilation
  • Hand-cut to fit complex shapes
  • Resistant to arson attack
steel security doors and screens

About Our Metal Security Screens

Commercial-grade metal security screens are suited to almost any property type, manufactured at specific thickness grades to ensure each screen is extremely resilient and cannot be removed, tampered with or damaged.

As vacant property security specialists, Clearway fits robust metal security screens to protect windows and glazing, including bespoke screens for unusual layouts or shapes. We can hand-cut perforated steel sheets on-site for an expedited turnaround and are often tasked with installing screens over large-scale shop front windows.

Our expert installation technicians can organise a site visit to measure up and advise on the best types of metal security screens for your property, with the capacity to safeguard high-value premises and those with specialist glass in need of protection during heavy footfall events.

Our Security Screen Installation

Clearway installation teams work quickly and efficiently, swapping temporary timber boards for metal security screens designed to withstand intrusion. Our rapid installation techniques allow screens to be fitted in minimal time without damaging your property, including glazing, brickwork and existing window frames.

Metal screens are installed in line with walls, leaving no gaps or openings – preventing the screen from being able to be forcibly levered.

Our customised screens can be designed as required, with bespoke fabrications secured by anti-vandalism screws to ensure criminals or squatters cannot remove the screen with tools.

Clearway Steel Security Screens datasheet

Security Screens Specifications

The most common material is tough, galvanised steel, fitted flush around windows and frames with perforations to prevent damp, ensuring the site remains in good condition. Our metal screens will not deteriorate due to prolonged weather exposure.

Our prefabricated screens are cut to the exact size required off-site, ensuring that the installation process is quick and convenient. Clearway can also hand cut individual sheet steel to the correct dimensions and offers this tailored service on-site where necessary.

Smaller steel sheets can be riveted together where necessary, and we endeavour to ensure our screens meet your security requirements, even if the window opening shape is complex or requires specialist care.

We only install high-quality metal screens, rather than using off-cuts or thin gauge steel that is not sufficient, and ensure that your screens are adjusted where required to guarantee that screens cannot be prised off.

Standard hex bolts are unsuitable since criminals can remove them with common tools, so we only use professional anti-tamper fixings that require commercial equipment to remove them.

Metal security screens for windows are fitted without any opening mechanism and can only be removed with professional equipment, resistant to attempted intrusions, including hacksaw attempts.

Metal Security Screen Applications

Metal security screens have a broad scope of applications. They are used on vacant properties and premises exposed to increased risk to prevent criminal damage, thefts and vandalism, creating a far stronger, tamper-proof shield than conventional timber.

Vacant buildings benefit from increased security, robust metal screens are a visible criminal deterrent that preserves the integrity of the building and its fixtures from unauthorised entry and environmental damage.

However, there are several other scenarios where short-term timber boards cannot provide appropriate protection and our reinforced metal sheets and galvanised steel screens can be used:

  • Shops and retail units that are exposed to civil disturbances or large crowds during events.
  • Any property during extreme weather conditions, particularly those exposed to sea fronts.
  • Premises with broken glass due to accidents or criminal activity – where the glass is custom sized or will take time to replace, metal security screens may be advisable.

Clearway’s police and insurance-approved metal security screens can also be fitted where a serious crime has occurred, and high-security levels are essential.

Related Vacant Property Solutions

As the leading vacant security specialist in the UK, Clearway can recommend several complementary services and resources to protect properties in varying circumstances.

Examples that clients often consider alongside metal security screens include:

  • Temporary CCTV Towers: mast-mounted CCTV towers can monitor large expanses of land, including retail parks, car parks and outdoor areas. High-definition CCTV surveillance can be solar or mains powered and is suitable for vacant sites and those without electricity or where there is an elevated risk of vandalism.
  • Steel Security Doors: security doors made from the same high tensile fabricated steel can be fitted with keyless locking mechanisms or rugged mortise locks to allow authorised entry but safeguard any entrance from illegal access.
  • Temporary Wireless Intruder Alarms: wireless alarm systems operate continuously, raising the alert when any movement is detected or glass is broken. The commercial-grade battery systems provide always-on functionality, perfect for vacant sites.

If you would like any advice about the right security options for your site, vacant or otherwise, or would like to compare costs and risk protection levels, please get in touch with Clearway at your convenience.

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Frequently asked questions

Metal screens are made from high tensile strength metals, often steel, with screw clamp systems that secure the perforated metal with the frame. The outcome is an incredibly strong security solution that facilitates airflow and natural light yet cannot be removed without the correct tools.

Quality metal security screens often last around a decade, although you can hire them for short-term periods or until a property vacancy ends.

Much depends on exposure, but the primary reason a steel security screen requires replacement is the natural movement and settling of the property structure and walls.

Timber boarding is commonly used where windows have been smashed and prevent any accidents from occurring. However, once a property has been exposed to criminal activity, the potential for future incidents increases.

Wooden boards can be used as a short-term health and safety measure, but if the glazing cannot be repaired or replaced quickly, the risk is that the boards can be removed with simple tools and expose the property to further damage, theft or squatters.

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