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Access Control Maintenance

Commercial access control systems incorporate multiple components, moving parts and software integrations – making it essential to organise regular, professional maintenance to prevent minor faults from escalating and to ensure your access management assets are working correctly.

Clearway provides regular access control system maintenance – whether you have a long-standing access management system or are considering the best way to preserve the value and integrity of a newly installed set of access controls, preventative checks ensure you have confidence that your security remains effective.

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CCTV Monitoring Applications

Regular Access Control Maintenance

Disregarding a small glitch can be a significant risk, where it may not be obvious that the system has developed an error, jeopardising your premise’s security. Periodic maintenance visits can pre-empt any aspects of your access management system that are becoming worn or outdated, prevent major issues from developing, and provide assurance that your security is fit for purpose.

Depending on the nature and complexity of your access management system, regular maintenance might include card readers and security scanners, latches, locks and electric doors or gates, barriers, ID cards and fobs, and the software that verifies the credentials of each individual or vehicle.

Our Access Management System Maintenance Services

Visual checks

Visual checks of connections, circuits and contact points, followed by electronic testing to analyse whether the system is operating correctly.

Power testing checks

Power testing checks, looking at battery capacity, mains power connections and the suitability of standby batteries and power supplies to ensure the system will keep working in a power cut or other loss of power.

Testing all warning devices

Testing all warning devices, such as alarms, to verify whether intruder alerts and failed security checks are communicated immediately.

Component checks and cleaning

Component checks and cleaning, looking for deterioration, loose cabling, rust formation and other general issues that need to be corrected.

Maintenance checks

Maintenance checks against all access management components, including doors, locks, keypads and security scanners, to ensure they work as expected.

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Expert Advice

Maintenance visits will vary depending on the layout and configuration of your access management system, the types of components and verification procedures in place.

Once a maintenance visit is complete, our engineers will advise of any repair or replacement works necessary, identify whether components are approaching the end of their lifespan or at risk of failure, and provide a log of tests performed and the results.

This audit trail may be necessary for insurance coverage purposes, with an up-to-date maintenance log that proves the system has been confirmed as in good working order by a suitably qualified engineer.

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Servicing Access Management Systems

Service visits can be carried out against a pre-agreed schedule, as dictated by the manufacturer of certain pieces of equipment within your access management system or based on your risk assessments and organisational policies.

Much like any maintenance visit, our teams will run through all of the above tasks and any other tests required to ensure they can assess the performance of your system. One of the many advantages of regular servicing is that you can make informed decisions about how to react to recommendations or whether potential issues are likely to become business-critical.

Most organisations require a professional access management system service visit at least once per year – working through component cleaning, network connection verifications, power supply checks and system testing.

Cleaning is essential where outdoor circuits and switches are exposed to dust and other contaminants. A seemingly minor problem, such as oil on the surface of biometric scanners or touchpads, can develop into a real issue if the scanner stops working – cleaning is an easy, low-cost solution.

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The Benefits of Access Control System Maintenance

Introducing advanced access management systems is of huge importance to many businesses and organisations operating in high-risk sectors or where there is an elevated threat of criminal activity due to the nature of the site or the equipment, tools and vehicles stored within the premises.

Businesses use access control to reduce costs, ensure regulatory compliance and prevent unauthorised entry to their site. The positive aspects of regularly maintaining these systems include:

  • Security assurance: access management systems work autonomously around the clock and protect your premise, workforce and assets even out of hours. A well-maintained, fully functioning access control setup can prevent intrusions, thefts and other risks.
  • Improved health and safety compliance: access controls can restrict access to unsafe zones to only approved, qualified users without concern that an untrained individual or inadvertent access breach could occur due to system outages.
  • Enhanced audit outcomes: businesses may be obligated to conduct audit inspections as a regulatory compliance or accreditation requirement. An updated maintenance log may be a core component of an on-site audit to ensure the premise remains suitably protected and has the right safeguards in place.
  • Reduced risk exposure: after investing in a high-performance access management system, business owners and managers need to ensure they are not eroding the value of that investment by failing to keep up to speed with maintenance. Access controls that work seamlessly can minimise security threats and ensure the environment is safe and secure for visitors, colleagues and other stakeholders.
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Why Choose Clearway?

With over three decades of experience, Clearway is one of the UK’s longest-serving security firms, offering a comprehensive access management system maintenance dedicated to safeguarding people, properties, and assets. Our track record has firmly established us as a dependable and esteemed partner within the industry, serving a diverse clientele spanning various sectors across the UK. Our unwavering commitment to adhering to best practices ensures unwavering certainty, consistency, and sustainability, granting you complete peace of mind.

For further information about the best maintenance schedule for your access management systems or to arrange an initial service visit to test the performance of your access controls, please contact the Clearway team at any time.

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