We recognise there is a fundamental need to secure your business critical assets, from vacant land, development sites and compounds, to plant, materials and fuel. As a leading provider of sustainable security, we are perfectly positioned to secure, monitor and protect your valuable assets.

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Property Management: Commercial, Residential and Retail

Security is essential for commercial, residential and retail property whether occupied or vacant. Having the right safeguarding systems in place protects your business, your tenants and your budget from the tangible costs and stress of dealing with intrusions, thefts, and intentional or accidental damage.

For lease property risk management
For lease property risk management

Clearway works with owners of small and large businesses to protect a wide range of properties and sites including but not limited to:

  • Multi-tenant residential blocks
  • Office suites
  • Private care homes
  • Student accommodation
  • Retail units
  • Business & retail parks

Having robust and insurance compliant security provisions in place also help improve the risk profile and maintain the property value, reducing the chance of increasing insurance premiums.

Residential properties are a business but also a home or place of work, good security ensures that your property stands out as an attractive rental option and gives your tenants the peace of mind that their welfare has been provided for.

Clearway offers a wealth of solutions whether you want someone on site or just simpler, more covert measures, we have a range of products and services to mitigate the risk.

Commercial Property

What to consider

  • Vulnerable points of access – including vehicle access, doors, windows, and perimeters.
  • The tenants and use of the property, and specific risk factors present, such as higher numbers of authorised visitors and staff requiring access to care homes.
  • Points of risk such as parking areas, stairwells and unlit pathways.
    The area in question and whether surrounding land, buildings or establishments present a risk factor or whether particular crimes are prevalent in the region
dome vs bullet cameras


Advanced CCTV surveillance cameras are the front line of your defence – especially if your premises are vacant. CCTV acts as a digital guard on-site 24/7, capturing clear video footage in the event of an incident, and alerting your security team of authorised or unauthorised entry.

Primarily used for the surveillance of commercial car parks and retail units, we provide high-spec, fully weatherproof, battery and solar-powered CCTV towers to capture footage 24 hours a day. Our towers are typically used to monitor for antisocial behaviour, fly-tipping and squatters whilst vacant.

Aside from our CCTV towers, Clearway installs and monitors a broad range of retail site-specific CCTV solutions, with bespoke systems recommended to fit the layout and format of your premises, and with functionality including:

  • Daylight and Infrared night vision cameras for continual surveillance.
  • Timed alarm activations for instant protection out of hours.

Our CCTV security teams can provide rapid-response installations, wireless CCTV with tamper-proof casings, and retail security CCTV temporarily during higher-risk activities or permanent facilities for long-term protection.

protect vacant property with locks

Open and lock up service

Almost all UK businesses with physical premises will have some kind of property alarm as this is often a minimum requirement of risk assessments, insurances, and security policies. However, managing the responses to alarm activations poses a significant cost, and time pressure, as well as safety considerations, should an intruder trigger an alarm.

Clearway provides comprehensive open and lock-up services to all manner of commercial properties.

Every responder will carry out checks and safety inspections as identified by your risk assessment process, including:

  • Setting alarm systems, locking doors, checking windows and access points are secure.
  • Prompt reporting and action when any breaches, irregularities or unusual circumstances are identified outside of the standard systems.
  • Record-keeping to identify controls followed, access permitted, and the times of each closure and opening.

This professional security service is popular with larger organisations with multiple properties or sites to protect and with public access businesses such as retail sites where protection for staff and maintaining high standards of safety are critical.

Commercial Alarm Systems

Temporary Alarms

Alarm systems are a vital component of security, for both commercial and residential premises. However, this poses a complication for properties in remote locations, without mains power, or where development works mean that hardwired alarms are rendered redundant on a short-term basis.

Wireless intruder alarms utilise powerful, reliable battery systems to keep careful watch over your properties and premises, without requiring any cabling, power supply or maintenance to keep them running correctly.

Extreme cleaning for vacant properties

Property Cleaning

When tenants have moved on, been evicted or have passed away there can be a significant amount of rubbish or hazardous material left which can pose a significant health threat.

Working directly with property managers and owners, commercial enterprises such as leisure groups and housing associations and local authorities, Clearway provides a range of vacant property cleaning services, including property or site clearance, fly-tipping removal, hazardous waste disposal and extreme or crime-scene cleaning.

Wireless Intruder Alarms

Residential Property Security Solutions

Residential properties can be just as exposed to vandalism, break-ins, thefts, and squatters as empty commercial units. The presence of a ‘to let’ sign can itself be seen as an invitation for intruders to access the building and strip any fixtures, fittings, or materials.

Damage can be costly and time-consuming and prevent landlords from moving in new tenants should they have to first evict trespassers, repair vandalism, or replace materials such as roofing tiles, radiators, pipework and appliances.

With a comprehensive range of security solutions to choose from, we can tailor and combine options as required to meet your requirements. Options include:

vacant property inspections

Property Inspections

Continuous on site security is not required for every site or premise. Regular vacant property inspections provide advanced warning of any vulnerabilities before significant issues arise. A full report will assist the property owner in complying with relevant insurance requirements. We provide this service as part of our void or vacant property security solutions and each solution is tailored to your own requirements.

Vacant Property Security

Insurance Compliance

Significant evidence exists to confirm that the likelihood of damage to, or injury from an empty property is very high even if the property is only temporarily vacant, such as it would be prior to a tenancy change, sale or refurbishment.

We can help you maintain your assets and ensure premises can be swiftly placed back on the mar­ket, whilst also assisting with all your insurance compliance requirements.

Property owners have a legal responsibility to ensure the safety of third parties entering the premises, whether they are employees, estate agents, surveyors, buyers, tradespeople or trespassers, and even children who decide to use the property as a playground. Clearway’s suite of fully insurance compliant products and services, including loss prevention works, are designed to mitigate any risks and retain the full value of your assets.

Manned Guarding

Related Security Services

As a leading UK security team, Clearway also offers multiple additional services, each of which can be blended with your existing security strategy as demand changes.

Vacant Property Security

A crucial measure to prevent trespassing, theft, criminal damage or intruders when a residential property is vacant. Clearway provides a full range of options such as temporary or longer-term security doors, robust alarm monitoring, and regular property inspections. Read more about empty property security here.

Physical Guarding and Patrols

Our security teams are all accredited and qualified, so for vulnerable sites or during higher-risk activities such as renovations or refurbishments, we provide manned guarding, dog patrols and access control services to monitor and approve all visitors to your premises. Read more about manned guarding and dog units here.

NSI Gold Standard Monitoring

With an NSI Gold Standard rated alarm centre, Clearway provides an outstanding alarm monitoring service with instant alarm activation response, complete record-keeping and video logs, with protocols followed to ensure any alarm is dealt with quickly, professionally and safely. Clearway also provides CCTV maintenance services where they are needed.

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