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AI Surveillance for Traffic Monitoring

Intelligent traffic monitoring cameras have extensive uses, from general highways management to applications in logistics, supply chain control, delivery depots and private security.

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stopped vehicle detection using Clearway inView highway CCTV Tower
stopped vehicle detection using Clearway inView highway CCTV Tower

Our solar-powered AI CCTV towers cameras do much more than purely observe and capture footage – programmed algorithms can track movements, identify risks, evaluate whether an event constitutes a safety threat and issue immediate alerts to responders.

Evaluating traffic speeds and volumes is extremely valuable for goods transportation, emergency services, and service planning, along with functionality such as Stopped Vehicle Detection to reduce collision risks and detect criminal activity.

Stopped vehicle detection with Clearway inView CCTV Technology Tower

Proactive Traffic Management

Roadways move quickly and are one of the most hazardous environments possible, with extreme threats to life if traffic violations, accidents or debris are not dealt with quickly.

Traffic monitoring cameras expand on the functionality of conventional CCTV to provide real-time analysis, triggering warnings when unexpected movements, objects or conditions are detected.

Predictive traffic monitoring CCTV can anticipate several scenarios:

  • Traffic jams – providing useful information for logistics businesses, emergency services and delivery providers.
  • Hazards causing a risk to road users – from Object Detection Cameras to alert responders to wildlife or broken down vehicles to CCTV Analytics to forecast heavy demand periods.
  • High collision risks, where signage, safety assets, traffic lights, junctions or traffic control provisions are not adequately managing traffic flow.

The key to traffic monitoring CCTV is that it doesn’t wait until an issue arises to transmit an alert.

It delivers active, real-time, 24/7 surveillance and intelligent analysis to give planners valuable information to make informed decisions.

CCTV highways PPE

Types of Traffic Monitoring CCTV

Artificial intelligence-enabled traffic monitoring has varied uses and can be utilised as a part of a comprehensive security solution to detect events, collate data and evaluate the severity of any incidents.

Cameras are fully customisable so that they can be programmed in many ways depending on the location of surveillance and the purpose of the CCTV solution:

  • Event detection traffic monitoring can pick up on numerous situations, matching the behaviour to a defined protocol database and using deep learning to enhance responses. Examples include flagging when there is spilt cargo, smoke, drivers going the wrong way, stopped vehicles or queues.
  • Facial Recognition Cameras can assist with apprehending criminals, tracking vehicles driving erratically or dangerously, and identifying the driver responsible with precision accuracy.
  • Traffic monitoring CCTV on public roadways can trigger rapid responses if a severe threat exists, such as a pedestrian on a motorway or a collision on a smart motorway with no hard shoulder or refuge areas.
  • Traffic data collection can gather information such as counts of vehicles, average speeds, and common manoeuvres and classify each subject for detailed, exact analysis of how and when roads are used.

The advantage is that one advanced AI CCTV system can incorporate all of these functions in one unit, with a weatherproof, durable casing to remain on alert even in extreme weather or temperature conditions.

ANPR Camera

Applications of Traffic Monitoring

While public road management is an obvious place to use traffic monitoring technology, it is also used in a considerable range of other applications.

Examples include:

  • Access control systems – automating entry permissions for registered vehicles collated onto a database. This process removes the need for manual intervention and allows high-value businesses to streamline entry and exit rights.
  • Logistics planning – fleet managers, public transport providers, ports and airports need to understand times of high demand to provide sufficient staffing and plan delivery routes or stock movements at the most economical times.
  • Traffic monitoring has extensive security applications and can identify when the same vehicle is repeatedly returning, alert responders when there is suspicious behaviour or the potential for a site to be scoped as a target for criminal activity.

Authorities use traffic monitoring cameras to apprehend drivers committing driving violations, measure instances of speeding, check how effective safety measures such as traffic lights are, and make proactive choices about ways to reduce risks.

Traffic camera

Key Features of AI Traffic Monitoring

Smart traffic control cameras have a range of advanced features that make them suitable for use in different environments, industries and conditions:

  • End-to-end data flows ensure that designated managers or responders receive instant alerts when action is required, with analysis carried out by the AI chip within the camera unit.
  • Commercial-grade AI CCTV captures high-resolution imagery and uses the data collected to further inform deep learning and make accurate assessments and forecasts.
  • The deep learning process is self-adaptive, so a traffic monitoring camera will make increasingly detailed computations to understand the layout and typical movements within the monitoring zone.

The power of AI CCTV is hard to exaggerate and can collect enormous volumes of data, far surpassing conventional vehicle recognition technologies or object tracking.

Multiple interfaces ensure that your traffic control CCTV can integrate easily with other assets in your surveillance network and communicate with devices, networks and information storage systems.

If you would like further information about traffic monitoring solutions and their benefits to your organisation, please contact the CCTV experts at Clearway.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Traffic Monitoring AI CCTV

There are multiple ways CCTV analysis can dramatically improve road safety:

  • Monitoring road conditions for spillages, potholes and debris.
  • Reporting to traffic management systems when driving conditions deteriorate.
  • Automating traffic speed limits and temporary lane closures.

Immediate alerts allow traffic managers and planners to take swift action, whether sending a security team to investigate an incident or issuing changes to traffic directions and signage to direct oncoming traffic away from high-risk areas.

CCTV surveillance is an inherent part of a security strategy and is permitted on any private or commercial property provided you adhere to regulations around data management.

Please get in touch if you would like advice about the appropriate signage and policies to ensure your CCTV footage is recorded, stored, and used correctly.

Network traffic monitoring is used to improve service quality, proactively identify potential security threats, avoid bottlenecks and manage access control systems to high-value sites.

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