We recognise there is a fundamental need to secure your business critical assets, from vacant land, development sites and compounds, to plant, materials and fuel. As a leading provider of sustainable security, we are perfectly positioned to secure, monitor and protect your valuable assets.

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Fire Alarm Monitoring Services

Clearway’s highly accredited Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) retains a Gold Standard rating from the National Security Inspectorate (NSI). We provide vigilant fire alarm monitoring and response 365 days a year, 24/7, to protect your premises, assets, inventory and workforce from growing fire risks.

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fire alarm monitoring services
fire alarm monitoring services

Rapid response to fire alarm activations

Fire safety is a key priority for millions of businesses, requiring compliant, real-time, and always-on-tracking systems to ensure that any live alarm, fire warning, or early indications of a blaze are swiftly recorded and responded to.

Our fire responders are fully trained in emergency fire protocols. They can monitor a broad range of alarm systems, from simple smoke detectors to more advanced fire suppression and control networks in higher-risk or business-critical zones.

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Our Fire Alarm Monitoring Services

The core component of any fire response policy is time. As soon as a call point is activated, an evacuation signal is initiated, or particles of smoke and ash are detected, the clock begins, where evacuating a facility, notifying the authorities and ensuring a potential fire is brought under control quickly are essential.

With decades of expertise providing rapid response alarm monitoring, Clearway can track, verify and instigate action when any fire alarm emits a signal, including:

  • Heat and smoke detectors
  • Emergency call points and panic alarms
  • Air quality detectors

Modern fire alarms are designed to activate when any initial sign of a developing fire is detected – such as particles of ash within the air, an elevated temperature, or heat signals emitted from a potential ignition point.

Fire responders can often investigate the cause of the alarm if there is any uncertainty about the risk, where they have access to CCTV surveillance or communications with on-site staff or security responders. This process ensures that if an urgent call to the fire and rescue service is initiated, it has been verified as an authentic emergency.

Clearway Fire Roll Call Solution

Creating a Fire Alarm Response Protocol

Every business owner or facility manager recognises that fires can spread incredibly quickly, and smoke, ash and heat can cause extreme risks to life. In every live response scenario, we deploy pre-agreed policies and protocols with the primary aim of protecting life.

Very often, the most serious fires occur out of hours, and it is common for an audible alarm to be dismissed as false until a blaze has spread out of control, with potentially disastrous consequences.

Having a response team working around the clock eliminates this possibility, where every alarm will be investigated and responded to. There is no potential for the alert to be assumed as a false alert until we have live confirmation. The exact policy will depend on your requirements, but will normally follow these steps:

  1. The alarm is logged and flagged as soon as the signal reaches our secure ARC facility – prompting a designated responder to manage the situation.
  2. Depending on the nature of the alarm and whether there is a mechanism to confirm the circumstance emerging on the ground, the responder will commence emergency protocols, contacting keyholders, security teams and often the fire service.
  3. Alarm responders remain on hand until they have either confirmed that the building is evacuated and a fire has been extinguished or until the property manager verifies that the alert can be stood down.

Our responders often simultaneously manage other alarms, such as intruder alarms and CCTV surveillance and can utilise all of these assets to keep track of the event and provide real-time updates to the designated parties.

NSI Gold remote monitoring

The Benefits of Professional Fire Alarm Monitoring

As previously mentioned, the most important aspects of a fire alarm monitoring service are speed and certainty. Facility managers and owners have the peace of mind that a trained responder is on hand continuously to react should a fire alarm be sounded.

There are also multiple additional advantages from a security, safety and cost perspective:

  • Keyholders and team members are never expected to attend a premise or verify the severity of a fire. This responsibility is delegated to qualified responders with experience managing emergency fire alerts.
  • The risks of the most serious outcomes, including the loss of life or irrecoverable damage to your premise, are substantially reduced, with alarms recorded and responded to immediately, rather than waiting for a passer-by to recognise that an alarm is authentic.
  • Secure, tamper-proof alarm signal transmissions ensure that any and every alerts will reach the ARC without the prospect that an emergency alarm may be missed, ignored or assumed to be false.
  • The frequency of false call-outs is mitigated, with alarms investigated and verified where possible before initiating an emergency response or contacting the fire service.

Businesses are assured that their systems, assets and premises are protected, signals are logged quickly, and may even find that a professional fire alarm monitoring service reduces insurance costs.

In every case, responding to a fire quickly is considerably more cost-effective than the major challenge of recovering from a fire, replacing assets, or, in the worst-case scenarios, needing to rebuild from the ground up.

Clearway ARC

Why Choose Clearway for Fire Alarm Monitoring?

Clearway is a sector leader in security, alarm monitoring and property risk management, with decades of expertise in cutting-edge solutions, real-time tracking, and technological alarm functionality.

We provide a comprehensive service, including independent site risk assessments, fire alarm and suppression installations, and always-on monitoring to protect your premises, staff and business assets from fire and fire damage.

Our NSI Gold Cat II accredited ARC provides seamless, 24/7 tracking of every alarm systems  and upholds the highest standards in security, data protection and communications so you remain up to date from the first point of alarm activation to the situation resolution.

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Related Services

  • Fire Detection and Alarm Systems: We offer a complete range of commercial and residential fire detection solutions accredited to ISO 9001:2015 and BAFE SP203-1 standards.
  • Commercial Fire Extinguishers: Our accomplished commercial fire consultants can recommend the appropriate extinguishers and fire suppression equipment for your facility based on the latest guidance and legislation.
  • Fire Special Risk Services: Our specialist team offers an end-to-end service for facilities and compounds with elevated risks, with bespoke systems commissioned to suit the needs of a wide array of sites and properties.

Should you require further information about professional fire alarm monitoring or any related services, please get in touch with our knowledgeable team at any time.

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