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Individual Status Reports

Clearway Individual Status Reports provide thorough background information to help businesses and landlords assess the creditworthiness of potential customers, credit facility applicants and tenants, revealing useful insights and data to help make informed decisions.

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Clearview credit score

The importance of background checks

Background checks are essential in numerous sectors, ensuring companies avoid future arrears, debt recovery costs and late payments.

They can also be valuable where a debt situation already exists, showing where a tenant or other client may be in financial difficulties and assessing their ability to repay or arrange a structured repayment solution.

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What is an Individual Status Report?

An Individual Status Report can be tailored to your requirements, with comprehensive vetting information, including but not limited to:

  • Registrations on the electoral roll
  • Tenancy details, such as length of occupancy and evidence of occupation
  • Payment defaults and any history of CCJs or bankruptcies
  • Information about company directorships held
  • Demographic address profiling

Each report is compiled by Clearway’s experienced in-house collection agents and investigations team, using legitimate public databases and information sources to ensure the data is accurate, up-to-date, and relevant.

Clearway - Trace and Status

Our Individual Status Report Services

Clearway provides a broad range of security, property maintenance and debt recovery services. In many cases, collating evidence and information is the first step, whether pursuing a court order, progressing through an eviction, or ascertaining the likelihood of recovering arrears related to service charges and rent.

We work with commercial landlords, business managers and site owners to ensure they have full control over tenancy checks, property management and debt collections, providing detailed background information.

When a business has encountered credit issues such as bankruptcy, landlords must have access to this information to decide the best steps forward.

Other details, such as registered directors, may help landlords pursue those responsible for business debts, where vacated commercial tenants may attempt to stall or avoid making good on balances owing.

Our collections teams can collate all relevant data, explain the relevance, and help you decide on the most appropriate strategy, depending on the debt collection matter in question, the amounts owing, and the position of the commercial tenant, business, or responsible owners.

Clearway related services

Related Services

  • Pre-Legal Debt Recovery: PLDR services are provided on a no-fee basis if collections are unsuccessful as a no-risk solution to ensure you have the best prospects of recovering debts owing without the case escalating to court. We offer PLDR with professional support, advice and collections protocols for unpaid invoices, debt arrears, and amounts owed by residential or commercial clients.
  • Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery: Rental arrears can spiral, where a commercial tenant falls behind with payments, vacates the property leaving unpaid balances, or ignores formal collection notices. Our enforcement agents can help you navigate the legal processes to recover commercial rent from tenants at any stage.
  • Business Forensics and Intelligence: Our investigative platform provides commercial landlords with a wealth of information, including risk-averse reporting around client insolvencies, credit health and financial standing. Deep-dive reporting can include tracing individuals, assessing the formal legal status of a business or individual, and giving commercial landlords access to other relevant background details.
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Why Clearway?

Clearway has decades of expertise in commercial property management, from securing vacant units to helping landlords recover debts and maintaining empty properties to implementing robust technological security solutions.

Our comprehensive range of debt recovery and reporting services can help you understand the bigger picture, assess the suitability of various approaches, and make informed business decisions to avoid unnecessary expenses or time.

Working with a business risk expert assures you of timely, professionally compiled, and useful information, assessing the overall standing of a commercial tenant, deciding whether to proceed with a rental agreement or identifying the individuals responsible for business debts.

Clearway’s recovery, analytics and investigative teams can provide independent guidance, steer you through court processes and legal requirements where relevant, and ensure you have all the information you need to achieve a successful outcome.

Frequently asked questions

One of the biggest challenges for commercial landlords is recovering unpaid debts, which can relate to rental payments, service charges and other fees associated with maintaining a property or covering running costs such as utilities and taxes.

Without evaluating a company’s creditworthiness and the individuals running it, landlords are exposed to a greater risk of non-payment or experiencing the additional costs of repairing a rental unit that has not been properly cared for.

Individual Status Reports can assess a wide array of databases and information sources to provide thorough screening, whether analysing a new tenant or investigating a tenant that has vacated or fallen into arrears.

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