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Vacant Property Clearance

Empty, void or vacant property clearance is of paramount importance when tenants have moved-on, been evicted or have passed away as there can be a significant amount of rubbish or hazardous material present, leaving it uninhabitable and unusable.

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Property clearance
Property clearance

Clearway’s range of professional clearance services

Should your asset become vacant it’s important that it is serviced by a professional empty property clearance specialist, especially if dangerous substances are present. Drug paraphernalia or even human remains can pose a significant health threat to anyone who comes into contact with it and must therefore be handled by trained specialists with the correct equipment.

Clearway provides a range of vacant property or site clearance services, fly-tipping removal, hazardous waste disposal and extreme or crime-scene cleaning. Working directly with property managers and owners, commercial enterprises such as leisure groups and housing associations and local authorities, we provide a comprehensive, industry accredited vacant property clearance service.

Vacant Property Clearance

The requirement to clear and clean a property varies according to the circumstances as it may be the result of eviction, repossession, re-homing or even a fatality.

This type of work can be testing for even the most highly experienced teams and a sympathetic and patient approach is needed to wade through the often-idiosyncratic accumulation of rubbish, possessions, years of papers, bedding and human waste in potentially the most unsanitary of conditions. This is why it is imperative to engage a professional service provider to carry out such demanding work.

Our specialist clearance teams are highly trained and have extensive experience of dealing with a wide range of challenging circumstances and environments.

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Hazardous Waste Disposal

Hazardous waste can include animal tissue, bodily fluids including blood, dressings, drugs, Excretions, human tissue, needles and other sharp implements, Pharmaceutical products and swabs. When clearing areas that have been exposed to hazardous waste, specialist equipment and protection is needed. We will handle and disposal of hazardous waste in a responsible, efficient and effective manner ensuring that all legal precautions and requirements are strictly adhered to.

We are licensed by the Environment Agency and all extreme/clinical waste is disposed-of by licensed incinerators.

We do not provide one-off hazardous waste removal or extreme cleaning. These services are primarily available in conjunction with our vacant property or site clearance and security services.

Commercial Rubbish Removal

As part of vacant property clearance, we may be required to dispose of commercial waste or rubbish. Waste clearance can include unwanted office materials rubble or debris, cleaning up after squatters or trespassers and fly-tipping removal.

We do not provide a scheduled or regular bulk waste collection service.

Sharps Waste Removal

Sharps Waste Disposal

Sharps waste, typically found in controlled environments such as hospitals, clinical environments and laboratories poses a great risk to health when found in public areas. Often the dangerous items are drug-related paraphernalia, e.g. needles, glass pipes, metal/foil, tubes etc., irresponsibly left by drug users.

Since 1991 Clearway’s highly trained operatives have provided a specialist sharps and biohazard removal, working as the official Metropolitan Police Crime Scene and Trauma clean-up partner since 2009.

We also work closely with property managers, housing associations and local authorities.

Fly-tipping Clearance

Fly-tipping is a nationwide problem that continues to increase, both in incidence and volume.

Private landowners and local authorities alike fight a constant and extremely expensive battle against fly-tipping which, if left, quickly turns from being an unsightly inconvenience to attracting vermin, presenting a health risk and potentially causing fires. In addition, uncleared bulk rubbish acts like a magnet, attracting even more fly-tippers, so the problem needs to be dealt with quickly, efficiently and environmentally.

Licensed by the Environment Agency, Clearway clears hundreds of tons of unwanted or fly-tipped waste every year, from both domestic and commercial sites.

Pest Control and Invasive Plant Removal

Clearway’s pest control teams are registered with the Environment Agency and are trained and qualified in the treatment and removal of a broad range of pests and infestations including bees, wasps & hornets, pigeons, ants, spiders, woodlice, squirrels, rabbits etc.

Japanese Knotweed can grow more than 1m in height in three weeks and the elaborate root system can travel down 3m and out 7m. Japanese Knotweed is extremely vigorous and invasive and it is an offence to allow it to spread across neighbouring land so must be treated as soon as it is identified.

Extreme Cleaning Services

Clearway’s deep cleaning services include bin rooms, rubbish chutes, graffiti removal, pest control, sewage overflows (post-clean-up), bird fouling and fumigation. The extreme cleaning service extends to crime scene and trauma cleaning where the risk of exposure to biohazards, such as chemicals, blood, bacteria, human waste and infestation of rodents, flies and maggots is very high.

We do not provide one-off domestic cleans, carpet cleaning or end of tenancy cleans.

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