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Stopped Vehicle Detection

Stopped vehicle detection cameras, backed with advanced AI CCTV technology, make a profound difference to the risks of road travel and highway worker safety and are ideally suited to smart motorways where speedy responses can be life-saving.

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Stopped Vehicle Detection
Stopped Vehicle Detection

As National Highways has introduced smart motorways, around 100 miles of UK hard shoulders have been converted into traffic lanes – making the necessity of stopped vehicle detection cameras crucial to public safety as well as the safety of our workforce.

Our solar powered intelligent CCTV towers also have countless applications in the commercial world, identifying productivity issues, broken down equipment, and unauthorised vehicular access that must be dealt with rapidly to maintain security.

Stopped vehicle Detection (SVD) from Clearway

Immediate Stopped Vehicle Detection from Clearway

Existing surveillance technology can take several minutes to recognise that a vehicle has stopped, whether due to a breakdown, accident or collision.

This delay – while it may seem minor – can lead to significant issues and safety threats:

  • High potential for additional collisions and near misses.
  • Bottlenecks of traffic building up quickly.
  • Risks where emergency services are unable to attend the scene.

Our stopped vehicle detection cameras harness the power of AI CCTV analytics to evaluate the presence of a stationary car or van quickly, determine the likely impacts, and automatically dispatch alerts as required to activate an appropriate deployment.

The benefits are meaningful, diverting traffic away from the site, automatically closing lanes to oncoming traffic and allocating resources in the fastest possible time.

stopped vehicle detection using Clearway inView highway CCTV Tower

Types of Stopped Vehicle Detection System

There are multiple detection types, which can be customised to suit the size or area of surveillance, whether a private access route to a high-value enterprise or a public highway:

  • Stopped vehicle detection flags an alert when a car is static, identifies the type of vehicle, and monitors the incident until resolved.
  • Cameras and radars can implement wrong way detection capacity to alert response teams to illegal or dangerous driving.
  • CCTV Analytics assess traffic flow with queuing detection protocols to signal an early alarm when vehicle levels exceed capacity.
  • Automatic debris or pedestrian identification enables security responders to attend quickly when a potential high-risk object or unauthorised person moves onto a roadway.
  • Emergency monitoring is essential to inform critical response services, keep track of the movements of involved parties through Facial Recognition Cameras and clarify when the hazard has been removed.
  • Close follow Traffic Monitoring cameras support the authorities in assessing the potential outcome of unusual or suspicious behaviour, tracing the vehicle in question in high-resolution detail.

One set of stopped vehicle detection sensors can cover broad areas or be programmed in a network for comprehensive coverage of even long stretches of roads.

Clearway Stopped vehicle Detection (SVD)

Applications of Stopped Vehicle Detection

We’ve discussed roadways, but there are many other environments where Object Detection Cameras form an influential part of a security monitoring system.

Rules-based AI systems operate in real-time, scanning 360° and detecting stationary vehicles at any location within the surveillance radius.

This technology can be used across a range of industries and sectors to:

  • Identify potential scouting of perimeters and business locations.
  • Evaluate whether a vehicle is attempting unlawful entry.
  • Raise alerts when vehicles bypass restricted access security systems.
  • Verify the approval status of all vehicles on site.
  • Provide passive access control to permit entry by approved cars.
  • Check the movements and offload times of delivery vehicles.

Smart vehicle detection cameras can be used to assess traffic numbers, detect queues, and identify other potential security hazards such as pedestrians, debris, abandoned objects and wildlife.

Stopped vehicle detection with Clearway inView CCTV Technology Tower

Key Features of our Stopped Vehicle Detection Cameras

Traffic monitoring and stopped vehicle surveillance systems are designed to operate flawlessly in all weather conditions, equipped with infrared cameras to work at all hours of day or night.

Linking the system with NSI Gold Monitoring ensures professional security responders are available to receive alerts raised, correspond with site managers, and follow protocols to dispatch teams as necessary.

The signal is raised in as little as ten seconds depending on how the stopped vehicle system is programmed, meaning immediate assistance and resources can be allocated.

Important features include:

  • The option to manually suppress alerts once an issue has been addressed.
  • Enclosed scanning mechanisms to provide continual surveillance.
  • Intelligent operational assessments to dictate the required actions.
  • Weatherproof monitoring, functional in all light and temperature conditions.

In highways security, stopped vehicle detection allows teams to divert oncoming traffic, prevent additional incidents, send assistance for stranded drivers, warn other road users and automatically close lanes.

Please get in touch if you would like further information about the applications and functionality of our stopped vehicle detection cameras or which system integrations are best suited to your requirements.


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Frequently Asked Questions - Stopped Vehicle Detection

Swathes of UK motorways have been converted to smart motorways, which means that there are no hard shoulders, and only intermittent refuse areas for stranded motorists to await attention from emergency services or breakdown providers.

Only a fraction of these roads have stopped vehicle detection, which means the risk to life increases exponentially when a vehicle breaks down or is involved in an accident.

Stopped vehicle cameras use AI technology to apply immediate protocols to raise the alarm, send assistance, and prevent the hazard from becoming a threat to other road users.

Cutting-edge surveillance cameras provide a range of useful functions. They can record events, with clear imagery captured to identify how an incident occurred or for monitoring purposes.

They are a valuable resource in verifying events, with digital imagery captured in real-time, with the technology to record videos even in darkness, fog or heavy rain.

Traffic radars can track individuals or vehicles, detect wildlife, monitor hard shoulder usage and recognise when queues and heavy traffic conditions develop.

Overloaded highways can cause multiple risks of accidents, particularly where congestion occurs in bad weather, with water and spray, darkness or high sun glare affecting drive visibility.

Real-time queue detection enables operators to act quickly, redirect traffic, advise drivers to slow down, initiate warning signs and reduce the risk of collisions.

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