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Fly-Tipping Removal

Clearway provides professional and rapid response for fly-tipping clearance and waste removal.

Our fully licensed teams of fly-tipping removal specialists will clear fly-tipped waste from private or public land and are available to clear waste safely, helping to ensure the area is left in a clean and environmentally friendly state.

Please note: Clearway do not offer a regular waste collection service.

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Clearway fly tipping removal service
Clearway fly tipping removal service

Safely removing fly-tipped and unwanted waste, we will endeavour to ensure the area is left in a safe and hazard-free state, thereby helping restore the area to its natural state and minimise the risk of the waste having a lasting impact on the local environment, wildlife and the general public.

For more information, please see our fly-tipping clearance services below and contact our friendly team today to discuss how we can help you.

Please note: Clearway do not offer a regular waste collection service.

What Is Fly-Tipping Clearance?

Fly-tipping refers to the illegal dumping of waste on land without the landowner’s permission or a valid license to dump waste. Fly-tipping can cause serious environmental damage, especially if residential or commercial waste is hazardous.

The illegal dumping of waste can encourage rodents and pests in the local area, harm the environment and have a damaging impact on people who come into contact with it. Fly-tipped waste also rapidly attracts more fly-tipping too. As such, the waste needs to be cleared safely and professionally and the area cleaned afterwards to help ensure the area is left in a natural state.

Once the fly-tipping area is cleared, the waste is taken to a registered waste transfer agent who processes the waste material and ensures it is disposed of in accordance with all waste disposal and environmental regulations.

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Clearway Fly-Tipping Removal Services

With over 25 years experience, we work with landowners, local authorities and commercial organisations

  • Private Land Clearance – If you are a private landowner, we can safely and securely remove illegally dumped waste from your property, while working to reduce any impact the waste could have on your land through our cleanup services.
  • Public Land Clearance – We also provide safe fly tipping clearance services for public areas such as parks, open spaces and work with local authorities to safely remove dumped waste for the benefit of the public and local area.
  • Hazardous Removal – Dumped waste can often contain hazardous, sharp, illegal, toxic or poisonous substances, either left illegally at a site or as a byproduct of the waste breaking down. Our team has vast experience in safely removing the majority of most common waste types, and delivering it to licensed waste transfer stations to be processed in accordance with current environmental regulations.
  • Village, Town and City Removals – We also remove illegally dumped waste in villages, towns, cities and other urban areas, where this waste can attract rodents and pests into properties and waste can block pavements, roads and streets for residents, pedestrians and drivers.

Fly-Tipping Removal Case Study

Toys ‘R’ Us in Croydon – Following the closure of the store, the site quickly became an illegal dumping ground and home to squatters due to no shop security being in place to secure the site.

Following the removal of the squatters, our team worked quickly and safely to clear the tons of fly tipped waste and secure the premises.

Residential Property Clearance – Our team was charged with removing years of rubbish, food, human waste and drug paraphernalia from a residential property.

After two cleaning companies refused the work, Clearway quickly got to work clearing and cleaning the property to return it to a habitable state for a future tenant.

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Why Choose Clearway?

Clearway is the UK’s most successful and innovative environmental property services company. We operate nationwide and have built strong working relationships with local councils, social housing providers and some of the largest property managers and landowners in the UK in delivering our fly-tipping removal services.

Our clearing services are cost-effective, and with our team available 8am-6pm, 5 days a week, with an out of hours call-out-service, you can rest assured our team will be on hand whenever you need us.

No job is too big – whether that is simple waste clearance or the removal of drug paraphernalia and toxic substances – we have the experienced team you need to get the job done quickly, safely and securely.

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