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vacant commercial property

Empty Commercial Property – Things to Consider

The volume of unoccupied business premises in the UK has risen sharply, primarily due to companies relocating or switching to a remote work structure following the pandemic. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to retain your site value and preserve the integrity of the structure, whilst preparing it for a new tenant or…

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utilities for vacant property

Utilities and Water Rates on Empty Properties

With ever-increasing energy prices, it’s essential for landlords, commercial owners and investors to keep up to speed with the costs of paying for utilities for their empty properties. As the vacant property experts, the Clearway team has compiled this short guide to recap everything you need to know, with a few pointers about avoiding unnecessary…

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self storage security

Securing Self-Storage: How to Secure Your Storage Units

A recent update from the Self-Storage Association indicates that organised crime groups are targeting self-storage facilities, particularly those without adequate security, leaving valuables exposed to theft. This guide includes advice for all self-storage companies, highlighting the key threats you should safeguard against and the best security features available to protect your customers, staff, property, business…

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Vacant Property

Buying a vacant property checklist

If you’re a property developer and you’re planning on buying a vacant property to renovate, there are a couple of things you’ll need to bear in mind before making the purchase. Unlike buying a property that is already occupied or ready to be occupied, a vacant property will require lots of work, renovation and financial…

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Property managers and owners

Landlord guides: What is an empty home premium?

If you’re currently the owner of an empty house, you might be wondering if you’re still supposed to pay council tax on your property. Not only do you have to pay council tax, but you’ll be liable for what’s known as an ‘empty house premium’ alongside your regular council tax bill. While the premium varies…

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owner of vacant property

How to find the owner of an abandoned empty property? 5 Ways

If you’re a landlord looking to invest in an empty or abandoned property, one of the most difficult parts of the process might be finding the initial property owner. In this article, we explain some of the most trusted methods you should try for finding the owner of abandoned property. The faster you find the…

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Vacant Property Security

Does a landlord have to pay business rates on an empty property?

If you own commercial property that is currently sitting empty, you might be asking yourself – do I have to pay business rates on an empty property? Unfortunately for UK property owners, having your commercial property empty will not make you exempt from paying business rates. You’ll be liable for business rates within the first…

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Vacant Property

Does a landlord have to pay council tax on an empty property?

If you’re the owner or landlord of a residential property which is currently empty, you might be wondering – do you have to pay council tax on an empty property? Despite a few exceptions, most landlords will be liable for the council tax on empty properties. In this article, we’ll explain the government regulations on…

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The Clearway Group office

The Clearway Group appoints a new Group Sales Director

The Clearway Group is pleased to announce the appointment of Nick Revell to UK Group Sales Director, taking overall responsibility for the growth leadership of all of its UK business units. Clearway operates as a market leader in vacant property services and asset protection including security, CCTV, monitoring and debt management and recovery via Clearway…

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vacant property

What is the definition of a vacant property?

If you’re considering buying an empty property to invest in, or if you own a second home that you’re not occupying, knowing what constitutes a “vacant property” is important when it comes to aspects like insurance and tax. In this article, we outline what constitutes a vacant property, the difference between vacant property and unoccupied…

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Construction industry

What is a risk assessment in construction?

Construction risk assessments are all about identifying potential workplace hazards, assigning responsibility, and assessing the correct steps to mitigate or remove those risks. Building sites have a unique set of potential hazards. A comprehensive risk assessment is crucial, ensuring the workforce can go about their daily tasks without any undue exposure to injury or accident….

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utilities for vacant property

What should I do with utilities when a house or commercial property is vacant?

Knowing the right way to manage utilities serving a vacant property isn’t always obvious. It might be inconvenient (and expensive) to disconnect essential services if you’re unsure when the property will be required or when a new tenant will move in. There are several factors to consider: The anticipated duration of the property vacancy. Costs…

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dome vs bullet cameras

Dome Vs Bullet Cameras – which are better?

Protecting your business, especially empty sites and premises, is vital to reduce common risks such as plant theft, break ins, fly-tipping and vandalism. These security breaches can be particularly costly for your business. One of the best ways to have eyes on your business around the clock is by installing commercial cctv cameras on and…

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site security

Manned Guarding Vs Technology – Which is more effective?

A construction site presents numerous opportunities for costly criminal activity. The building or refurbishment of a property requires a considerable number of resources for any given site – and with increased resources comes a high number of risks such as theft, trespassing and vandalism to name just a few. Additionally, the duration and complexity of…

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Do security cameras deter crime?

No matter where you run your business, security is vital. If your business premises are located in an urban area or somewhere with a high crime rate, you will ideally want to deter potential criminals. Even in rural areas, certain crimes may go unnoticed without effective security. The best-case scenario is crime prevention. However, if…

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Vacant Property Security

How many vacant properties are there in the UK?

The UK housing crisis continues to worsen, as widely reported in the media. Yet, a baffling correlation exists between the volume of vacant properties and increasing housing demand that has spurred the government to call on private developers to help. One of the key frustrations is that so many empty homes could be repurposed with…

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Vacant Property

How to protect a vacant property – combining physical and technical solutions

Vacant properties are regular targets for criminal activity, whether it’s an empty residential rental or a commercial unit between tenants. The presence of valuable raw materials and running utilities combined with easy access can cost landlords and property owners thousands in repairing vandalism, evicting squatters and replacing stolen fixtures, roof tiles and copper piping. Fortunately, there…

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construction site

Is fuel theft set to rise following the ban on Red Diesel?

For most companies, the usage of red diesel will be a thing of the past come April 2022 should they want to avoid incurring fines. The rules are changing meaning that the use of red diesel will be limited to: Vehicles in the agricultural sector Those powering non-commercial heating systems Vehicles used in the railway…

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CCTV Camera

What Is A PTZ Camera?

Protecting your commercial premises is essential in order to keep your business and its assets secure. Theft and vandalism are two threats faced every day that cause significant inconvenience and financial loss. Therefore, it is of the highest priority to have in place a robust security system to watch over your business at all times,…

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How secure is your empty site or vacant property over the festive period?

Over the winter months there are always more security risks to empty sites and vacant properties due to the darker nights and people being on holiday. Coupled with the latest government advice for everyone to work from home where possible, this means more buildings will be left unoccupied, creating more security challenges. Cold mornings, late…

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CCTV Tower Camera options

What are PIR cameras and how do they work?

PIR (Passive Infra-Red) detection is a technology used in security systems to detect movement or intruders by recognising light emitted from nearby objects. PIR is the result of years of product innovation as security companies find new and innovative ways to detect the presence of intruders in commercial and domestic facilities. Over the years, PIR…

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Construction Site Theft

The impact of supply chain ‘shortages’ on UK construction and why we need to protect our assets.

The BBC said it best: “Shortages seem to be the only thing we’re not running out of in the UK in 2021.” Interruptions in the supply chain have negatively affected every industry, from cars and technology to food and fuel.” Unfortunately, the construction industry hasn’t been immune from these shortages. In fact, suggests that “the construction…

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alarm response

How does remote CCTV security work? Inside a cctv monitoring station

If you were to consider the ‘ideal scenario’ when looking at your security options, it would normally involve the 24/7 monitoring of the commercial CCTV footage of your site to ensure any breaches are quickly responded to. We receive many enquiries about remote monitoring that include questions such as: How quickly can a security team…

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Construction Site Theft

Construction Site Theft is at an All-Time High

The ongoing shortage of building materials has pushed construction site theft to an all-time high, forcing a greater need for 24/7 site CCTV security. The Construction Equipment Association recently reported a 50% surge in construction site crime rates last year due to the coronavirus pandemic lockdown. But now, these figures have been exacerbated further due…

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Illegal traveller occupation of land and golf clubs

Golf Clubs Facing the Threat of Invasion from Travellers

The past few weeks have seen a sudden upsurge in the travelling community trespassing onto the land of several golf clubs in and around the north west of England. Travellers are certainly not there for the golf. The Royal Liverpool Golf Club at Hoylake, which hosted the British Open in 2014 and will again in…

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temp and fixed

The different Types of CCTV Camera explained

There are many options when it comes to choosing suitable CCTV cameras for your premises. Clearway recommends security installations based on site-specific factors, such as: Key entrances and exits. Access points such as loading bays or roof lights. The size and layout of the site. Mains power accessibility. Potential security threats. The situation and style…

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how much does CCTV cost

How to position CCTV Cameras

CCTV is doubtless one of the greatest preventatives to avoid illegal entry, thefts and damage to your property. However, it remains crucial to identify the best positioning to ensure you cover all of the highest risk locations at your premises and have sufficient lines of sight to capture activity in and around your entrances. You…

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knotweed_montage final

Japanese Knotweed is dominating gardens this summer

Japanese Knotweed can wreak havoc on a building’s infrastructure, growing into basements and causing structural damage to buildings, which can devalue properties and lead to the refusal of mortgages. The invasive plant can grow more than 1m in height in three weeks with the complex root system going down 3m and out 7m, spreading so…

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Screenshot 2021-06-11 155825

Vacant Railway Arches – An Open Invitation for Illegal Activity

Network Rail, the owner of Britain’s railway infrastructure, hit the headlines at the end of 2018, when it was announced that Blackstone, an American private equity firm, and Telereal Trillium, a multi-billion pound property management and development company, would be purchasing a 150-year lease on Network Rail’s 5,261 rental spaces for £1.46 billion, becoming the…

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a restaurant with people and waiters, with large windows, the interior in a modern style

How Can Technology Help Your Staff Feel Safe as Businesses Return to Normality, Even Beyond June 21st?

As the UK’s roadmap successfully meanders towards June 21st, more people are travelling, shops are reopening, and many offices are beginning to come back to life. However, the need for social distancing and the wearing of face masks remains in place, and may continue to do so for some considerable time even beyond June 21st….

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The Return of Large Events Across England

With COVID-19 restrictions easing, the return of all in-person events is closer than ever. However, security measures may need to be put in place at these events to counter anti-social behaviour, manage traffic and help with crowd controlling. On February 22nd, the government outlined the Spring Roadmap 2021, introduced as four steps to ease lockdown…

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Is Copper the New Gold?

Clearly, copper isn’t as valuable as gold, but its increase in value is catching the attention of thieves, resulting in stories of copper theft hitting the headlines. The world is shifting towards clean-energy solutions and several long-term trends are driving the need for more copper, including the demand for electric vehicles, the consumption of electronics,…

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cctv installation checklist

Our comprehensive CCTV installation Checklist

Installing a commercial CCTV system for your business can be an excellent way to bolster security and ensure your staff, premises, and equipment remain under rigorous surveillance to prevent criminal activity. However, there are a few things you need to do to ensure you are compliant with data protection legislation in the UK. In this…

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How to Safely Reopen Your Business Premises (A Checklist)

Millions of British businesses have been closed for much of 2020. Whether working from home, limiting customer access, or being shut altogether, the roadmap to exit lockdown restrictions is excellent news that many companies are beginning to reopen their doors. However, it can be daunting to know which safety protocols you need to implement to…

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Electronics waste concept - Garbage electrical waste ready for r

Disposing of Business waste – what are the rules?

Every business will produce trade waste of some kind, and it’s essential to understand the rules and responsibilities around safe disposal. Below, we summarise what you need to do and how to ensure your company is fully compliant with the UK business waste regulations. If in any doubt as to your obligations or whether you…

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The Battle Between Commercial Landlords and Business Owners

Landlords with multiple occupied properties have never had to consider what they need to do when their properties remain unoccupied for long periods, as they are likely to be now. Due to the pandemic, the majority of retail, hospitality and leisure businesses were closed, either in part or completely, during 2020 and the first quarter…

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Minneapolis protest riots turns violent interior of a burnt by fire building

How Safe Are Your Vacant Properties from Arson Attacks?

Vacant properties are significantly more vulnerable to arson attacks than occupied properties, with up to sixty fires occurring in, or adjacent to, an empty property in the UK every day. An empty property that is not regularly inspected or monitored becomes an easy target for vandals, squatters and arsonists. According to the Association of British…

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005 (5)

The Impact of Fly-tipping Over Lockdown

Fly-tipping has always been a major issue and is not only extremely damaging to the environment and wildlife, but it also costs UK taxpayers. In 2019 more than a million incidents of fly-tipping were reported across the UK, costing tax-payers an estimated £60 million. Due to the closure of community household waste recycling centres, cases…

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How do CCTV Cameras work?

Closed-circuit television, CCTV, is a vital part of a modern security surveillance system and something commonly found on public transport, in offices, protecting businesses, and in retail spaces. However, have you ever wondered how it actually works? The concept is relatively simple. A camera records activity, streams it to a monitor, and then stores that…

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cctv sound

Can CCTV record audio?

There are two frequent questions the Clearway CCTV team answers, and they are: Can my CCTV system record sound? Is it legal to capture audio through CCTV? Here we’ll run through the options available if you require an audio-equipped CCTV system and the factors to consider when deciding if this is the best option for…

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Commercial Waste Disposal Costs Explained

The Clearway team frequently receives enquiries about the costs of commercial waste disposal. Since there are so many factors involved, it isn’t easy to pinpoint an exact price. As a rough guide, most UK businesses spend the following: From around £40-£100 per bin, per year for hire. Weekly collection costs starting from about £15-50 per…

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history of CCTV in UK

When was CCTV invented?

CCTV cameras have become part and parcel of everyday life. We see them on the tube, in shops, offices, trains – and surveillance is now so commonplace we often don’t give it a second thought! However, the history of CCTV is extraordinary, and the technical capacity of cameras has innovated substantially since this form of…

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cctv GDPR

CCTV and GDRP: Are you compliant?

As experienced suppliers of a vast range of commercial and domestic CCTV installations, the Clearway team often deals with privacy queries. There are laws to be aware of whether you are: Installing a new CCTV surveillance system. Have an existing installation and aren’t sure if you are compliant. Wish to add new cameras or reposition…

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Concrete Barrier Blocks Cost

The Clearway team is often asked about pricing for concrete barrier hire – but it’s challenging to calculate precise figures without running through all the variables. The great thing about concrete barriers is that they are hugely versatile, with multiple uses, sizes, construction configurations and lengths of hire, so we’ll explain how those factors impact…

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new variation Banners30

Antiviral Fogging Costs

Anti-viral fogging is a superior method of deep cleaning essential for schools, hospitals, medical facilities and businesses in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. This is a critical safeguard, whether opening closed doors for the first time or eliminating infection risks following a positive alert. Professional cleaning crews have employed fogging techniques for many years….

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Why is CCTV important for businesses?

There are a number of ways and reasons to use CCTV – but predominantly, it is a security measure adopted by businesses in the UK who wish to protect their assets, stock, equipment and premises from criminals. British business statistics show that, in the wholesale and retail sector, criminal theft and fraud impacts over 10…

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history of CCTV in UK

What is NVR in CCTV?

Installing a new CCTV system is a great decision. It’s an instant safeguard against theft and contributes to the protection of your properties from any number of potential risks and intrusions. However, there are lots of different recorders on the market. If you haven’t used CCTV before, it can be challenging to determine which type…

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how long should I store CCTV footage?

How long should I keep CCTV footage for?

CCTV surveillance is a critical security precaution for many businesses, construction sites and private properties throughout the UK. Having signage and visible cameras can be a strong deterrent, and ensure your premises are protected from criminal activity – but how long should CCTV footage be stored for? It’s important to use CCTV responsibly. There are…

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IMG_2561 no logo

The Effects of CCTV on Crime

One of the most common questions answered by the Clearway security team is; how much does CCTV reduce criminal activity? There have been numerous reports and controlled experiments that suggest that CCTV results in a significant decrease in crime, however, CCTV has a higher impact in some settings in comparison to others. We’ve summarised the…

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the rules of cctv

The rules for CCTV for businesses – what are the requirements?

CCTV is a crucial asset in commercial security. It has multiple applications across many different business sectors from deterring break-ins to capturing high definition footage of suspicious activity. However, company managers do have a responsibility to adhere to UK laws around how they use CCTV.  There are several essential considerations, from informing staff about live…

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how much does CCTV cost

What are the cost factors involved with CCTV?

CCTV is essential for many businesses, but the costs of installing a commercial surveillance system can vary significantly. Here we’ll explore the primary considerations that will dictate whether you need a simple installation or a more substantial investment for a full-scope CCTV system with the latest technological security applications. For this guide’s purposes, we’re going…

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history of CCTV in UK

CCTV Usage in the UK

CCTV surveillance is a vital security asset for many homes, businesses and public spaces throughout the UK.  It is used to streamline safety checks, protect properties when they are uninhabited, and monitor movements. We often think of CCTV as something you’d see at a bank or a retail park, and used to record potential criminal…

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dome vs bullet cameras

What to look for in construction site CCTV cameras

CCTV cameras are a key part of a security strategy for any construction site. Vacant sites will always be a target for criminals, given the value of materials, tools, and commercial vehicles. Surveillance is one of the fastest, most cost-effective ways to defend a construction site from thefts and vandalism – whether planned or opportunist….

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How to protect the public and your workforce during construction projects

Managing safety and security on a construction site and adhering to safety laws and requirements can seem a daunting task, but it must be one to be taken seriously, especially as there is human life at risk. A busy work site may have multiple teams of tradespeople, constant vehicle movement, commercial machinery and potentially dangerous…

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Traffic Management on Construction Sites – What are your options?

Safely managing the flow of traffic and pedestrian areas on construction sites is vital for many reasons. Sites are typically inhabited by many types of vehicles including loads, cranes, HGV lorries and diggers – all of which have limited visibility, have moving parts and are specialist commercial work vehicles.  Depending on the nature of your…

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Supermarket Shopping During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Supermarkets forced to create COVID-safe environments

As the Government considers the impact supermarket shopping, in particular, is having on the wider community because of the increased risk the environment presents, Ministers are likely to force supermarkets and major retail stores to ensure they have stricter processes in place to operate as COVID-safe environments. Retail stores around the UK will be forced…

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Protecting Construction Sites Over Christmas

Over Christmas, when a construction site is vacant, the best gift a site manager or developer can receive is peace of mind that their valuable assets are safe, by having effective security systems and processes in place. The festive season typically sees construction sites closed and vacated for up to two weeks, giving thieves and…

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Constrcution Site Security

The Christmas Shut Down: How to successfully protect your construction site

As we begin to draw close to the end of a rollercoaster of a year, construction companies are only a few weeks away from the annual Christmas shutdown that typically lasts a couple of weeks. This time of year should be a relaxing one, and give our construction workers a well-earned break. However, leaving a…

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What does the government say about COVID cleaning?

As 2020 comes to a close, it is challenging to try and quantify the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on UK businesses. From office blocks to construction sites, restaurants to retailers, the impact on every type of business is substantial. One of the critical controls to safeguard your workforce and protect your visitors is, of…

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Young Male Security Guard Using Walkie-Talkie

How much does a security system cost?

One of the most common questions we’re asked with regards to security systems is ‘how much will a security system cost for my business?’ The difficulty in answering this is that it very much depends on the type of system you need, what services you require, and the risks that your business or property faces…

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Steel panels on a bay window

Emergency Boarding Up Costs

When you have broken windows, damaged doors, or irreparable locks, time is the most crucial factor in preventing further damage. Leaving visible signs of illegal entry exposes your property to further intrusions, leaves assets vulnerable to theft and presents a building open to trespassers or squatters. Moving swiftly to board up your windows and doors…

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A female K-9 security professional with a Belgian Malinois on guard.

How are Sniffer Dogs and Security Dogs Trained?

There are a number of standards and accreditations, such as the National Association of Security Dog Users (NASDU) to regulate the usage of dogs in security environments.  Below, we take a look at the training that sniffer dogs and security dogs undergo before they’re free for use in the field. A female K-9 security professional with…

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What does the Met Police advise for protecting empty commercial premises?

As empty properties remain extremely vulnerable to illegal entry, theft and damage, the Metropolitan Police has released an 8 point safeguarding guide to help property owners better understand how to reduce the risks. Following this advice should help reduce cost, stress and time involved in dealing with a break-in. Overall, the advice boils down to…

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How a Security Guard’s Role Has Changed Post-Pandemic

Throughout the UK, security guards are a familiar sight and provide vital services across public, commercial and residential facilities.  Along with significant changes to the ways we travel, live, shop and work, the Coronavirus crisis has also had an extraordinary impact on the role and demand for qualified security personnel. The Core Duties of Security…

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The best and worst sides of human nature

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…”.  Dickens’ famous introduction to the Tale of Two Cities could eerily be describing Britain and the wider world in 2020, rather than only London and Paris in 1789. The country is in turmoil. We continue to see examples of incredible selflessness amongst our…

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Security man standing outdoors using portable radio

How much do security guards cost to hire?

  Safety and security are always important considerations for businesses, events and sites. Hiring a professional security guard not only gives a positive impression about the status of your business but prevents disturbances and provides peace of mind that your business is protected.  The big question is always – how much does it cost to…

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How Effective Are Body Temperature Detection Cameras for COVID-19?

Since the world began dealing with the effects of coronavirus on everyday life, there’s been a lot of hype from the media, manufacturers and suppliers about body temperature detection cameras for coronavirus detection. We’re all guilty, to some degree, because these systems can play a significant role in both conveying a sense of security and…

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‘Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink’

Businesses such as large offices, dental practices, hairdressers, beauty salons, offices, pubs, gyms and hotels really need to take action before reopening their premises in order to avoid spreading the Legionella bacteria, says PHE. The guidance says there should be ‘regular flushing’ of water systems to stop bacterial growth, and premises should undertake a detailed…

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abandoned banner

Urban explorers: putting other people’s lives at risk in abandoned buildings

There’s nothing new about people’s fascination with exploring abandoned and derelict buildings, but the growing trend in posting videos of their exploits online is a problem. The videos encourage others, many of them young people, to set their own challenges of discovering and exploring. Sadly, they often explore dangerous buildings, putting themselves at risk and…

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Unlocking Lockdown – getting business back to normal

Wary, apprehensive, relieved, delighted, distressed, opposed… the views of both business and the public span the spectrum as the country emerges slowly from strange weeks of almost complete hibernation in one of the sunniest and warmest springs in memory and the driest on record. Key workers have obviously been keeping calm and carrying on magnificently…

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Fly-tipping in the UK

Lockdown results in a massive increase in fly-tipping incidents

As lockdown forced many councils to close community household waste recycling centres, incidents of fly-tipping have seen a massive spike in numbers. Just one example, in Wigan, Greater Manchester, a 51% increase in fly-tipping was recorded during the lockdown. In 2019 there were more than a million reports of fly-tipping across the UK, costing UK…

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5 Ways to protect your construction site during lockdown

There is an estimated loss of over £800 million in the UK construction industry from common crime including theft and vandalism every year. These figures are only from those cases that are reported, meaning numbers are most likely higher from unreported thefts and vandalism. The Chartered Institute of Building conducted a survey where 92% of…

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illegal sites image

Travelling caravans and illegal encampments – not in my back yard

With so many unused car parks, pubs, retail sites and abandoned areas of open land, the incidents of illegal encampments continue to grow across the UK. Since the country has been in lockdown due to the coronavirus outbreak, a rise in the number of unauthorised sites, particularly on authority-owned land, has been reported. As many…

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closed pub

Thieves and vandals are targeting temporarily closed business properties across the UK during the Coronavirus lockdown

As businesses around the country follow new lockdown rules and close for the foreseeable future, the risk to owners of all unoccupied properties grows greater day by day. We thought it might happen but, when it did, the rapid closures were sudden and caught most retailers and hospitality outlets on the hop. Having to shut-up…

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body detection cameras ces2

Body Temperature Detection System

With Coronavirus spreading like wildfire, how do you test large numbers of people for heightened body temperature as an indicator of the likelihood of infection?  Businesses are creaking under the strain of unprecedented restrictions on the movement of people since Coronavirus changed everything about the way we live and work. However, many companies and organisations…

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Metal Theft on the Increase

Metal Theft – what you don’t know

The Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 was meant to solve the widespread problem of metal theft from buildings. For a while, it did. Now metal theft is massively on the increase again. Metal thieves have caused misery to property owners whether it’s through stolen lead from roofs, stolen railway cable causing delays and cancellations, or…

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Westerham Under 7s Football Club

Clearway Sponsors Westerham Under 7s Football Club

We are delighted to have been given the opportunity to provide two complete new sets of kit for Westerham JFC under 7s Wolves. Being able to support the club’s excellent work was too good an opportunity to pass up and we are very happy to be involved. Myself, Gary and everyone else at Westerham JFC,…

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Closed down

And another two bite the dust….

Some say it was simply a matter of time. Household name and chemist to the nation for decades, Boots, recently joined the growing list of high street stalwarts like Marks & Spencer, House of Fraser, Barclays Bank and countless others who are shrinking their estates, by announcing the closure of around 200 Boots stores, mostly…

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Reflective signs on concrete barriers

Concrete barriers and reflective signs

Concrete barriers are usually installed to prevent vehicle access onto; a vacant site, a closed road, or at site entrances to help prevent fly-tipping. Sometimes vacant sites and closed roads mean the area is poorly/low lit and this can be a concern for public safety. Concrete blocks, pavements and roads all blend into one colour…

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CCTV & GDPR one year on

In a recent investigation we revealed alarming levels of non-compliance with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which came into force on 25 May 2018, specifically where the use of CCTV is concerned. The reasons for this worrying discovery were multiple, but appeared mainly to be because the management responsible hadn’t bothered to read…

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Bespoke Security Solutions… because each client’s need is different

Security is a factor in everyone’s lives these days, even if people don’t realise or think about it.  Planters outside important buildings often aren’t simple containers for flower arrangements, they’re reinforced concrete barriers to stop ram raids and suicide bombs, and CCTV surrounds us everywhere, inside and out. With bodycams and dashcams, number plate and…

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Metal Theft - how bad in the problem

Metal Theft – How bad is the problem?

Metal theft costs the UK economy an estimated £770 million per year – almost £15 million per week. It’s a serious problem that isn’t going away.  The resale value of certain commonly used metals continues to make metal theft a highly prized activity for adventurous, risk-taking thieves, not only in the UK but right across…

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Don’t be one of the 1 in 5

In October 2018 the Federation of Master Builders reported that tool theft was at an all-time high and FMB CEO, Brian Berry, said: “More than half of builders in the UK have fallen foul of tool theft with concerns growing over a crime wave wreaking havoc across the construction industry. Tools are being stolen from vans…

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Clearway’s cleaning of Hammersmith Bridge reveals dangerous structural damage

On 11th April 2019, Hammersmith bridge, opened in 1887, was closed indefinitely as engineers found cracks in the structure that have raised serious safety issues. Prior to this decision, Clearway were called-in to provide specialist cleaning services to remove years of caked-on, hardened pigeon guano (droppings), to enable engineers to assess the bridge’s structure. The…

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The rubbish problem around us…

Fly-tipping is a scourge on any landscape, in the countryside, our city streets or any likely property with a bit of space, especially if it is vacant. Unfortunately, this blight is on the rise as cash-strapped councils, desperate to save money, increase the cost of bulk waste removal services and cowboy operators seek to avoid…

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Closed retail store becomes dumping ground to squatters

When a retail park-size store closes-down it immediately presents an opportunity for the premises to be illegally occupied and even for the property to be squatted. Not only does this carry the stress of arranging court enforcement eviction for squatters but also the high cost associated with the damage and mess and health risks left…

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Worst hit areas for Japanese Knotweed revealed

Japanese knotweed is one of the most invasive and destructive plants in the UK. The extremely aggressive plant can grow up to four inches a day in the summer and the plant’s roots can spread so far underground finding its way into existing cracks in concrete, pathways and walls or it finds its way into…

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Keeping your tools and construction site secure

According to the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) one in five tradespeople experience theft and vandalism every single week, with many crimes not being reported so the figures are undoubtedly conservative. It paints an extremely concerning picture, especially as insurers Allianz Cornhill reckon that theft alone is estimated to cost the UK construction industry more than a…

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Homebase store secured

In August 2018, the DIY chain, Homebase, announced it was closing 42 stores across the country by the Spring of 2019 and that a further 70 stores were under on-going review pending negotiations with the stores’ landlords. Homebase stores are invariably on retail parks and their out-of-town centre sites makes keeping the vacant buildings secure…

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Keyless doors: What every keyholder wants

Being a keyholder is a pain. You always seem to be called out at the most inconvenient time but someone has to control out of hours entry and access to or within buildings, or when a property is otherwise vacant and needs to be kept secure. Of course there’s nothing like a good, solid security…

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You’ll never take a night bus again….

Have you been watching the latest series of #Luther? And last week it was reported there were 132 murders in London in 2018, a 10 year high, and the City overtook New York for the first time in the number of homicides. There was a 12% rise across the UK (excluding the London and Manchester…

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A few Christmas thoughts from Santa…

Ho ho ho!! Greetings one and all… Have you all been busy and diligent property people this year and got your vacant buildings secured against trespassers and the inclement weather coming your way? Of course I know all about inclement weather up in my home at the North Pole so I can tell you what…

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Weather warning issued: Winter to be the coldest on record for UK

With warnings that the coldest winter on record is approaching, and temperatures are set to plummet as icy winds head over from Scandinavia bringing snow, heavy rain and sleet to the UK, the Met Office, via Twitter, is advising the UK to be “weather ready”. Even occupied buildings need insulated pipes to continue providing heat…

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Are you a member of the construction industry 1 in 5 club?

Even more concerning…. are you one of the 92%?  What are we talking about? Building site theft and vandalism on a shocking scale, even arson. Intimidation and threats to on-site workers. Criminal gang activity with the supply of illegal labour. Drug dealing and drug usage. Illegal land occupation. Anti-social behaviour and graffiti.  Dumping of illegal…

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Abiding by the law, complying with regulations and following the highest professional standards of working practice… and belonging to the accredited trade and professional bodies and associations who expect all this from their members, may sound dull and boring bureaucracy. It may also seem irrelevant to some in today’s entrepreneurial and fast moving business culture…

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Police Chiefs warn that illegal raves are a growing problem

An investigation found that in 2016 there were 628 reports of unlicensed music events across England and Wales. The following year 682 events were reported, an increase of 9%. Many others are very likely to go unreported. Of the reported illegal raves, 133 were from the Metropolitan Police, in London, nearly double the previous year….

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Caught in the act by Clearway inView CCTV Tower

A commercial estate in Oxfordshire was hit by thieves on more than one occasion and a lot of valuable IT equipment was taken. Despite having made previous visits we were confident the intruders would come back again so, rather than just deter the thieves, the owner wanted to catch them in the act. The Clearway…

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Spotted! Clearway’s mobile CCTV unit at Bluewater Christmas Lights & Fireworks display

It’ll be Lights! Camera! Action! Tonight as Clearway works directly with Bluewater Shopping Centre, in Kent this evening for their annual Christmas lights & fireworks display, which is due to attract a large crowd. The Clearway mobile CCTV unit will be in operation from the start of the event at 5pm to help with public…

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Are you invited?

The worst Halloween party of all time might be happening in your empty property, and you’re not invited. If you think an impromptu Halloween rave in an empty property is scary, imagine the damage squatters, vandals and thieves will do! According to Aviva, “Halloween is the worst day of the year for vandalism with claims…

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Gideon Reichental comments on how fly-tipping is costing thousands

Fly-tipping costing security industry thousands in clean up and insurance claims The illegal dumping of waste by criminal gangs is costing the security industry thousands of pounds in fly-tipping removal costs and insurance claims, according to the British Security Industry Association (BSIA). Fly-tipping is a growing issue which can end up costing thousands and in…

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Securing buildings for public safety

Curious children tend to wander onto derelict building sites unaware of the dangers that could face them. In 2017, there were two very sad cases of children dying as a result of playing in buildings that were left unprotected. The responsibility for protecting the public against the potential risks of a vacant property lies entirely…

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Bespoke security solutions for ex-Toys R Us sites

Toys R Us closed its doors early in 2018 following a challenging period on the high street, leaving a number of large, prominently placed retail units in town and city locations across the UK. With large store footprints including loading bays and extensive car parking, the primary security concern was preventing vandalism, illegal occupation and…

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Protecting vulnerable buildings from metal theft

Over a single night in August, thieves hit an industrial site in Livingston, Scotland, forcing entry and stealing a vast amount of high-value metal equipment, such as I-beams, tower bracing bars and anti-climb equipment, valued at around £300,000. A Detective from Livingston CID said: “We believe whoever was responsible for this theft will look to…

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Anti-social behaviour is on the rise as 18 pubs per week close-down across the UK

Britain has seen 28,000 pubs close since the 1970s, with more closures forecast as business rates rise. Between Jan and June 2018 pubs are still closing at the rate of 18 per week. Anti-social behaviour in the form of squatters and vandals is a major problem in the towns and communities affected by pubs closing…

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Clearway and the Metropolitan Police working together since 2005

Clearway has provided a range of security and specialist services to the Metropolitan Police for over 13 years, and is delighted to announce that we have again won the Crime Scene Cleaning & Security Specialist contract after a competitive tender process run earlier this year. Jon Harwood, National Key Account Manager at Clearway, said; “The continued…

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Fly-tippers caught on CCTV

Illegal fly-tipping remains a major issue for councils and private land-owners across the UK, and those responsible will go to any lengths to avoid paying for waste removal services. They will dispose of their unwanted rubbish and possibly hazardous waste, despite the risk of being caught on CCTV. Recently a CCTV installation company in West…

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Clearway Group Acquires Cerberus Security

Our parent company, The Clearway Group, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Cerberus Security. We are delighted to welcome them as the newest member of the group. Monitoring from a former ex MOD secret nuclear bunker, Cerberus Security operates one of the UK’s few NSI Gold Category ll Alarm Receiving Centres, providing professional 24/7…

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Spotted! Clearway’s mobile CCTV unit at Great Yarmouth Air Show

With around 180,000 visitors, the Great Yarmouth Air Show presented the perfect opportunity to showcase Clearway’s mobile CCTV unit to remotely monitor crowds. The mobile unit was delivered to Norse Security’s head office on the 15th June where the staff were trained by Clearway on how to operate the cameras and mast as security staff…

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Spotted! Clearway’s mobile CCTV unit at Junction 2 festival in Middlesex

Working directly with ResponSec, the Clearway mobile CCTV unit provided a temporary security solution for the Junction 2 festival 9th June. The mobile CCTV unit is highly effective as a visual deterrent for anti-social behaviour and was located at the festival’s main entrance providing the perfect solution to information gathering for the security team on…

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Pensioner fined for fly-tipping – even though he didn’t do it!

High Wycombe Magistrates Court found a pensioner guilty on May 18th for knowing a woman who was filmed illegally dumping waste in Burnham. The pensioner, who stated he was strongly against fly-tipping, said a friend used his car without his permission but refused to identify her after she was filmed fly-tipping. By not revealing the…

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Clearway Sponsors Men of the Match

Willis Towers Watson hosted their annual football match where professionals within the Insolvency and Receivership industry had the opportunity to play on the premier league pitch at Crystal Palace football club. The game was held on the 17th May and kicked off at 12:45pm. With Team Purple being managed by Adam Humphreys and Team White…

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14 men, 12 hours a day, 5 days, 8 floors up and 171 tons of earth

A block of flats, in south London, required immediate attention when water started leaking from the roof into a tenant’s property. Unusually the property had a roof garden, and when it rained water-laid in soil would sit above the flats and it started to leak through. The original plan was to move the plants and…

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Not all donuts are good

Anti-social behaviour is a common problem for property managers and business owners and takes many forms including the after effects of joy-riders. Empty car parks are frequently occupied by gangs of ‘boy racers’ who will find any available space to prove their prowess and leave their mark with revving engines and screeching tyres. This is…

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Buying a new property? Be careful of Japanese knotweed

Experts have warned; buyers of new build properties are at risk to Japanese knotweed due to a legal loophole. Property owners wishing to sell their property are required to complete a TA6 property form, which declares whether the property or garden is, or has been, affected by the Japanese knotweed. In 2013, this form was…

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New full service brochure

We have now published our new full services brochure, available in printed format and as a downloadable PDF by clicking below: Our brochure includes everything you need to know about our full range of products and services including the latest addition to our security products; our NEW, fully independent, temporary CCTV camera tower. The Clearway…

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Gideon Reichental features in RICS Property Journal

Many asset owners will already be aware of the devastating effects that vandalism and arson can have on a business as it is expensive and time-consuming to deal with these. Deterring such crimes is difficult, however, as most vandalism, including graffiti and arson, occurs at night and on weekends when sites or properties are vacant….

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Clearway protects Canterbury Archaeological Trust after break-in

Canterbury Archaeological Trust has been left devastated after a series of break-ins occurred in one week at the end of January when around 1,500 items of priceless archaeological artifacts were stolen. The thieves also ransacked the educational loans collection, disturbing 90% of the 200 boxes, stealing replica metal axes, pins, coins and other items including…

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Government crackdown on fly-tipping

Clearway has attended some of the worst areas for fly-tipping whilst working for KCC. Last year, in Kent, there were around 19,938 incidents of fly-tipping, costing the taxpayer a total of £1,308,284 for removal of fly-tipped waste. Medway was noted as being one of the worst areas for fly-tipping in the South East. It had…

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how to protect an empty property

Data shows: Over 11,000 homes have been empty for at least 10 years

According to new research, by a Government organisation, more than 11,000 homes across the country have been lying empty for longer than a decade. This research also includes figures for both five years or more (23,000 empty properties) and again for two years or more (60,000 empty properties).

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Property owners must be extra vigilant this Christmas

Warning to all Property Owners: Your empty property is at risk! Make sure you keep your vacant properties protected over the holidays as Christmas is a prime time for squatters and metal thieves to make their move. As the cost of metal rises so do cases of theft. Typically, burglaries and theft increase by 13% during…

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Three men caught on dash-cam fly-tipping

Three men were caught on camera dumping a fridge, an old ironing board and many other items on the side of a country lane. Ms Gordon, a lady who was driving along the country lane, was forced to stop because a van was blocking her way whilst three men had stopped to remove their waste…

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Clearway CCTV towers keep an eye on Amazon distribution centre

Amazon needed a high-tech deterrent to help prevent potential intrusion and anti-social behaviour in the public road used to access their distribution centre. Clearway’s solution was to install two site CCTV towers with cameras facing the entrance and exit of the multi-story car park where anti-social behaviour is common. Read more about retail CCTV solutions….

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One in ten homes in Cornwall is left empty

A new report has revealed that there are almost 30,000 homes left empty in Cornwall. One in ten homes is left vacant, this is 11.2% of the housing stock in the county. This will alarm the thousands of people of who are on housing waiting lists in Cornwall. Anti-social behaviour,  vandalism or neglect often turn…

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Another deep clean and another glowing testimonial

Living alone and with mental health issues, it’s no wonder this tenant’s living conditions were left to deteriorate. The tenant who has lived in the property for 2 years suffers with a lighter fuel addiction which results in temporary loss-of body control and functions. As a result, the property was covered in rubbish, food, faeces…

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300 million odour receptors can’t be wrong

A request for us to provide a drug-detection dog unit demonstrates how no two days are the same at Clearway. Our client, a college, requested the sniffer dog to scout-out both the site and pupils in search of illegal substances and, in a single six-hour session, the dog found 15 separate indications of drugs on site….

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Empty hotel burns again

Former Shedden Hall hotel, home to squatters and drug users, burns again. On the 26th September 2017 more than a dozen firefighters were called to battle another blaze at the former Shedden Hall hotel, Torquay. The hotel has been vacant for several years and is now a well-known squat and drug den. An investigation is…

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Clearway Newsletter and the rest of the world

Vacant properties are not confined only to the UK and the many problems associated with them are the same everywhere. Illegal occupation, vandalism, theft and willful damage occur everywhere the temptation of an empty property exists. As the number of vacant properties continues to grow, so does Clearway Services and the news of our range…

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Thousands of pounds worth of Lead stolen from Shrewsbury Church

St Mary’s church, Shrewsbury, was hit by thieves twice in the space of 4 months during 2017. First in July, when 250ft² of lead was stolen from the roof of the church and again in September, 150ft². The historic fabric of the building was damaged and, in both cases, Battlesfield Cafe had to close while…

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Clearway Supports Oasis Academy

Oasis Academy Shirley Park’s Long Lane campus have been appealing for supporters to help raise money for the nursery’s new play area. The old play area left the children bringing muck into the classroom constantly. Clearway kindly lent a hand by sending some operatives to the nursery to assist with the clearance and clean-up of…

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Spotted! Clearway’s mobile CCTV unit at intu, Lakeside.

Clearway work with intu to protect Lakeside. intu, Lakeside is undergoing some construction work that will host Nickelodeon’s first UK shopping centre attraction. intu is to build a 175,000 sq ft leisure extension which will not only include Nickelodeon-themed attraction but one of Hollywood Bowl’s biggest tenpin bowling venues. Whilst the construction is undergoing, intu required…

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It may be Britain’s Cheapest house … but it still needs securing

Clearway have recently secured the cheapest house in Britain which is available to buy for just £5,000. The two bedroom semi-detached house is based in the north east, in an area that suffers from a very high crime rate and has had its fair share of arson, fly-tipping and anti-social behavior. The property is missing its…

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Clearway helps Calabar Alumni and Friends UK

Clearway bikes finally find a home! The Calabar School in Jamaica is an all boys school, that ensures the best possible outcome for all their students through efficient use of resources. The core of garnering support for the high school is the Calabar Alumni and Friends Association UK, a not-for-profit organisation, set up by ex…

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You may be closer to Japanese Knotweed than you think…

Japanese knotweed is one of the most invasive and destructive plants in the UK. Originally brought over here in the nineteenth century, it was imported to Britain to help hide, or possibly even stabilise, railway embankments. Japanese knotweed can crack tarmac, block drains, undermine foundations and invade homes. It’s presence can cut a property’s value…

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Gideon Reichental re-elected as BSIA Chairman of Vacant Property Protection

For the third consecutive year, Gideon Reichental, Commercial Sales Manager at Clearway Services, has been elected as BSIA Chairman of Vacant Property Protection. As the landscape of property security has changed so has the need to provide a wider, more sophisticated range of security solutions, tailored to individual properties. The Vacant Property Protection section of…

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A sad case of being unable to cope

When a local authority tenant was found to be living in squalid conditions, Clearway was called-in at very short notice to clean an entire house from top to bottom. Extreme cleaning and hazardous waste removal on this scale requires a strong constitution, an unwavering commitment, attention to detail and dedication to carrying-out the absolute best…

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School’s out for Summer!

Summer is finally here and school holidays are upon us but what does that mean for schools? The school will be empty for six to eight weeks It will be vulnerable to unwanted intruders and squatters Unprotected against thieves stealing computer equipment Unguarded from vandals breaking in and covering the school corridors in graffiti This…

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Clearway HQ can now be seen from space

The Clearway brand has continued to evolve and is recognised as being reliable and trustworthy, with extremely high value placed on both quality and customer service. Having now finally received approval to attach signage to our headquarters building in Dartford, Kent, we have erected a seven-meter triangular sign facing the Dartford Crossing. Apparently the sign…

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Brighton ravers prevented!

What would be the perfect building for a rave? A vacant one. There was talk, on social media, of a rave potentially going to happen in Brighton. The perfect venue; a large, empty, commercial building and full of opportunity. The building in which the rave was planned to take place was vacant and due to be…

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Intruder invade Ocado’s depot in Dartford

Ocado’s £250million depot in Dartford, Kent, was invaded by more than a dozen caravans, helping themselves to showering facilities, towels, food and drink. Using a van, they pulled away a giant boulder that was blocking the warehouse entrance to gain access. The intruders locked themselves in and turned away more than 40 staff members /…

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Inside the world of Crime and Trauma Scene clean-up

The police often deal with difficult crime and trauma scenes. They can include murder, suicide, undiscovered deaths, accidents and terrorism which usually leave behind: human blood, bodily fluids & tissue, chemicals and infestations from maggots and flies. Dangerous items, such as weapons and drug-related paraphernalia, are frequently left at the scene to clear too. These…

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Japanese knotweed removal – time to act.

Whilst the rumours that Japanese knotweed can grow through solid concrete foundations or break into underground water pipes are untrue, it is an extremely aggressive plant, growing at the rate of 1 meter every three weeks during its growing season. Where the plant finds its way into existing cracks in concrete, pathways and walls or…

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Care Homes are continuing to close

The care home industry is in crisis. Since 2010, more than 380 have been declared insolvent and Care Homes continue to close at a steady rate. According to the Care Quality Commission, five hundred care homes have closed in the capital in the past decade. Almost 2,000 care homes in England have closed over the…

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Fly-tipping remains a major issue across the UK

For the 2015 / 2016 year, local authorities dealt with 936 thousand fly-tipping incidents, a 4% increase over 2014 / 2015 and is continuing to rise. Residence could potentially face prosecution after fly tipping outside Northwich recycling centre following the Council’s decision to close the site on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Cheshire West and Chester Council…

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owner of vacant property

Squatters invade a vacant guest house

Terrace Guest House, a former hotel in Royal Terrace, Essex was taken-over by squatters whilst the building was being refurbished. They immediately put up signs within the property claiming they had the right to live there. The squatters were accused of bringing crime and antisocial behaviour to the area before finally being evicted. The first…

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Launch of our new website

In January 2017, we launched our brand new, refreshed website. With a great focus on helping our customers understand how we can help them, our new website now provides the full range of services covering vacant property security, vacant property solutions and temporary CCTV solutions. So what’s new? The new website is now much clearer,…

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Clearway sponsors Foal Farm Animal Rescue Centre

Foal Farm is a non-government funded animal sanctuary which rehomes many animals including dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, sheep, pigs and chickens. As part of the main project to refurbish the kennels they redesigned the main dog run to provide a more stimulating environment. Clearway decided to make a donation to Foal Farm and included the…

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When duty calls…

When an elderly pedestrian was struck by a speeding car at a sat of lights, one of our teams was quick to rush to his aid and provide assistance until the emergency services arrived. The speeding car overtook at the traffic lights and hit the pedestrian with such force, he was thrown into the air…

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How much damage can fly-tippers do in nine days?

Hundreds of tonnes of rubbish were dumped by fly-tippers at a disused business park in south London in just nine days. Vandals broke-in to every single building, mindlessly vandalising the property and ripping-out cables and other metals to sell as scrap metal. The site was patrolled by one security guard and a dog unit but…

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