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Electric Gates and Barrier Maintenance

Clearway provides reliable and regular maintenance for electric gates, barriers and bollards to ensure they are working as expected, with fully functional, safe features. If a gate is not properly serviced, potential outcomes include sudden failure to perform, preventing vehicles from entering or leaving a site. In the most severe circumstances, a malfunctioning electric gate can be a safety risk to drivers, passengers and pedestrians.

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Clearway Barriers and bollards
Clearway Barriers and bollards

A maintenance schedule for your gates and barriers

The correct maintenance schedule will depend on the types of gates and barriers you have in place, how frequently they are used, and the operating modes. As a guide, an electric gate should be inspected and serviced once every six months at a minimum.

Routine servicing and maintenance provides assurance that gates and barriers are safe, working within legislative standards, and are highly unlikely to cause disruption. The costs of maintenance are substantially lower than the potential cost of repairing vehicular damage or recouping lost productivity.

Our Electric Gates and Barrier Maintenance Services

Checking electric gate or barrier

Whether it is working when prompted, how swiftly gates open and close, and any lag times present.

Force testing

Force testing to check whether gates are suitably resistant to pressure and remain appropriate as a security protection asset.

Testing hinges and frames

Hinges and frames to determine whether there are any alignment or structural issues that impact the way the gate opens, closes or locks.

Checking safety elements

Safety elements, ensuring the gate stops at the designated point, operates on set timings or conforms to automated movement speeds.

Checking parts and components

All parts and components, assessing the presence of oil leaks and lubricating hinges, pins and other mechanical parts.

Checking emergency provisions

Emergency security provisions, where gates may have programmable overrides such as manual release in the event of power loss or rapid closing when a serious threat has been detected.

Checking electricals

Electricals, checking that all cables connected to the motor are in good condition.

Access fobs and key fobs

Access fobs and key fobs, ensuring the access control elements of the electric gate can recognise authentic entry credentials and refuse entry for unauthorised visitors.

Intercom checks

Verifying that intercoms and other communications equipment are functioning properly.

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The Importance of Maintenance for Electric Gates and Barriers

All motorised bollards, barriers and gates require maintenance – although the factors mentioned can influence the extent of servicing needed and how often this should be carried out. Clearway manages maintenance requirements for various clients, including:

  • Businesses, corporations and compounds.
  • High-risk or limited-access sites.
  • Residential compounds and private access routes.
  • Schools, colleges and universities.
  • Public sector facilities and healthcare sites.

Usage frequency is an important factor. A low-usage electric gate installed over a private driveway may, for instance, require servicing once or twice per year. An electric gate fitted in a car park with medium-level usage will need around three maintenance visits a year, whereas a high-volume 24-hour electric access gate should be serviced more often.

Routine maintenance visits are the easiest and most cost-effective way to ensure any deterioration, loss of function or wear within the electric gates and the components of the connections are resolved immediately before gates and barriers stop working.

Qualified engineers can test and inspect all aspects of your electric gates, from visual checks to lubricating mechanical parts, replacing worn connections and ensuring access controls and other technologically advanced systems that verify access credentials are performing well.

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Servicing Electric Gates and Barriers

Over a number of years, even the most advanced electric gates and security barriers can become less effective, commonly due to natural wear and tear. Outdoor gates are exposed to rain, damp, heat, cold, ice and heavy winds, which can mean that:

  • Posts become out of alignment and begin to rust or rot.
  • Heavy groundwater floods the motor or impedes the gate’s movement.
  • Sensors and security scanners are moved out of position.
  • Bollards and foundations develop cracks due to vibrations in the ground.

Regular servicing allows businesses and facility owners to address initial damage before it worsens, which can even mean replacing the entire gate structure if the affected part is integral to functionality or is irreplaceable.

The reliance on a mains power supply may also mean gates stop working during power failures, necessitating either manual overrides or a backup power source. Preventing a breakdown of backup power supplies or manual controls is essential, and any issues or deterioration can be detected during servicing far before they become serious.

Keeping electric gates in great working order will also ensure the gates and components last significantly longer. For example, oiling motor arms, wheels and hinges and replacing or repairing any damaged wiring will ensure these parts remain in good order.

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Why Clearway?

With more than 30 years of expertise, Clearway is as one of the United Kingdom’s most experienced security companies, specialising in comprehensive maintenance services for electric gates and bollards. Our primary goal is to ensure the safety of individuals, properties, and assets through the meticulous upkeep of access management systems.

Throughout our extensive history, we have earned a strong reputation as a trustworthy and esteemed partner in the industry. Our client base is diverse, spanning across various sectors throughout the UK. We’re dedicated to providing, reliability, consistency, and sustainability in all services provided.

If you require additional information regarding the optimal maintenance schedule for your electric gates and bollards or wish to schedule an initial service visit to assess the performance of your access controls, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Clearway team at your convenience.

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