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Commercial Fire Extinguisher Installation Services

The correct placement and provision of fire extinguishers is a crucial aspect of building safety. Ensuring you have appropriate extinguisher types and sizes is necessary for insurance, legislative and health and safety compliance.

As an experienced provider of buildings safety management installations and services, Clearway can provide independent advice to ensure you have identified your key fire risks and installed sufficient extinguishers.

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installation of commercial fire extinguishers
installation of commercial fire extinguishers

A Complete Business Fire Extinguisher installation service

  • Many organisations have outdated extinguishers that have not been correctly maintained, which can cause severe risks to site user safety and be a significant issue during an emergency or a site inspection.
  • Our fire extinguishers services and maintenance adhere to the standards set by BS 5306-3:2009 and BS 5306-8:2012 and come with commissioning certification for your business records.
  • Clearway supplies a full range of fire extinguishers, blankets and signage according to your needs and building layout.
fire extinguisher

Our Commercial Fire Extinguisher Installation Services

The correct extinguishing equipment for your premises will depend on the risks present and the nature of your building. Specialist extinguishers are essential if there are flammable liquids, gases, or high-powered electrical equipment.

Our qualified fire safety technicians can advise on the suitable equipment, including commissioning, installation and maintenance of:

  • CO2 extinguishers
  • Foam and water extinguishers
  • Powder extinguishers
  • Extinguisher ID signage
  • Fire blankets
  • Wet chemical extinguishers

We offer a free, no-obligation consultation and are happy to organise a site visit or risk assessment as required.

fire extinguisher maintenance

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

If you have old fire extinguishers in your property, these must be inspected, serviced or replaced – extinguishers should be checked annually.

In addition, wet, foam or powder extinguishers must have a discharge test and extended service at least every five years and CO2 extinguishers every ten years from the manufacture date.

Clearway fire extinguisher service plans, in adherence with British Standards, include:

  • Annual fire extinguisher servicing
  • Periodic discharge tests and extended servicing
  • Replacement parts – such as hoses or pull rings
  • Inspections of equipment such as brackets, signs and stands
  • Advice when a replacement extinguisher is necessary

Regular, professional servicing will ensure your fire extinguishers are in good working order, are replaced as required, and have an up-to-date servicing record.

Fire Extinguisher

UK Fire Extinguisher Standards

Our fire extinguisher supply service includes a site survey, enabling our technicians to evaluate the fire risks and measure accurate floor areas to ensure we provide the correct advice.

Clearway works with new property managers, those updating their premise risk assessments, and organisations that require advanced fire protection due to a change of use, property extension or changing requirements.

We can provide detailed guidance for higher-risk premises, including industrial facilities and those handling hazardous materials, supplying specialist extinguishers to mitigate all associated risks.

The British Standards for fire extinguishers set out rigorous regulations, which all organisations must meet:

  • At least one extinguisher rated 13A should be present for every 200 square metres of floor space.
  • There must be at least two 13A-rated extinguishers on every floor of the property.
  • Each extinguisher must be positioned so that an individual would not have to travel over 30 metres to reach the closest station.
  • Additional extinguishers with suitable fire control substances are necessary for buildings with flammable liquids, gases, or certain types of electrical equipment.

We offer full installation, project management and commissioning with ongoing maintenance and emergency call-outs as required – for example, if an extinguisher has been discharged accidentally and needs a swift replacement.

Fire Extinguisher placement

Fire Extinguisher Installation and Placement

The location and accessibility of your fire extinguishers are just as important as the class and type of extinguisher itself.

Before selecting the appropriate place to position your extinguishers, fire blankets and signage, you should review the location of your fire alarm points and exits, including emergency evacuation routes.

If your building has more exits or alarm points than extinguishers, you must apply the 30-metre distance rule per BS 5306 Part 8, which applies to Class A extinguishers.

Ideally, a CO2 extinguisher designed to tackle fire hazards such as electricity and liquid fires should be positioned within ten metres of the identified risk, with a maximum travel distance of ten metres for any user.

Specialist wet or powder extinguishers, often used in commercial kitchen environments, must be within easy reach of the possible fire hazard to ensure that personnel can act quickly without allowing the fire to spread or become uncontrolled.


Fire Extinguisher placement

Related Fire and Life Safety Systems

Often, a new fire extinguisher survey includes evaluating other fire safety provisions, including commercial fire alarm installation, emergency lighting, fire suppression systems and disabled refuges.

Clearway can assist with all your fire safety needs, whether as a systematic review or a full commissioning service for a new building design.

  • Emergency Lighting Installation: we are a NIC/EIC approved contractor, installing a broad range of self-contained emergency lights, including spotlights, bulkhead and exit signs.
  • Disabled Refuge systems: accessible fire refuges are essential for multi-storey properties and are installed to BS 5839 Part 9 with installation by trained engineers.
  • Fire Confirmation solutions: integrated, intelligent fire confirmation systems verify the reason for a fire alarm activation and capture real-time images to assist with a prompt, targeted response.
  • Fire alarm monitoring: Have you considered using a fire alarm monitoring system to allow for fast emergency response in the event of a fire?

Please get in touch with the Clearway team if you would like additional information about any of our fire safety or life safety systems and services.

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Frequently asked questions

Most spaces will need at least a foam and CO2 extinguisher, depending on the specific fire risks present, nature of the building and types of equipment installed.

Extinguishers are categorised as A, B, C or D. These classes identify which types of fire they are suitable for.

It is also possible to install multipurpose extinguishers to address more than one type of fire.

The correct number of fire extinguishers will vary depending on the floor space, the number of storeys, fire risks and usage of your property.

If you would like advice about which extinguishers you require to comply with regulations, please contact Clearway to schedule a no-obligation quotation.

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