We recognise there is a fundamental need to secure your business critical assets, from vacant land, development sites and compounds, to plant, materials and fuel. As a leading provider of sustainable security, we are perfectly positioned to secure, monitor and protect your valuable assets.

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Construction & Infrastructure

As a leader in property and site security, we understand that infrastructure development projects, construction sites, and storage depots can be exposed to numerous risks. They require a professional, responsive, and efficient on-site security strategy to recognise threats, implement robust safeguards and protect people, property and assets.

Clearway construction security services
Clearway construction security services

Securing your site is vitally important to prevent the loss of valuable tools, machinery and materials, as well as keeping the public and workers safe.

Maintenance, development, and construction work linked to infrastructure projects is often on a large scale, without the option of returning all assets and equipment to a central depot at the end of each working day.

Work occurring in a public space, within open areas of land or in remote regions can be particularly at risk of theft, vandalism, or targeted robberies.

The stats concerning site theft are frightening.

  • Statistics from insurer Allianz Cornhill show that theft alone costs the construction industry £800M a year
  • A survey conducted by IronmongeryDirect found that more than £100 million of tools have been stolen in the UK since 2020.
  • The Chartered Institute of Building revealed that 92% of respondents to their survey were directly affected by petty crime, with 21% stating that their construction sites were robbed on a weekly basis.
  • According to CESAR (the UK’s Official Construction Equipment Security and Registration Scheme), as little as 5% of unregistered plant is recovered.

At Clearway we understand that securing your sites is imperative. We have a wealth of experience in delivering professional preventative measures – ranging from temporary, mobile CCTV towers with remote monitoring to site access control and manned guarding and everything in between.

Our security solutions are designed to deter criminal activity and ensure your site and its valuable assets remain protected, as the consequential costs can be considerable, both in terms of delays to your project and financial loss to the scheme promoter/contractor.


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Our Building Site Security Services

Construction and building sites are often a magnet for theft and trespassing due to the high value equipment often kept on site. Our security services can tightly control access to your construction site, while deterring unwanted visitors.

It is essential for all construction sites to implement security measures to protect their equipment from break ins and theft, especially where hazardous materials, unstable structures and exposed wiring may be present.

We will undertake a thorough risk assessment of your construction site to determine the security weaknesses and the procedures and equipment we recommend installing to keep your building site secure 24/7, whether manned or unmanned.

This includes CCTV monitoring, temporary security systems, open and lock up and site access control – but all security services will be considered following an audit to give your construction site the protection it needs. Find out more about our building site security services below.

Clearway inView solar CCTV Tower

CCTV, Monitoring and Temporary Security Systems

Comprehensive CCTV installation and monitoring not only provides a clear visual deterrent to any would-be trespassers, but is a proven method of detecting criminal activity – monitored 24/7 by trained professionals, assessing security alerts for false alarms and ready to notify police or dispatch security personnel at a moment’s notice.

An initial audit is used to determine key areas that need to be monitored for your site, along with any potential weak points that should be monitored and secured in combination with other security measures we recommend.

All CCTV is monitored in real-time by security personnel at our dedicated Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), which has been accredited to Gold Standard by the UK’s National Security Inspectorate.

Construction sites benefit enormously from our temporary CCTV systems as these can be installed within 30 minutes of arriving on site. Our rapid deployment, solar-powered CCTV towers are perfect for sites with limited or no access to power/internet access. These systems require little maintenance and can be taken down at a moment’s notice. They provide 360-degree coverage of even the largest areas and footage is viewable and controllable remotely to make your construction site secure from every angle.

Find out more about our CCTV monitoring services and temporary security systems.

Clearway inView Detect PIDs on construction site

inView Detect Wireless Intrusion Detection System

inView Detect, Clearway’s innovative autonomous intrusion detection system, can provide instant protection of site assets.

Each unit uses battery and solar power and can be rapidly deployed and re-deployed by yourself on-site to any area in need of immediate security cover. inView Detect is simple to set up and use and means you do not require regular engineer visits to your site.

Should the sensors be alerted by activity a 120db siren will sound and the cameras take a series of images which are collated and sent to our NSI Gold Cat II ARC to verify the cause. This means that any security protocols are instantly followed and all site-specific information is provided. Being rugged and tamper-proof it’s perfect for construction sites where security concerns can change daily, especially on an expanding development where business-critical assets and materials are moved regularly.

PPE detection for construction

Remote PPE Monitoring and Compliance

Protect your teams and reduce your liability with our automated, AI powered, edge and cloud-based solution that enables PPE compliance.

Clearway’s innovative solution can be deployed with our range of rapidly deployable Technology Towers or via clients’ existing IP CCTV systems.

Understand Health and Safety breaches and detect risks in real-time with Clearway’s solution connected to our cloud-based analytics platform. It can provide statistics, automated email notifications and near miss reporting accompanied by snapshots of the non-compliant wearing of hard hats, hi-visibility trousers or hi-visibility vest or jackets.

The software can easily be tailored to scan for the minimum PPE requirements of a specific site, whether that is full PPE or just hard hat and jackets only. Detection zones can also be implemented to mitigate false positive alerts for areas where PPE is not required.

Clearway inSite wearable safety devices

inSite Wearable Safety Devices

Clearway’s innovative, new wearable technology is designed to help protect those working in high risk / volatile / public facing environments.

Current ‘bodycam’ solutions mean you need different devices for various activities, Clearway has amalgamated these into one piece of equipment for the operative/lone worker in either the form of a security body cam or for some use cases the device simply attaches to a workers hard hat – ‘helmet mounted cam’.

With the function to live stream, this also means less return visits to site, you can easily have your co-workers login live to what you are looking at and solve issues in real-time on site, giving the view from the workers eye level perspective. This also reduces the need for people to attend site for inspections and helps designers with technical queries.

Capture, Record, Deter

  • 1080 recording & 720 live streaming
  • 12-hour lithium battery life: quick charging to protect every worker across every shift
  • Real time location
  • Redact faces & number plate information via online portal
  • Live SOS alerting back to an NSI Gold Monitoring Station
  • Team leader audio broadcast function
  • Lone worker auto alerts for slips, trips & falls with inbuilt G sensor
  • 2-way audio communications
protect vacant property with locks

Open and Lock Up Services and Construction Site Access Control

Our open and lock up services are perfect for construction sites which need to remain secure at specified times. Our team can ensure your site is secured when you need it and opened and closed at the required times to keep all staff and equipment safe.

Following the closure of your building site, a Clearway staff member will ensure all staff have left and the site is secured prior to setting the alarm system.

Our staff will also be there to open up the site at whatever time your business needs to ensure workers can access the site when they need to while keeping the area secure.

For construction sites, we typically recommend installing a turnstile cabin with a manned security office. This can also be combined with biometric and keycard reader access controls. Our building site access control system takes the burden of signing in and out away from staff and is fully insurance approved for your business’ peace of mind.

Find out more about our open and lock up and construction site access control services.

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Why Choose Clearway?

As well as construction site security, Clearway has provided professional security solutions to local and central governments and businesses across the UK for over 20 years.

We pride ourselves in offering a bespoke solution for all of our clients, so you can rest assured your security is tailored to your business or organisation, addressing your security needs professionally and to the fullest extent to keep your site secure.

With many accreditations from national and industry bodies, including our Gold Standard accreditation from the UK’s National Security Inspectorate for our NSI Gold Cat II Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), contact Clearway for your security needs.

Speak to our team today about our construction site security services, or alternatively browse our bespoke security solutions across CCTV installation, Physical Security, Electronic SecurityEmpty Property Services and Alarm Monitoring.


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