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SCAR – Service Charge Arrears Recovery

SCAR is available exclusively from Clearway and has been developed to recover outstanding Service Charges & Insurance.

SCAR is a pre-legal debt recovery solution, available exclusively via Clearway to landlords and managing agents. SCAR is used to recover debts that are accrued but are excluded under CRAR given that only amounts in consideration of Pure Rent arrears are recoverable via the CRAR remedy.

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An experienced debt recovery service

Through our extensive knowledge of the debt recovery process, we have developed a work-flow to pursue the recovery of Rent (Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery – CRAR) and Service Charges and Insurance (SCAR).

SCAR from Clearway presents clients with an immediate collection option without incurring legal costs.

The benefits of either combined dual CRAR/SCAR or single SCAR instructions, administrated by our Recovery Account Managers;

  • Instruct us to collect CRAR & SCAR as a dual process
  • We offer a range of pre-legal collection strategies for clients
  • No Recovery – No Abortive or Close-Out Charges

Changes in government legislation over recent years have created a demanding and complex environment for collecting Service Charge Arrears.

SCAR Legal Services from Clearway

SCAR Legal Services

Our escalation into Legal Service is fast and effective in recovering all types of debts for businesses nationwide. There is no charge applied for issuing a 7 day Letter before Action.

On receipt of your instruction we will manage the whole process working with the legal team and providing you updates throughout. If the debt is disputed we will arrange for a litigation lawyer, to set-out your options and costs from the outset, so you have full transparency.

Debt Squared Group legal partners are recognised by the prestigious Legal 500.

Our clients benefit from:

  • No Letter-Before-Action fee payable when no payment is secured
  • No upfront costs, fees or disbursements
  • A dedicated key contact for all your property management queries
What is SCAR, ask Clearway

What is SCAR?

Service Charge Arrears Recovery (SCAR) is a formal process to assist clients who need to recoup unpaid service charges from tenants. It is commonly combined with Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (CRAR) as a supplementary option since CRAR applies specifically to rent arrears, excluding service charges and insurance.

Our exclusive service provides an efficient, reliable, and professional route to restoring bad debts and ensuring your business is not left out of pocket, whether an incorporated rental company, private landlord or commercial site manager.

Clearway’s team has years of expertise and a strong track record of successfully pursuing bad debtors, including a tracing debt recovery service and safeguards to protect your interests even where tenants have absconded or refused to respond to previous notices.

Clearway Service Charge Arrears Recovery (SCAR) Service

Our Service Charge Arrears Recovery (SCAR) Service 

We provide a no-collection, no-fee service, showcasing our confidence in our ability to recover default service charges. You absorb zero risk when you engage Clearway to represent your rights and recover the monies owed. There are several routes to enforce the collection process without needing to resort to court proceedings.

Many landlords find themselves in a loss-making position when tenants leave with unpaid debts. We are happy to combine CRAR and SCAR collection processes under one client instruction, focusing on a swift, seamless recovery of the full outstanding amount.

Our experienced Recovery Account Managers are well-versed in the regulations and legislation surrounding service charge arrears. They provide independent advice to ensure you remain compliant at every step.

Clearway Expedited Service Charge Debt Recovery

Expedited Service Charge Debt Recovery

Where necessary, we can refer a service charge arrears case to our Legal Service, with a no-fee Letter Before Action issued to warn non-payers that failure to settle their account or reach an agreeable repayment plan will result in legal action.

Throughout the process, we act according to your instructions and provide regular updates, so you know how the recovery is proceeding and when we anticipate receiving funds.

If the tenant disputes the debt, we can support you in selecting a litigation solicitor to explore the options, navigate potential costs, and provide transparency so you can make informed decisions about how you wish to proceed.

We endeavour to make debt recovery stress-free and straightforward. There are no upfront costs or fees, and a verified contact is available on demand to answer questions, deliver updates or request your input when there is a decision to be made or several possible action plans.

Clearway recognises that non-payment is particularly highly geared for landlords, who are commonly out of pocket due to covering the costs of services delivered to the tenant, combined with the likelihood of rental arrears further compounding the impacts on your cash flow, profitability and finances.

Please get in touch at any stage of a service charge arrears situation for further information about our SCAR service and why it may be the best route to secure a successful repayment.

Clearway building

Why Clearway?

Clearway is a nationwide property management and security provider, working with countless commercial and private landlords to protect vacant homes and units, evict squatters, upgrade security assets, or organise regular inspections.

Our vast service catalogue has expanded to include a comprehensive number of debt recovery options, from SCAR to rent arrears recovery and pre-legal action to uphold your right to payment in full for services rendered.

We provide access to skilled debt recovery specialists at no cost as we appreciate that further expenses linked to recovering outstanding debts can exacerbate an already challenging situation, guaranteeing no fees in the event that the debt is non-recoverable.

Clearway related services

Related Services

  • PLDR Pre-Legal Debt Recovery: fast and effective debt recovery systems to recover amounts owing to you, mitigating the risk of the case becoming a court matter and recouping monies due as quickly as possible.
  • CRAR Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery: efficient action to recover outstanding rent owing on commercial properties, including credit risk assessments, legal charges over default payee’s assets and optional legal escalations.

  • Eviction Services: prompt, professional and experienced action to remove travellers, squatters, and illegal tenants from private property following UK laws and regulations.

Frequently asked questions

SCAR is a structured process whereby we evidence the debt owing to our landlord client, trace and establish a dialogue with the debtor, and pursue them for outstanding service charges owing.

Different regulations apply to service charge and rent recovery, and landlords should proceed with caution if trying to recoup unpaid debts simultaneously without support from an experienced debt recovery agent. Collections must be legally enforceable, documented and aligned with the terms of the lease.

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