We recognise there is a fundamental need to secure your business critical assets, from vacant land, development sites and compounds, to plant, materials and fuel. As a leading provider of sustainable security, we are perfectly positioned to secure, monitor and protect your valuable assets.

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Perimeter Alarm Systems

Site perimeters are inevitably the first line of defence against unwanted intrusions, criminal activity, and trespass – whether deliberate or accidental.  Clearway can provide and install outdoor perimeter alarm systems and solutions to suit all requirements, including cost-effective perimeter security alarms that cover broad areas and allow smaller teams of security responders to deal with each activation with exact information about the source and type of alert.

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Clearway Outdoor perimeter alarm systems
Clearway Outdoor perimeter alarm systems

How to protect a perimeter with an alarm

A well-signed, visible, and alarmed perimeter is an excellent way to deter prospective intruders and mitigate a multitude of potential security risks

For many clients, the key concern is how to protect a wider perimeter or boundary while remaining on budget and addressing risk assessment outcomes, which is where professional advice from a team of experienced security consultants can be invaluable.

Each property or site is different. We can organise a convenient time to visit your building, site or development, review the perimeter layout, and provide guidance about the best options for you.

Clearway Perimeter Alarms

How to Choose the Right Perimeter Alarm Systems for Your Premises

The ideal perimeter alarm systems depend on your location, neighbouring properties, and other factors – for example, if you have existing fencing with vandalism-proof paint or anti-climb resources, a simple motion detector alarm may be sufficient.

For higher-value premises or where a perimeter is difficult to physically protect, a more advanced CCTV surveillance system with automated alarm signals, tamper-proof fixings and pan, tilt, and zoom functionality may be advisable.

Alarms need to be responsive, audible, and visible, with options such as audible sirens and motion tracking, connected to central control panels or our 24/7/365 Alarm Receiving Centre to ensure an appropriate response is activated.

Clearway Perimeter Alarm System Features

Clearway Perimeter Security Alarm Features:

Conventional alarm systems are rarely suited to perimeter security since they do not have the scale or range required to monitor any suspicious movements, such as cuts to fencing, wire tampering or activity within a restricted access area.

Features we recommend for full perimeter protection can include:

  • Commercial-grade battery or solar-powered solutions to ensure flawless, continuous coverage even for perimeters away from mains power sources or during power outages.
  • Anti-signal jamming technology to avoid criminals obstructing perimeter alarms during an attempted intrusion.
  • Infra-red motion sensors and 360-degree functionality to capture movement or activity across a larger area.
  • Encrypted signal communication beams to deliver immediate alarm signals to security personnel, control rooms or alarm response teams.
  • Warning systems, including lights and audible sirens to warn trespassers that they have been detected and a security response has been actioned.

Perimeter alarms can be integrated with existing security assets or installed alongside CCTV surveillance. For vacant premises or wider perimeters, an alarm-activated video can be an excellent way to reduce false call-outs, with a short burst of video captured and sent via the mobile network to a predetermined recipient or monitoring station any time the alarm sounds, to identify the cause.

Clearway Outdoor CCTV camera

Perimeter Alarm Systems for Properties

While perimeters commonly cover areas of land, access routes and boundaries, perimeter security also applies to buildings and units, with a range of options based on scanning all potential entry points.

There are multiple ways to configure an alarm network, including sensors, cameras, sirens, and high-decibel alarms with sensors placed strategically, including across windows, roller shutter doors or other entry routes away from main entrances.

PIR (passive infrared) motion sensors are an affordable and practical tool in your perimeter alarm systems, able to distinguish changes in temperature and identify body heat signals to raise the alarm even if movement is out of the line of sight.

Other options include glass break sensors, door and window sensors and integrated environmental sensors that can activate an alarm signal when smoke, fire or a gas leak is detected.

Clearway inView Detect PIDs on construction site

Protect your perimeter with inView Detect perimeter motion sensor

inview Detect, our leading perimeter intrusion detection system is a reliable alarm system in the event of a security breach alongside your perimeter.

inview Detect is equipped with effective alarm features to promptly notify and alert security personnel when an intrusion is detected along the perimeter. Features include:

An Audible Alarm: In the event of an intrusion, inview Detect includes a highly imposing audible alarm with a 120db siren. This audible alarm serves as a powerful deterrent and immediately notifies anyone in the vicinity about the security breach.

Visual Alarm Indicators: In addition to the audible alarm, the system features visual alarm indicators. Four flashing blue LED strobes activate upon detection, providing a visible signal of the security breach. This visual aspect enhances the deterrent effect and helps draw attention to the specific area where the intrusion has occurred.

Alert Verification: Upon activation of the alarm, the system swiftly verifies the alert through its integral AI system. A series of images are captured and sent to the NSI GOLD CAT II Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) for verification. This verification process ensures that the cause of the alert is confirmed, and appropriate security protocols can be immediately followed.

temporary alarm Clearway Visually verified camera system

Installing a Perimeter Alarm System for a Vacant Property

Construction sites, empty commercial units and vacant properties are high-value targets for vandals, criminals and squatters, and perimeter alarms are essential to address any illegal access swiftly.

Most empty properties do not have a reliable mains electricity supply. A wireless alarm system for outdoor spaces, construction sites and vacant units is advisable, with tamper-proof alarm signals and high capacity battery packs that do not require fixed wiring.

Perimeter alarms are adaptable, at Clearway we are happy to walk you through the various options and offer the most effective alarm system to protect against all major threats, whether you’re looking to secure a vacant property as a standalone building or a large construction site that requires security protection outside of normal working hours.

We can also provide short-term perimeter alarms and CCTV surveillance to safeguard your site or vacant property during periods of increased risk or to prevent intrusions while a location is unsupervised.

Clearway Outdoor perimeter alarm systems

Keeping your perimeter alarms maintained

Ensuring regular maintenance for perimeter alarms is essential to uphold a secure environment. Well-maintained perimeter alarms not only serve as a strong deterrent against unauthorised access and potential breaches but also facilitate prompt anomaly detection, minimising the risk of potential losses.

Proactive maintenance enhances operational reliability, reducing the likelihood of malfunctions and ensuring consistent security coverage. Timely issue resolution helps prevent significant problems and associated costs, emphasising the importance of investing in perimeter alarm maintenance as a critical element of overall security and risk management for property protection.

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