We recognise there is a fundamental need to secure your business critical assets, from vacant land, development sites and compounds, to plant, materials and fuel. As a leading provider of sustainable security, we are perfectly positioned to secure, monitor and protect your valuable assets.

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Vacant Property Management Services

Operating throughout England, Scotland and Wales, we provide a range of vacant property management services that save time, hassle and most importantly – money, including property checks, insurance compliance, open and lock up and keyholding services.

As a leading vacant property management company in the UK, Clearway provides a full range of vacant property services designed to prevent property damage and deterioration, preserving the condition of your property.

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vacant property management
vacant property management

One Stop Vacant Property Services

If you own vacant rental homes, are a landlord for an unoccupied home or manage a portfolio of unoccupied properties, your property is under threat. It’s a fact that the fabric of a vacant property deteriorates far quicker than occupied premises.

Vacant property management in the form of clear-and-clean, utility drain down/isolation and regular property inspections is essential to ensure vacant property insurance compliance and maintain the value of the asset.

We provide empty property services to a number of clients such as government organisations, estate agencies, housing associations and retail businesses. Our range of vacant property management services are supplemented by our environmental services which include clearance, cleaning and control of pests and invasive plants.

Vacant Property Security

Comply with unoccupied property insurance requirements

Clearway’s suite of fully insurance-compliant products and services are designed to mitigate any risks and retain the full value of your assets and help you to comply with any insurance stipulations.

Significant evidence exists to confirm that the likelihood of damage to, or injury from an empty property is very high even if the property is only temporarily vacant, such as it would be prior to sale or refurbishment.

In the UK alone there are around 9000 fires yearly in empty buildings. In addition, UK property is often damaged, contents or fixtures are stolen and often fall victim to vandalism, fly-tipping and illegal occupation by squatters or travellers.

Water damage is a further concern, particularly where maintenance and repairs are inadequate. Our dedicated and trusted management team take care of these issues, keeping you compliant with insurance requirements.

protect vacant property with locks

Reliable ppen / lock up services

Our reliable open/lock up service ensures your staff have guaranteed access to your building at the required and specified time. Utilising the Clearway open/lock up service also guarantees your property or vacant area is completely secure at the specified times.

Following the closure of unoccupied properties or sites, your Clearway staff member will check all of your staff have left the building and that your building or site is secure prior to setting the alarm system. Our open/lock up service is perfect for organisations with multiple properties.

guard securing vacant property

Manage alarm activations with keyholding services

Security breaches can happen during the early hours of the morning or late at night, and you simply may not have the personnel in place to be able to respond to these threats around the clock. Our keyholding services are a vital part of your vacant property management strategy.

You may also need a dedicated keyholder to respond to alarm activations. Managing the response to any alarm activation poses significant cost, and time pressure, as well as safety considerations, should the alarm be triggered by an intruder. Many alarm activations prove to be false or non-critical. Reasons include power surges, insects, and sensor errors – however, every activation must be treated as an intrusion to protect your premises and assets.

Our dedicated unoccupied property management team based at our NSI Gold Alarm receiving centre are on hand to quickly and efficiently respond in the event of a security breach.

vacant property inspections

Keep your property secure with property checks

Whilst it’s recommended for highly vulnerable properties, continuous on-site security is not always required for every empty site. It may suffice to carry out regular vacant property inspections to stay on top of common issues that unoccupied properties face.

As a leading UK vacant property management company, we provide advanced warning of any vulnerabilities before significant issues arise. Our checks include exterior checks to assess the perimeter of the property, utility checks (including meter readings for bills) and interior checks. As part of our void or vacant property management service, a full report will assist the property owner or landlord in complying with relevant insurance requirements.

Extreme cleaning for vacant properties

Remove waste with vacant property cleaning / clearance

Empty, void or vacant property cleaning is of paramount importance when tenants have moved-on, been evicted or have passed away as there can be a significant amount of rubbish in bedrooms or communal areas, or hazardous material present, leaving it uninhabitable and unusable.

It’s essential that the site is attended by a professional empty property cleaning specialist to clear the area, especially in the presence of dangerous substances, drug paraphernalia or even human remains which can pose a significant health threat.

Clearway offer a professional and respectable forensic cleaning service, having been the official Metropolitan Police crime scene and trauma clean-up partner since 2009.

Whether you are the landlord managing several properties or a company looking for a trusted contractor, we want to hear from you. Contact our dedicated vacant property management team now to discuss your void property security requirements and get a quote from us.

national security coverage

National Vacant Property Management

Through investment, the Clearway group continues to grow, improve and innovate, with an unwavering commitment to delivering the highest standard of vacant property management wherever you are based in the UK. With 14 locations in the UK, we offer vacant property services in London and the South East, the North West and Wales, the North East and Scotland. 

Key to our success is our 200+ years’ combined experience together with comprehensive product and service knowledge and a strong focus on vacant property, asset protection and site security.

Frequently asked questions

Since 1991 Clearway’s highly trained operatives have provided a specialist sharps/bio-hazard removal (e.g. needles, glass pipes, metal/foil, tubes etc.), working with property managers, housing associations and Local Authorities as well as being the official Metropolitan Police Crime Scene and Trauma clean-up partner since 2009.

Clearway are Licensed by the Environment Agency and make sure all disposals are carried out in the right way environmentally, all disposal receipts are kept/reported as part of our transparent process.

We can assist by providing a retail lock change service.

We provide a number of vacant property management services for residential and commercial buildings, including clearance, cleaning and control of pests and invasive plants. Working direct with property managers, landlords, estate agents, local authorities and some of the largest hotel and leisure groups and housing associations in the UK.

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