Understanding insurance compliance and maintaining the integrity of your asset is critical to the ongoing security and effective protection of vacant properties.

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We understand the measures required for insurance purposes and can advise on and install security and safety solutions to meet individual property/site needs. Our suite of fully insurance compliant products and services help improve the risk profile and maintain the property value.

Our security packages and loss prevention works also help to reduce your insurance premiums and excesses and enable access to additional policy benefits.

Vacant Property Security

Unoccupied Property Insurance Compliance

Significant evidence exists to confirm that the likelihood of damage to, or injury from an empty property is very high even if the property is only temporarily vacant, such as it would be prior to sale or refurbishment.

In the UK alone there are around 9000 fires each year in empty buildings. In addition, property is damaged, contents or fixtures are stolen and the properties or land are victim to vandalism, fly tipping and illegal occupation by squatters or travellers.

Water damage is a further concern particularly where maintenance and repairs are inadequate.

Vacant Property Security

The fabric of a vacant property deteriorates far quicker than an occupied premises so vacant property security in the form of clear-and-clean, utility drain-down/isolation, both internal and external security and regular property inspections are essential to ensuring insurance compliance and maintaining the value of the asset.

Clearway provides industry accredited vacant property security designed to prevent vacant property deterioration. Many of our solutions work independently of mains supply or a telephone line, thereby reducing ongoing security-related utility costs.

Contact our security experts now to discuss your security requirements and get a quote from us.

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