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Visitor Management Systems

Visitor management systems are an efficient, low-cost and advanced way to boost organisational security while ensuring that all site users, guests and attendees have a seamless experience while visiting your site.

Clearway building management solutions comprise a broad range of features and tools, from touchscreen interfaces for instant visitor registration to vehicle tracking, automated photo badge printing and real-time fire logs.

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visitor management systems
visitor management systems

About our Visitor Management Systems

Clearway can offer you a safer way to help control the flow of visitors when entering and leaving your business, with the newly developed visitor management system. Busy organisations benefit from reduced reliance on reception staff, security personnel and manual sign-in processes. They can receive instant notifications when a visitor assigned to their care confirms their arrival.


visitor management

Visitor Management Systems Installation from Clearway

The right hardware, software, integrations and services will depend entirely on your facility and site layout – Clearway provides an end-to-end system design and commissioning service, with bespoke solutions created to address your core needs and visitor traffic.

Whether you need a fast, reliable check-in solution for a public services building, an attendance registration tool for conferences and meetings, or a high-security clearance system for restricted access properties, our consultants are on hand to help.

Our no-obligation assessment will pinpoint the bottlenecks or congested areas within your visitor management processes and ensure that your completed installation will work flawlessly to streamline your building entry system.

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Visitor Management Systems Features

There are numerous applications for visitor management systems, whether you need to manage and control visitor approvals across a complex site, require one access authorisation portal for a number of depots, or need to store, track and evaluate company visitor data.

Available features include:

  • Recorded logs of visitor entries and exits.
  • Customisable sign-in options with question prompts tailored to the nature of the visit.
  • Personnel notifications to confirm when a guest has arrived.
  • Visitor ID and approval screening.
  • Reporting and analytics, with insights into visitor volumes.
  • Pre-registrations to trace expected guests, arrival times and reasons for the visit.
  • Digital document acceptance, such as premises terms and conditions.
  • Automatic ID badge printing with access permissions included.

Clearway can recommend the features most relevant to your setup and provide 24/7 emergency call-outs alongside regular maintenance packages to keep your site management systems in optimal condition.

visitor management

Benefits of Efficient Visitor Management

Visitor management systems can integrate with smart building solutions to handle a huge number of tasks, from booking meeting rooms to allocating hot desks, recording footfall to verifying delivery consignments.

Of the advantages available, some of the most compelling are as follows:

  • Increased productivity: teams reliant on visitor management do not experience interruptions or disturbances in searching for delivered parcels, waiting for visitors, or finding available meeting spaces. The system manages the building infrastructure so key personnel can tap into their console and find immediate information.
  • Improved data analytics: understanding how your property works, where inefficiencies exist, and where you need to improve your security protocols is all facilitated through analytics which highlight precise areas that require action.
  • Better time management: busy managers can verify with one tap who is in the office, which colleagues of a relevant seniority or clearance level are available, and respond to requests for approvals through an integrated buildings management console.
  • Traffic controls: many workplaces have introduced capacity limits, segregated working or a blend of remote and on-site work to mitigate the risks of illness and improve health and safety controls. Visitor management creates a safe, protected workplace and ensures that guests or staff members are allocated workstations appropriately and without overcrowding.

If you have specific workplace challenges or strictly defined entry management controls, please get in touch with Clearway for more information about how you can address these with a technologically advanced visitor management system.

Maintaining Your Visitor Management Systems

Commercial buildings rely on a fully functioning visitor management system to ensure the smooth transition of guests and staff in and out of the premises. This system is also vital for visitor and fire safety, so it’s important that your visitor management tech is regularly maintained.

Periodic maintenance visits can pre-empt any aspects of your access management system that are becoming worn or outdated, prevent major issues from developing, and provide assurance that your security is fit for purpose. Find out more about our access control system maintenance.

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Related Building Control Services

As a leading provider of buildings management, security and maintenance services, Clearway can structure a bespoke network of solutions to meet all your site control requirements.

Many clients install a visitor management solution as part of a broader upgrade to premises control protocols, with related services including:

  • ANPR Systems Installation: automatic number plate recognition further augments the efficiency of visitor management, permitting entry to vehicles within an approved database, authenticating visitor credentials, and controlling traffic movements around your site.
  • Commercial electric gate Installation: alarmed and electrified perimeter fences are essential at high-risk sites such as airports, laboratory settings and commercial enterprises with increased security levels. Integrated fencing sounds an alarm when an intrusion is attempted and actively deters unauthorised entry.
  • IP CCTV Cameras: IP surveillance networks capture high-definition videos, audio and images with responsive features to ensure a swift deployment of security personnel in the event of suspicious activity, with additional features such as facial recognition and infrared technology.

Please contact Clearway at any time if you would like to discuss these services or any other options from our extensive catalogue – our experienced advisers will be happy to arrange a site visit, risk assessment, or no-obligation consultation.

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Frequently asked questions

Visitor management is an integrated network of software and hardware that enables visitors to log in securely and managers to track data, control visitor approvals and consolidate workplace safety.

Touchscreen check-in panels, automated photo ID badge printing and user-friendly wayfinding significantly improve the visitor experience while facilitating fast evacuations in an emergency and verifying regulatory compliance for high-hazard zones.

Much depends on your system requirements, but one option is to offer pre-registration, where your visitor or host can log their details in the system database. They are assigned a QR code and can swipe this as the login kiosk to record their arrival.

Another option is to install on-site registration consoles, where visitors can sign in immediately on arrival without waiting for a staff member to check their credentials.

There are multiple reasons you may need to know who is on-site, why, and under what authorisation – including their exact location and logging visitors in the event of an evacuation.

Visitor management means you have total oversight over the premises, can confirm each visitor is authorised to be there and are able to set specific access permissions for protected zones.

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