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Operating nationwide, we have extensive experience working with large public bodies including local councils, the NHS, Amazon, the Met’ Police and social housing providers, plus some of the largest property managers, landowners and hotel groups in the UK.


Clearway provides the market leading range of void property security products and services that enable us to protect your vacant properties and sites. Our services are cost-effective, available across the UK and can often be requested and implemented or installed on the same day.

Our internal processes are designed to ensure our products and services solve your problems quickly and efficiently, with the focus on delivery and excellent service – you can trust that we do what we say we’re going to do, when we say we’re going to do it.

Since 1991 Clearway has provided services across a wide range of sectors, including domestic & commercial property owner/managers, construction, local authority, social housing, retail and the Police.

Property managers and owners

Property Managers and Property Owners

Empty commercial and residential properties create risk-related challenges for property managers, owners, investors and developers. The longer a property remains empty, the greater the risk of unwanted occupation, dilapidations and the inevitable problems they bring.

Clearway’s property services are designed to prevent your property from falling victim to squatters, infestations and invasive plant growth, or help recover it from such a situation.

Our ongoing security, inspections and maintenance services will ensure it remains safe and in the best condition. We can protect your properties whether they’re individual or geographically dispersed groups of properties.

All our security services are available to rent, so you only pay for them when you need them.

Pub companies

Pub Companies

Vacant pubs are at extremely high risk of intrusion and, at the time of writing, pubs were still closing-down at the rate of 2-3 per day, causing a growing problem for the owners.

Clearway recognises the key risks and security requirements of a vacant pub and has both experience and a wide range of services to ensure the vacant property is quickly secured and protected whilst the site is refurbished, awaits a tenant or is sold.

Construction industry

Construction Industry

Construction sites and properties under refurbishment are particularly vulnerable to unlawful intrusion, whether it is to squat, vandalise or steal tools and materials.

The consequential costs can be considerable, both in terms of delays to the project and financial loss to the scheme promoter/contractor.

Clearway’s high-tech, mobile, remote-monitored CCTV system is the perfect way to safeguard any construction site, day or night.

View more about our construction site security services here.

Social housing

Social Housing

Providing social housing-related services has been at the heart of Clearway’s business since the very early days and we have built strong relationships with many Housing Associations over the years.

Our knowledge of the security and environmental service requirements is second to none and we are frequently called-in to provide waste clearance, extreme-cleaning and other services.

Public sector

Public Sector

Local authorities and the Police have wide-ranging needs including property security, property services and crime scene/trauma clean-ups.

Clearway has been working closely with the public sector since 1991.

We aim to provide a same-day service for many of our services where the need is urgent and time is of the essence.

We can dispatch a team anywhere in the UK to assess, clear & clean, secure and protect a property within 24 hours.

Insolvency practitioners

Insolvency Practitioners

Commercial ventures sometimes fail and often result in a property (or properties) becoming unexpectedly vacant due to insolvency.

We work closely with Insolvency Practitioners and their insurers to provide a full drain-down, vacant property clearance (including toxic/bio-hazard waste removal) and secure & protect service.



Vacant retail properties come in a wide range of types, from a small single unit within a shopping parade to an out-of-town large retail unit.

When these properties become vacant the primary objective of the owner is to maintain the fabric and functionality of the building until a new tenant can be found.

We work closely with the client to produce a totally secure solution that is both cost-effective and commercially acceptable and sympathetic to the local area.

View our ShopShield retail security servicesCCTV Tower, or concrete barrier hire services.



Clearway has provided a range of services to many Police forces for more than ten years.

The services we provide include crime scene, trauma and accident clean-up plus bio-hazard waste removal.

These situations are handled professionally and respectfully by trained teams which is why we have been the official Metropolitan Police crime scene and trauma clean-up partner since 2009.

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