We recognise there is a fundamental need to secure your business critical assets, from vacant land, development sites and compounds, to plant, materials and fuel. As a leading provider of sustainable security, we are perfectly positioned to secure, monitor and protect your valuable assets.

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Vacant Property Security Specialists

Vacant properties are an invitation to trouble, causing stress for the owner or management: everything from squatters and fly-tipping, to destructive vandals or thieves stealing the roof tiles or copper pipes.

We look after residential and commercial buildings, working directly with property managers, landlords, estate agents, local authorities, retail businesses and some of the largest hotel and leisure groups and housing associations in the UK.

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Vacant Property Security
Vacant Property Security

Trust Clearway to Secure Empty Property

  • Engaging a trusted security partner to protect your vacant property through regular inspections and effective property security measures means risks are reduced and the value of your asset is protected, enabling continued insurance cover.
  • Many of our industry-accredited solutions work independently of mains supply or a telephone line, thereby reducing ongoing security-related utility costs. Most importantly, they give you peace of mind.
  • Find out more about our empty property protection services below.

Vacant Property Security & Services

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Clearway Steel Screens

Vacant Property Doors and Screens

When it comes to securing vacant property, criminal intrusions and thefts often occur by accessing your property through doors and windows; and even the toughest of locks can be bypassed via forced entry. This creates a critical vulnerability, particularly in vacant properties, which is where security screens and security doors provide an invaluable layer of protection.

Whether required for several weeks or long-term, professionally fitted steel security doors and screens create a shield against intruders, providing a secure safety barrier to deter criminal behaviour.

Clearway’s industry-accredited keyless steel security doors provide a durable and reliable solution to securing vacant property or building sites, keeping your site free from vandalism, squatters or any unwanted intruders. Our security doors can replace existing doors and are designed to give authorised personnel easy access to the property for efficient property protection.

Clearway Concrete Barrier Blocks

Concrete Barriers

Concrete blocks, temporary steel mesh panel (Heras) fencing and telescopic bollards provide highly effective perimeter security and vehicle access management. Together, they prevent access from fly-tippers or those wishing to illegally occupy land or property.

Quick to install and great for securing vacant property, concrete blocks are also highly effective at preventing unauthorised access to forecourts, car parks, fields and site compounds, and are commonly used to prevent ram-raiders or terrorist attacks on key buildings or public areas and are ideal for:

  • preventing unauthorised access to forecourts, car parks, fields and site compounds
  • preventing access to fly-tippers,  squatters and other illegal occupation
  • property protection against ram-raiders and terrorist attacks
  • protecting pedestrians from traffic
Clearway inView Solar CCTV Tower

Temporary CCTV Tower (solar or mains)

Temporary CCTV is the perfect solution for monitoring your empty property, as well as acting as a highly effective deterrent to anti-social behaviour. All events are recorded, stored remotely, and made available to security staff as well as local authorities, providing greater peace of mind when securing vacant properties.

Our inView mobile CCTV Towers comprise of a central pylon and 4m-6m mast, topped by a high-definition digital camera providing coverage in every direction for optimum property protection. Their unique design makes them much more difficult to sabotage, whilst at the same time providing an ideal vantage point for CCTV monitoring and property security.

inView mobile CCTV towers run on solar energy and high-capacity batteries, negating the need for an electricity supply. As standard they include infrared, lighting, and timed arm and disarm. CCTV towers provide one of the most robust and effective empty property and site security options on the market.

intruder system

Temporary Wireless Intruder Alarms

Our temporary wireless intruder alarms and detection systems are the perfect security solution for preventing unauthorised access to your premises or illegal trespassing. These systems use motion detection to identify trespassers or burglars and suspicious activity once the alarm is armed.

Our alarm systems are designed to minimise false alarms and may also incorporate sophisticated anti-jamming technology.

Our wireless detection systems are cost-effective and, being battery powered, extremely easy to install, especially in complex situations. All systems are routinely maintained by our internal teams to ensure they continue working at optimum efficiency, and come with the benefit of being remotely monitored by our NSI Gold Cat ll alarm receiving centre (ARC).

If motion is detected an alarm will trigger, deterring the trespasser or intruder. Triggered alarms will sound an audible alarm and instantly send a notification to our alarm monitoring centre (ARC) and promptly screened to determine its cause. Once an alarm has been confirmed as legitimate, police and/or security personnel will be notified and dispatched, in accordance with an agreed escalation procedure.

Physical Security

Manned guarding

Our manned guarding services provide security support at various locations as an effective solution to prevent vandalism, theft and unauthorised access, helping to establish an ongoing assurance and confidence in the safety of your business. Clearway provides a highly responsive short or long-term contractual security guard service across the UK.

Our security guards are typically deployed to construction sites, warehouses, retail, commercial businesses and corporate entities.

Clearway guards are highly trained and SIA Accredited to deliver a full range of guarding roles, including static manned guarding, stewarding and crowd control, guarding patrols, dog patrols, mobile security, keyholding services and more. Security teams provide rapid response security and 24/7 cover, ensuring you’re never left exposed to security threats.


ShopShield One from Clearway is a fixed-price security solution for vacant retail shops and units.

It’s a retail security solution that’s simple, affordable and ticks all the boxes needed to keep your vacant retail premises safe and secure until new tenants can move in, by including a comprehensive risk assessment, lock changes, external key safe, temporary letterbox seal and rubbish removal.

dogs for property protection

Dog/K9 units/patrols

Security dogs add a new dimension to your security practices, offering a much more visible element to your security detail. Security dogs effectively complement the skills of security officers, naturally offering higher levels of threat detection and, therefore, faster response.

Having a highly trained security dog is an efficient and cost-effective way of providing enhanced security solutions in a range of different scenarios. Security guards and their dogs, typically referred to as dog units, can be employed for a one-off event or for a longer-term solution, and are experienced in working with both large and small businesses. They are available as a stanadalone service, or to complement your security team, providing premium protection for vacant properties.

Clearway mobile patrol

Mobile Patrol

If your premises is in need of 24-hour security and/or is in a vulnerable category, physical security is undoubtedly one of the strongest deterrents to criminals. However, it remains vital to balance risk exposure with budgets, and for many the costs of 24/7 manned guards and permanent security patrols are unviable.

Mobile patrols are an excellent solution to this problem, delivering a professional security presence on your site with patrols at irregular intervals to avoid establishing any set pattern, strengthening security and eliminating any organised attempts at a security breach. Security teams maintain detailed records and reports of any perceived threats such as suspicious vehicles or individuals, giving you peace of mind that any threat is anticipated.

vacant property inspections

Property Inspections

Regular property inspections provide advanced warning of any vulnerabilities before significant issues arise. A full report will assist the property owner in complying with relevant insurance requirements. We provide this service as part of our void or vacant property security solutions.

Property inspections include:

Exterior checks: Inspecting exterior of property to check on building security integrity, attempted intrusions, build-up of rubbish, land and garden maintenance, and any potential hazards to the public.

Utility checks: Gas, Water and Electric meter readings will be recorded along with photographic evidence on each visit.

Interior checks: Inspecting interior of premises for evidence of intruders and any essential maintenance required to prevent damage to the property i.e. wind & water tight, no leaks or infestation.

A permanent record: A log of every inspection to be maintained.

protect vacant property with locks

Open/lock up service

Our reliable open/lock up service ensures your staff have guaranteed access to your building at the required and specified time. Utilising the Clearway open/lock up service also guarantees your property is completely secure at the specified times.

Following the closure of sites, your Clearway staff member will check all of your staff have left the building and that your building or site is secure prior to setting the alarm system. Our open/lock up service is the perfect solution for organisations with multiple properties.

guard securing vacant property

Keyholding Services

Security breaches can happen during the early hours of the morning or late at night, and you simply may not have the personnel in place to be able to respond to these threats around the clock.

Managing the response to any alarm activation poses significant cost, and time pressure, as well as safety considerations, should the alarm be triggered by an intruder.

Many alarm activations prove to be false or non-critical. Reasons include power surges, insects, and sensor errors – however, every activation must be treated as an intrusion to protect your premises and assets.

Clearway inView Detect PIDs on construction site

Protect your vacant property with inView Detect

inview Detect, our leading intrusion detection system is a reliable alarm system in the event of a security breach alongside your perimeter.

inview Detect is equipped with effective alarm features to promptly notify and alert security personnel when an intrusion is detected along the perimeter. Features include:

An Audible Alarm: In the event of an intrusion, inview Detect includes a highly imposing audible alarm with a 120db siren. This audible alarm serves as a powerful deterrent and immediately notifies anyone in the vicinity about the security breach.

Visual Alarm Indicators: In addition to the audible alarm, the system features visual alarm indicators. Four flashing blue LED strobes activate upon detection, providing a visible signal of the security breach. This visual aspect enhances the deterrent effect and helps draw attention to the specific area where the intrusion has occurred.

Alert Verification: Upon activation of the alarm, the system swiftly verifies the alert through its integral AI system. A series of images are captured and sent to the NSI GOLD CAT II Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) for verification. This verification process ensures that the cause of the alert is confirmed, and appropriate security protocols can be immediately followed.

national security coverage

Why Clearway for vacant property security? Local focus, national coverage

We have the Infrastructure and capability to provide full service delivery throughout the UK.

Over the last 30 years, Clearway has developed an unparalleled range of security and safety risk mitigation solutions – protecting your people, property and assets. Working across a wide range of industry sectors throughout the UK, our proven best practice approach is delivered with certainty, consistency and sustainability, giving you complete peace of mind.  With 14 locations in the UK, we offer vacant property services in London and the South East, the North West and Walesthe North East and Scotland. 

Whether you need a rapid response deployment to a remote site or challenging environment, a long-term solution for a city centre property, or protection for any other valuable asset, our broad portfolio of services, seamlessly integrated with market leading technology, ensures we have the perfect solution for you.

Proactive in our approach

Proactive in our approach

Reliable in our delivery

Reliable in our delivery

Trusted in our field

Trusted in our field

Sustainable in our solutions

Sustainable in our solutions

Frequently asked questions

As vacant property security specialists, all of our products are battery or solar powered, so no power needed at the property

Clearway has 3 main depots/offices, covering the South/Midlands/North including Scotland. We secure vacant property and sites all over the UK.

Our Operations team is available from 8am – 6pm, 5 days a week and we provide an out-of-hours emergency call service. Once you have registered your interest, a regional manager will contact you to discuss ways to secure your vacant property and arrange an on-site visit (if possible), in order to establish the right solution for you.

We supply SIA Manned Guarding and Security Guard Services, such as static security guards and mobile security guards. We also offer SIA security guards with K9 services.

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