We recognise there is a fundamental need to secure your business critical assets, from vacant land, development sites and compounds, to plant, materials and fuel. As a leading provider of sustainable security, we are perfectly positioned to secure, monitor and protect your valuable assets.

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Perimeter Protection Systems

Well-protected perimeters makes all the difference when securing your property, staff, plant and equipment. The perimeter of any building/site has the highest number of security vulnerabilities, where intruders can gain unlawful access without detection – especially if unprotected.

Our perimeter solutions are designed to be the first line of defence in protecting your assets – whether you’re securing a construction site, protecting a vacant property or securing an area of high footfall.

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Clearway Perimeter Protection
Clearway Perimeter Protection

About our Perimeter Protection Solutions

Clearway leads the way in innovative and forward-thinking perimeter protection solutions, from physical deterrents such as security gates and turnstiles, security barriers and electric fences to event driven remote CCTV monitoring. Find out more about our perimeter solutions below.

No two sites are the same so for all perimeter security enquiries, we recommend a thorough site assessment, with our experienced security experts, to analyse key threats and vulnerable points in your perimeter, and provide the right combination of technology and physical solutions tailored specifically to your security needs.

Clearway Security gates and Turnstiles

Security Gates and Turnstiles

Robust security gates provide an obvious physical deterrent – their sheer presence is often enough to ward off unwanted intruders. Our security gates not only help to deter criminal activity but also act as access control systems to easily manage incoming and outgoing vehicles, staff and visitors.

We provide a wide range of gates for a number of applications including:

  • Automated cantilevered & tracked sliding gates
  • Automated speed gates
  • Automated telescopic & bi-folding gates
  • Automated pedestrian turnstiles
  • Automated pedestrian gates

Clearway has a wealth of expertise fitting effective security gates and turnstiles, providing a swift, efficient installation service to minimise disruption. We provide a vast array of industry-proven gate technologies that can be integrated into the most advanced and stringent security systems and protocols. Our automated gates are supplied with full risk assessment certification.

automatic barriers and bollards

Security barriers and bollards

Clearway offers both manual and automatic security barriers designed to suit your needs. Specifically designed with high security in mind, our security bollards have a number of technological features designed to offer your business a long-term, reliable, efficient and smooth operation. These capabilities include:

  • Configurable speeds to stop unwanted access
  • Automatic rising arm barriers
  • Heavy duty automatic barriers
  • Automatic rising bollards
  • Automatic road blockers

Security barriers allow for comprehensive access control – whether you wish to prevent vehicles from parking in a private space, integrate entry gates within a number plate recognition access control system, or need automated bollards to avoid cars from leaving without paying.

NSI Gold Cat II ARC remote monitoring

Remote CCTV Monitoring

Whilst we provide a number of physical solutions, CCTV adds an extra layer of security, ensuring that you have eyes on your site and perimeter at all times. Through our state-of-the-art NSI Gold Remote CCTV monitoring facility, we provide a full range of intelligent, interactive monitoring packages tailored to give you the best value from your CCTV investment. Our remote CCTV systems include:

  • Analogue or IP megapixel cameras
  • Event driven video analytics will detect legitimate targets whilst evaluating and discounting nuisance alarms
  • External motion detection
  • Pro-active response to alarm activation
  • Live streaming video images transmitted to Remote Video Receiving Centre on alarm condition, images reviewed by our highly trained operatives and actioned as necessary
  • Installed and maintained by Sitewatch-trained engineers
  • Free no obligation design consultation

Our experienced operators, trained to the very highest standards, are supported by the latest technology – giving you full control and total peace of mind. Whether it is a commercial, industrial or residential property, we can tailor a package which will reduce false alarms and dramatically improve crime detection and intervention.

Clearway partners with you to ensure you receive a complete security solution which meets your needs for now and into the future – total security and absolute confidence.

commercial electric fence

Commercial electric fence installation

Electric fences provide a unique mix of both physical and psychological restraints for anyone who attempts to breach your perimeter security. Our smart electric fence solutions not only protect your perimeter, but have built-in monitoring technology to instantly report incidents back to our alarm receiving centre.

  • Physical and psychological barrier to would-be intruders
  • An effective deterrent as well as a detection system
  • Real-time event memory and alarm history log: automatically records all events, including the time and date when the system is armed and alarmed
  • Ideal for use with CCTV remote monitoring and surveillance systems, including remote arming, disarming, system status, remote test and alarm reporting by zone
  • Reduce your business insurance premiums
  • Free no obligation design consultation

Electric security fences can be combined with CCTV surveillance, remote alarms and with bespoke system programming to ensure you have full control at all times, whether on-site or reviewing a potential intrusion from anywhere.

Clearway inView Detect PIDs with engineer

Protect your perimeter with inView Detect

Protect your site perimeter with inView Dectect, our innovative intrusion detection system. inview Detect excels in perimeter protection with its advanced features designed to fortify and secure boundaries effectively.

Geofencing allows for the creation of virtual boundaries along your site perimeter, actively monitoring designated areas for any intrusions and triggering alerts when breaches occur or motion is detected.

The system’s autonomous intrusion detection, powered by solar panels and batteries, ensures uninterrupted year-round operation, making it a reliable solution for safeguarding perimeters.

Its extendable coverage, reaching up to 2000 meters with multiple units, allows for comprehensive intrusion detection along expansive perimeters.

The system is easily and rapidly deployable, enabling security personnel to establish a protective barrier quickly without the need for extensive infrastructure, costly cable runs along the perimeter, or prolonged setup times.

With these features, inview Detect provides not only a physical presence but also a smart and responsive security layer, allowing for swift identification and response to potential threats along perimeters.

Find out more about PIDS here.

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Frequently asked questions

An unprotected perimeter often presents a number of opportunities for break-ins. Key threats often include:

  • The potential for criminals to climb up walls or fences
  • Bins that can be used to climb over a wall or can be a target for arson
  • Tools or materials left out that can be used to break in and cause damage
  • Hiding places for intruders to hide undetected
  • Poorly lit areas in which the perimeter in which intruders can pass undetected

Your site risk levels may also be affected by the geographical location of the site. A site in an inner-city urban area could lead to higher risks of vandalism or casual intrusion.

Planning permission will need to be considered before we can establish whether gates and fences are a viable option to protect your perimeter. Gates, walls and fences require planning permission or Building Regulation approval if:

  • they are more than 2m high
  • they adjoin a highway and are more than 1m high.

A site that includes listed buildings, which is in a conservation area or has other environmental protection (eg subject to Tree Preservation Orders or is alongside a Site of Special Scientific Interest), may have different and potentially more onerous rules regarding any such structures. This should be verified before any work is planned.

When assessing the best way to protect your perimeter, it’s important to have a clear strategy. The following measure should be taken:

  • Companies should consider a layered approach to protecting a boundary in which a number of measures are taken rather than one standalone solution. This ‘strength-in-depth’ strategy increases the chances of detecting and deterring crime.
  • Any physical solutions should stand up to the associated threats when it comes to being adequately strong, tall or deep. Each solution should withstand the rigours of potential stress in any given application.
  • Physical perimeter security measures in the form of fencing should meet all legal and best practice standards.
  • Organisations should clearly communicate the presence of any perimeter detection systems through ancillary elements such as lighting, signage and PIDS.

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